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Night Shopping Tour in Seoul
"You will start your night shopping tour when you are picked up at your hotel and go to the Myeongdong Fashion Street. The Myeongdong Fashion Street is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is among Korea’s premier shopping destinations. Over 1 million s Myeong-dong market has been a witness to Korea’s tumultuous modern-day history as a center of city politics economy and culture.After seeing the Myeongdong area you will check out the Dongdaemun Doota Shopping Mall which is a fashion mall full of trendy fashion items. There are 540 stores throughout the 8-story building including designer shops select shops
From $90.00
Korean Demilitarized Zone and Dragon Hill Spa Tour
"Hotel pickup for this tour will be at 8 or 8:40am in Seoul. From there you will head to Imjingak Pavilion located at 50km northwest of Seoul. This pavillion was built for 5 million people who had lost their homes. Major facilities include the North Hall where you can get a view of the North Korean lifestyle.After the Imjingak you will head to the DMZ a demilitarized zone formed after the Korean War between South and North Korea. It is 2km wide in the North and 4km wide in the South based on the truce line crossing the Korean Peninsula. Visitors can see that the DMZ area’s ecosystem has been preserved you will go to the third infiltration tunnel which was discovered in October 1978. This tour will show you through the 3rd underground tunnel that North Korea which has been continuously provoking the South since the armistice
From $160.00
Seoul History and Culture Small-Group Tour
"Experience both the urban modernity and historic traces of Seoul on a three-hour walking tour. Meet your local guide and head to Bukchon Hanok village a residential area dating back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). The village is lined with hundreds of hanoks (traditional Korean houses). Walk along the quiet alleys and admire the latticed windows and patterned brick walls. Today many of these hanoks operate as cultural centers restaurants and tea houses providing an opportunity to become immersed in traditional Korean culture.Next visit the Tteok Museum a unique museum detailing the history
From $52.00

Getting Around Tips (12)

Taxis from the Airport

Do not take a taxi if the driver approaches you in the airport. These guys will rip you off. If you want to take a taxi get one from the taxi stand and get a gray taxi as the black taxis are...
Jan 23, 2007

Don't ride big black taxi!

We just finished shopping in Dongdaemum district and about to go back in the hotel but it rained so hard so my friend and I decided to take a taxi. We were waiting for a taxi when this big black cab...
theguardianangel's Profile Photo
Feb 18, 2012

Seoul City Tour Bus Sucks

I tried to tour Seoul using the Seoul City Tour Bus. The bus circles the city's tourist sights claiming to provide tour guides and English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language descriptions of...
Aug 05, 2005

River Cruise

They may say that you should take the river cruise that brings you to see the city's river line, the scenary, the historical places etc. I say it only brought me to dream land. Extremely boring and I...
Babybeary's Profile Photo
May 18, 2004

English Translation

Language barrier can be a problem as most people do not speak good English (at least from personal experience). If you have a Korean friend who can write basic sentences/questions for you (eg. do you...
anna_batungbakal's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2007

Late night cab rides

Late night cab rides are really several times more expensive than the normal cab rides in the day. We thought it'll just a bit of surcharge on top of the meter fare, but no, we were so wrong. After...
canonInD's Profile Photo
Sep 14, 2011

Tourist Information, Get it while you can

English Tourist Information is rare. So, starting at the International Airport get your info at once. The only other places with info are along the highways, some kiosks in Seoul and in the...
pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Number 1 foreign visitor's...

Number 1 foreign visitor's compalin is always about the taxi driver. It is mainly because that they cannot communicate with them. However some of the taxies have started to use the translation service...
Sarah97's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Warning Taxi cab Rapists

Not a tourist trap but a warning to female travelers - be careful of some of the white or gray taxi's in and around Korea esp. if you have been drinking. There have been a few cases of women being...
Aug 21, 2007

Tour guides

During our trip planning phase we found Grace Travel online. They had a very good website and seemed reputable. We hire them for English speaking guide for a day tour of Seoul. The guide could not...
Sep 17, 2008

Food is not that expensive

If you are going on your own, be sure to blend in with the locals. A few phrases would help. Buying local food as a tourist is at least twice that expensive. Go into the residential areas or subways...
lornachuah's Profile Photo
Dec 21, 2005

In front of Jongmyo Shrine

Confusions and noisy music and many peoples arounding In front of Jongmyo shrine, but there are meeting and playing area of an old peoples
jckim's Profile Photo
Jun 07, 2005
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Hotels Near Seoul

99 Euljiro 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-195, South Korea
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131-1 Eulchiro 5-Ka, Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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77-2, Uljiro-5ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-196, South Korea
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275-3, Euljiro5-ga, Jung-gu
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133-1 Ulchiro 5-Ka, Chung-Ku, Seoul, South Korea
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22-5 Chungmuro 5 ga, Junggu, Seoul, South Korea
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"Welcome to The Land of Big Smog"
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"Return to Seoul"
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"Seoul - My favorite place on Earth!"
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"Seoul: Energy in the Land of the Morning Calm"
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"Organized Chaos --> Seoul, South Korea"
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Things to Do Near Seoul

Things to Do

Cheong Gye Cheon - Man Made Stream

Cheonggyecheon steam is a nice place to escape a busy Seoul lifestyle. In fact, steam is located just in the centre but somehow you don't feel like you are in the centre. Magic There are many small...
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Things to Do

Korea House & Namsan Hanok Folk Village

At first there is no "entrance fee" completely open to public for free. In this village displays various household goods and furniture arranged in accordance with the times of which they were a part....
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Things to Do

Heunginjimun Dongdaemoon - Great East Gate

Dongdaemun is known for its shopping area, a place for a cheap clothing items in Korea. But actually means Great East Gate. This is more commonly called Dongdaemun Gate, first built in 1398. This was...
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Things to Do

Dongdaemun Market

I visited this night market during my last night in Seoul. I was not impresed as it was mainly a clothes market. The area though is great to walk around in the evening as it is surrounded by the big...
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Things to Do

Tapgol Park (Pagoda Park)

This is a crowded city centre park. Not so green, but with some interesting historical sites. Tapgol Park is built on the former site of Wongak Temple which was destroyed at a time when Buddhism was...
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Things to Do

Ongo-food Communication,- Day Tours

Why not take a cooking class? Learn to cook a Korean dish. That's what I did when I visited Seoul! It's a fun experience and something that you can bring home with you (new cooking skills) to enjoy...
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Getting to Seoul


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