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"Half-Day Shopping Tour at Dongdaemun Market
"Half-Day Shopping Tour at Dongdaemun Market Gwangjang Market and Namdaemun Market""You will be picked up from your hotel in Seoul by your local tour guide. You will enjoy 4 hours in a comfortable mini-van to each shopping area.Your tour begins by visiting Dongdaemun Market district where you will find the UFO-sha Doosan Tower. The clothes and accessories at Doota (nickname of Doosan Tower) are very cute and fancy even popular amongst the locals.After walking around Doota you might start feeling hungry. Your next destination is Gwangjang Market the most famous open market for exotic Korean food street vendors. There are some of food you must try
From $67.00
Best of Seoul Shopping Tour
"After hotel pickup in the morning travel by coach to your first Seoul shopping destination of the day the upscale Gangnam district. Made famous around the world by Korean pop star Psy and his hit 2012 song 'Gangnam Style' the district is known for high-end shops and expensive real estate along with attractions like the Lotte World theme park Samsung D’Light and Olympic Park. With your guide visit a large department store and then stroll down the tree-lined Garosu-gil promenade
From $86.00
Night Shopping Tour in Seoul
"You will start your night shopping tour when you are picked up at your hotel and go to the Myeongdong Fashion Street. The Myeongdong Fashion Street is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is among Korea’s premier shopping destinations. Over 1 million s Myeong-dong market has been a witness to Korea’s tumultuous modern-day history as a center of city politics economy and culture.After seeing the Myeongdong area you will check out the Dongdaemun Doota Shopping Mall which is a fashion mall full of trendy fashion items. There are 540 stores throughout the 8-story building including designer shops select shops
From $90.00

Namdaemun Market Tips (23)

Shopping In the crowds

Although an insane man burned the Great Gate to the ground in 2007, it is being rebuilt and should be finished by summer of 2009. The gate was not and is not the main attraction. That is the shopping....
hindu1936's Profile Photo
May 06, 2009

Namdaemun Market.

Named for its nearby namesake of Namdaemun (Great South Gate) and located near the downtown area, one of Korea's largest wholesale markets covers over 10 acres. It is filled with over 1,000 shops,...
Hmmmm's Profile Photo
Feb 04, 2004

Namdaemum Market - Shopping shopping

This open air market of many stalls and shops is a favorite for local and foreign tourists. Famous for bargains from clothes, ceramics, Korean artwork, kitchen utensils, accessories, glasses and...
SLLiew's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Namdaemun Markets

I need to find my information material to give the correct bus number that pretty much goes straight from the airport to here - but I found it best to go up the Nam San mountain first to get views...
angiebabe's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2008


Namdeamun is one of those markets you always hear about where you can buy anything, or almost anything. I frist started walking around Namdeamun and thought alright ya this is ok. Alittle while later...
May 28, 2004

You know you're running low on ginseng...

So- head to The oldest Market in Korea. It's not what I would call "traditional" but some do. It's definetly interesting though. You can buy anything here and always at a deal. You're not going to...
itsCharlie's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2006

Namdaemun is for seeking of miscellaneous goods

Namdaemun is not far from Myeong-dong. It's in walkable distance. But they are different. The store in Namdaemun sell children's clothing, men & women's clothing, daily miscellaneous goods,...
peemapat's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2006

Visit Namdaemun Market

The Namdaemun Market is probably one of the larger markets to visit. They seem to have quite a variety of wares and food. A little smelly, I mean unfavorably smelly, but I think that just adds to the...
GracesTrips's Profile Photo
May 04, 2015

Flea and street markets..... Shopping and Fashion

Is a nice place to wander around, there are so many shops. You will find everything you need in this place, and as a market you can haggle the price. Namdaemun Market is a huge place and famous market...
shavy's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2015

Namdaemoon Market, arts and crafts

There are some awesome shops in Namdaemoon with art supplies. Lots of paper, from rice paper, to origami paper, to wrapping paper. One complex has every art supply you could want, from name-brand...
ejagape's Profile Photo
Feb 01, 2004

Namdaemun market

Visit the Namdaemun market, an amazing array of goods and some quite strange food, the closest metro station will be Hoehyeon, line number 1. It is not far from the Seoul train station and from the...
lotharscheer's Profile Photo
Jul 20, 2016

Namdaemun Market

This market's pretty big and covers several city blocks. You can find a lot of merchants selling all kinds of souvenirs, fresh food, and LOTS of clothes. The clothes are probably really cheap, but of...
DirtyRudy's Profile Photo
Jun 05, 2003
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Hotels Near Namdaemun Market



65-1-KA, Hoehyeon-dong, Chung-ku, Seoul, 100-05I, South Korea
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61, Namdaemunsijang-gil, Jung-gu, 100-051
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8-1, Namdaemun-ro 1-gil, Jung-gu, 100-080
Show Prices
26-10, Namdaemun-ro 1-gil, Jung-gu, 3-4F, 100-080
Show Prices
92-6 Hoehyon-Dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Show Prices
25, Toegye-ro 8-gil, Jung-gu, 04634
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"Welcome to The Land of Big Smog"
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"Return to Seoul"
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"Seoul - My favorite place on Earth!"
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"Seoul: Energy in the Land of the Morning Calm"
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"Organized Chaos --> Seoul, South Korea"
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Things to Do Near Namdaemun Market

Things to Do

Bank of Korea Money Museum

This building was former Bank of Korea head office. at present, Museum by Money and Monetary of Korea. it was built in 1912. Museum with 4 division exhibition halls show about history of Korea bank,...
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National Museum of Contemporary Art

The National Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 1969 and is now in an austere building overshadowing the more traditional wooden palace buildings of the Deoksugung, opposite the even more...
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Things to Do

Myeongdong NANTA Theatre

'Cookin' Nanta' is a show recommended to me by a friend and I'm glad I watched it. It's a performance where a cast of just 5 people (4 chefs and their manager) play out a story using knives, pots,...
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Things to Do

Trickeye Museum

Discovered the museum accidentally while doing shopping marathon around Hongdae area. Awesome place to go with friends. Had fun making silly poses and taking silly pictures. There is also an Ice...
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Things to Do

Jeongdong Theater

Theatre was built in 1995, for development and diffusion of Traditional art, cultural movement of expansion for living, and foster of young culture. performing art, Traditional art and music, Royal...
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Things to Do

Seoul Global Cultural Center

If you want to experience wearing the traditional costume of Korea for free you can go to Seoul Global Cultural Center in Myeongdong. First you have to register then they will tell you what time to go...
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Getting to Namdaemun Market


21 Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul


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