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Seoul Morning Heritage Tour Including Changdeokgung Palace
"Once you are picked-up at your hotel you will head off to the Buckchon Cultural Center which will provide you with information about the Bukchon Hanok Village. The center shows exhibits and films relating to the history of Bukchon. It is a perfect starting point which will let you experience Bukchon and its authentically Korean atmosphere. Your guide will take you to Buckchon Scenic Spots 4 5 and 6 and show you traditional houses called ""hanok"" dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. The name Bukchon which literally translates to ""northern village"" refers to the area being located north of Cheonggyecheo
From $55.00
Full Day Small-Group Royal Palace and Seoul Tour
"From your hotel you will start your travel in a comfortable vehicle. You’ll arrive at the Jogyesa temple a quiet and calm place located in Jongno. The irony is that the temple located in a very crowded street but inside the temple is serene and beautiful. Next you will have the chance to visit the presidential blue house is known by the symbolic blue tiles. The building shows the true beauty of Korea with Mt Bukak peeking behind it. Then you will move onto the next place called Gwanghwamun to watch the royal guard changing ceremony. It is a ceremony to announce changing of the royal guards
From $76.00
Small-Group Afternoon Seoul Tour
"You and the group will be met and greeted by your guide at your hotel and transported to Changdeokgung Palace. This palace was the second royal residence built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1405. It was the principal palace for ma a royal family residence building and the rear garden. Known as a place of rest for the kings the rear garden boasts a gigantic tree that is over 300 years old a small pond and a pavilion. Depending upon interest the tour may spend as long as 90 minutes on the palace grounds.After touring the palace
From $50.00

Insa-dong Tips (37)

The Art District

This was my first visit to South Korea. I did as much research as I possibly could in two weeks (that's when I knew I was going). So, this area looked interesting to me. I expected to see more "art" stuff but it seemed to have more souveniers catering to tourists than I expected to see.

My surprise was how many great looking eateries/restaurants there were. We were still a tad early for lunch but thought we would return at some point to have dinner. Unfortunately, we never made it back. time!

Please see my travelogue album on Insadong on my Seoul page!

GracesTrips's Profile Photo
Aug 21, 2014

Insadong for Ssamziegil

Tourists visit Insadong 인사동 for the traditional fine art and gallery experience but for me it was all about Ssamziegil (쌈지길). This mall is frequent by locals and tourist and it's you can buy a few unique items for gifts. Korean paper, music boxes, caricature and yes the "poo pancake" on the first floor. Don't worry it's just red beans and pancake batter and is safe on the tummy. Also you can try Pajeon 파전 (Korean pancake) here as well

Should be a good destination after Bukchon Hanok Village

liemel225's Profile Photo
Jun 04, 2012


I really had a hard time to find a nice place to stay online. Lucky me, I was able to find Saerim Hotel which is within the Insadong Street! Hurray!!!

Insadong street is the souvenir street where tourists should take time to look around the Korean shops. Along the street are shops selling traditional souvenirs, gift items, local foods (cookies, breads), traditional teas/restaurants, etc. This street starts to get busy at 10am.

Many shops accept credit cards but cash is more favorable. Sometimes when you use a card, you can't have a discount... (dunno why)

I bought some souvenir shirts on our last day but I found out that the prices here are a bit higher than in the Doota Mall. The "I love Korea" white colored shirt costs KW5,000, black/gray colored shirts costs KW6,000 while in Doota Mall costs only KW5,000 (white/gray/black). You see, that's already a KW1,000 difference! Anyway, I just bought additional shirts for my cousins... so I just took the white ones, haha!

I usually find myself lost at times... let me tell you a short story.
One night, I asked my friend if we can eat something heavy since I'm soOo starving! It was 11pm at that time that almost all shops/restaurants are already closed but due to my hunger, I insisted even if it's raining! I saw this place still open, so we went upstairs and sat. An old man politely greeted us and got our umbrellas and placed it in a corner. We were about to order, when... the menu was filled with different kinds of teas! Imagine how you can react in a situation when you are so starving! Then it turned out that the place we got in was a traditional tea house!!! waaaah!!!

if you want some time for relaxation, this traditional tea house is waiting for you (but I forgot the name of this tea house, haha), anyway... this is the only available tea house on a late night.

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Jan 14, 2012

Of Antiques and Curiousities in Insadong

Now if you are thinking of milling about the streets of Korea and doing a little shopping, do yourself this favour and go to Insadong instead of Itaewon. Unlike the latter, Insadong is a cool little street where you can find other things other than fake hard rock t-shirts, counterfeit louis vuitton , vcds, etc. Yes, if none of these interest you, pop down to Insadong and you'll find interesting antique shops, calligraphy shops, quaint tea houses and lots and lots of art galleries. Littered on the sidewalks are also quaint little sculptures like this frog.

Insadong street is closed to traffic on Sundays and shopping is a lot more fun then!

bpacker's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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Hotels Near Insa-dong

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Relaxing time in Habit Welness and Coulture Lounge

Happened to be at Insadong area in the afternoon? You are welcome to visit the afternoon concerts in the Habit Wellness&Culture lounge. There you can have a nice time and relax listening to traditional Korean music and European well-known melodies performed by Kayagum orchestra.
But it is not only about music! Also you can experience breathing meditation accompanied by Kayagum solo. It was really refreshing I had a lot of positive emotions.
Ticket price is only 10 000 Won
Snacks and tea after the concert are also included ^_^

The concerts are performed by Wed, Thu, Fri each week. Time: 2 pm - 3 pm

PS: If you have more time on 3d floor there in a Tea House and Kooksondo (Korean Yoga) practice lounge, where you can prolong your relaxation also improve your health.
From my experience even basic stretching is helpful to keep body in tonus. While the meditation I tried take all the troubles out of my head for a while, wow!

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Feb 26, 2011

National Souvenir Centre 15 insa-Dong

Beware buying at National Souvenir Centre!
Ordered and paid for two beautiful hand-crafted table lamps for my wife's 50th birthday present @ £200 and paid for them to be sent by secure tracked delivery to UK.
Finally after 4 months of chasing by email and phone ONE of the lamps was delivered.
6 months on, still chasing the second lamp but all emails and phone calls go into a black hole. :((
Unfortunately paid cash so no recourse through credit card company.
If anyone is going to insa-Dong and would be happy to drop in and ask some questions please let me know.

Feb 08, 2011


Insadong is a very busy shopping street with restaurants scattered around the area. On a Sunday, there's a free classical music concert with popcorn & drinks. After a tiring walk around Gyeongbukgung Palace, this is a welcome relief.
Opens 10AM-10PM.

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Oct 04, 2010

Insa-dong Street

Insa-dong ,located in the middle of the city, is an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. There is one main road in Insa-dong with alleys on each side. Within these alleys are galleries, traditional restaurants, traditional teahouses, and cafes. The shops in Insa-dong are very popular among all age groups.

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Dec 20, 2009
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"Seoul - My favorite place on Earth!"
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"Organized Chaos --> Seoul, South Korea"
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Insadong is the district of Seoul best loved by foreign visitors. Queen Elizabeth came here in 1999. Americans nicknamed it "Mary's Alley". Its narrow streets are lined with traditional buildings housing arts and craft shops, restaurants and tea shops. Nearly half of Korea's antique stores are located here. In the main street of Insadong-gil, there are also foodstalls and street performers. You may even see a parade, like the one in the picture.

The area is for pedestrians only, on Sundays. Nevertheless, it can get so crowded that it is still difficult to walk there!

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May 08, 2009

Insa-dong --> artsy antique area

Very similar to Vancouver's Granville Island area, Insa-dong is about a 400 meter long stretch of road, offering traditional tea shops, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants and ceramic dealers, with alleyways branching off in all directions.
Every Sunday the street is closed to traffic and opened up to performers, food stalls and all kinds of street entertainment. At night the alleyways are alive with bars and Hofs offering beer and more traditional drinks. For a real taste of Korea Insadong is a must!

It does get crowded, but is worth seeing.

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Sep 15, 2008

INSADONG-the cultural heart of Seoul

The Insa-dong art and antique district has dozens of art galleries and shops selling art supplies, antiques, and handicrafts along one main street (Insadong-gil) and many side alleys. It also contains many traditional tea and coffee shops. is located here and can be On weekends, the main street is blocked to vehicular traffic, allowing the throngs of people to mingle without fear of being run down by Seoul drivers taking a shortcut.
Recently, a new attraction has been drawing visitors to Insa-dong. Sunday has been named as a car-free day, so cars are not permitted in the area for one day of the week. Instead, a flea market opens on this day to sell various antiquities, accessories, artworks, and books. Traditional antiques from different parts of Korea as well as international antiques brought by foreign tourists are displayed throughout Insa-dong, allowing visitors to view many traditional items in one glance. It is highly recommended to visit Insa-dong on Sundays since you can also view beautiful street arts also.

When shopping in Insa-dong, make sure you check where the product is made from. Recently, cheap Chinese goods such as teacups, wall tapestries, and small accessories have been brought into the Insa-dong markets and have spurred cases where merchandise thought to be made in Korea turned out to be marked as ‘Made in China.’ Also, remember to prepare a map of Insa-dong in your language as well as Korean in order to quickly check information on famous shops, restaurants, or cafes in advance. Maps are available on the basement floor of the Korea Tourism Organization building as well as Tourism Information Centers located throughout

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Aug 06, 2008


Insadonggil is a must to-see for people who want to experience Korea. It’s surrounded by old palaces and many historic and cultural sites, and the modern building.

Many art galleries are situated here, and Wednesday is a popular day for gallery-opening parties. It’s a place where you can experience Korea’s traditional beauty and youthful spirit at the same time.On the streets of Insadong, there are many stores, restaurant and tea houses where you can experience traditional Korean life.

It used to be known among foreign residents by the nickname “Mary’s Alley”, was lovingly given due to the joke that because there are so many foreign shoppers, one was guaranteed to see their friend “Mary” anytime they visited.

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Mar 18, 2008

Things to Do Near Insa-dong

Things to Do

Tapgol Park (Pagoda Park)

This is a crowded city centre park. Not so green, but with some interesting historical sites. Tapgol Park is built on the former site of Wongak Temple which was destroyed at a time when Buddhism was...
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Ongo-food Communication,- Day Tours

Why not take a cooking class? Learn to cook a Korean dish. That's what I did when I visited Seoul! It's a fun experience and something that you can bring home with you (new cooking skills) to enjoy...
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Things to Do

Jogyesa - Buddhist Temple

Jogye Temple is chief temple of the Jogye order which represents the Korean Buddhism. Jogye Temple was originally built in 1910 and bore the name of Gakhwangsa Temple by the monks longing for...
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Things to Do

Changdeokgung Palace

Visit Changdeokgung one of the main palaces of Seoul, built in 1405 and used as the main palace between 1619 and 1896. Entrance fee for the palace is 3000 Won (free if over 65, have your passport...
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Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

This large building is the cultural place of Seoul Citizens. it was built in 1978. It is a comprehensive cultural space with a floor space of 52,800 square meters and has large and small auditoriums...
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Trickeye Museum

Discovered the museum accidentally while doing shopping marathon around Hongdae area. Awesome place to go with friends. Had fun making silly poses and taking silly pictures. There is also an Ice...
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Getting to Insa-dong


Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul


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