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Night Shopping Tour in Seoul
"You will start your night shopping tour when you are picked up at your hotel and go to the Myeongdong Fashion Street. The Myeongdong Fashion Street is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is among Korea’s premier shopping destinations. Over 1 million s Myeong-dong market has been a witness to Korea’s tumultuous modern-day history as a center of city politics economy and culture.After seeing the Myeongdong area you will check out the Dongdaemun Doota Shopping Mall which is a fashion mall full of trendy fashion items. There are 540 stores throughout the 8-story building including designer shops select shops
From $90.00
Korean Demilitarized Zone and Dragon Hill Spa Tour
"Hotel pickup for this tour will be at 8 or 8:40am in Seoul. From there you will head to Imjingak Pavilion located at 50km northwest of Seoul. This pavillion was built for 5 million people who had lost their homes. Major facilities include the North Hall where you can get a view of the North Korean lifestyle.After the Imjingak you will head to the DMZ a demilitarized zone formed after the Korean War between South and North Korea. It is 2km wide in the North and 4km wide in the South based on the truce line crossing the Korean Peninsula. Visitors can see that the DMZ area’s ecosystem has been preserved you will go to the third infiltration tunnel which was discovered in October 1978. This tour will show you through the 3rd underground tunnel that North Korea which has been continuously provoking the South since the armistice
From $160.00
Seoul History and Culture Small-Group Tour
"Experience both the urban modernity and historic traces of Seoul on a three-hour walking tour. Meet your local guide and head to Bukchon Hanok village a residential area dating back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). The village is lined with hundreds of hanoks (traditional Korean houses). Walk along the quiet alleys and admire the latticed windows and patterned brick walls. Today many of these hanoks operate as cultural centers restaurants and tea houses providing an opportunity to become immersed in traditional Korean culture.Next visit the Tteok Museum a unique museum detailing the history
From $52.00

Tour Bus Tips (13)

Seoul City Tour Bus

Seoul City Tour Bus is a fully air-condition, nice seat and they provide you well English speaking tour guide in the bus. This bus will take you to the most popular attractions all around Seoul city. They provide 3 courses. There are Downtown Tour, Palace Tour and Nigh Tour. You can buy the tickets on the board instead you buy it at the other ticketing counter. They offer you 2 types of ticket which are Single ride (adult - 5,000 won, children - 3,000 won) and One Day Ticket (for Downtown Tour and Palace Tour) which will cost you about 10,000 won for adult and 8,000 won for children. It is cheap!
We decided to take One Day Ticket since we wished to visit entireSeoul. The route and the place visit for Downtown Tour and Palace Tour course is not much different. Seoul City tour bus will take you to 5 palaces instead of 3 palaces with Downtown Tour course. The other places offered by Palace tour are Korea Press Center, Kyobo Book Center and Seoul Museum History which are located nearby the Palace. You have to walk for 5 minutes or cross the road to go there.. Otherwise, I recommend you to take the Downtown Tour Course and it is enough to cover all attraction places around the Seoul. The tour guide in the bus can speak korean and english. But most of the time they speak korean since all the people in the bus are korean. They will speak english when they realize the existence of foreign visitors in the bus. This bus also provides you multilingual guide service via individual headphones and it is present to you during on board of the bus. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes waiting for the next bus at the place you stop. You won’t wait longer for the bus to take you to other places since the bus will run at the first stop in every 30 minutes.

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Aug 06, 2008

Seoul City Tour Bus

The Seoul City Tour Bus is the best way to see Seoul's main tourist attractions. It is great value and a great service.

The main Downtown Tour route is: 1 Gwanghwamun 2 Deoksugung 3 Nandaemun Market 4 Seoul Station 5 USO 6 Yongsan Station 7 War Memorial of Korea 8 US Army Yongsan Base 9 Itaewon 10 Crown Hotel 11 Myeongdong 12 Namsangol Traditional Korean Village 13 Sofitel Ambassador Hotel 14 National Theater 15 Namsan Seoul Tower 16 Hyatt Hotel 17 Tower Hotel 18 Shilla Hotel 19 Dongdaemun Market 20 Daehango 21 Changyeonggung 22 Changdeokgung 23 Insadong 24 Cheong Wa Dae 25 National Folk Museum 26 Gyeonbokgung 27 Police museum 28 Sejong Center for Performing Arts.

There is a guide on every bus, who speaks English, Japanese and bits of a few other languages too. There are also free audio headsets giving detailed information in five languages.

The terminal is in front of Donghwha DFS in Gwanghwanun, but you can board the bus at any of the 28 stops on the circular route.

The buses depart every half hour from 09.00 unitil 19.00. They take 2 hours to cover the circuit, so the last bus arrives back at 21.00. You just hop on and off the buses wherever you see the cylindrical, red, white and blue Seoul City Tour sign poles.

A 1-day ticket costs just 10,000 won for adults and 8,000 won for children. You can buy the tickets on the bus.

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Apr 18, 2007

Seoul City Tour Bus

The Seoul City Tour Bus is an efficient, easy and inexpensive way of exploring all major sights of Seoul for tourists and locals alike.

There are four different itineraries:
World Cup Tour
The World Cup Tour takes around 2 hours and covers a total of 17 destinations from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Night Tour
The Night Tour takes around 2.5 hours and covers 26 destinations from 5.30pm to 11.30pm.

Downtown Tour
The Downtown Tour takes around 2 hours and covers 23 destinations from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Palace Course
The Palace Course takes about an hour and covers 15 destinations from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

There are four kind of tickets available. Adult Fare (Youth Fare) as follows:
1. Single ticket - 3,000 KRW (2,000 KRW) - expires on exiting the bus
2. Day Pass or Night Pass - 8,000 KRW (6,000 KRW) - hop on and off as often as you want
3. All Day Pass - 12,000 KRW (9,000 KRW) - hop on and off as often as you want from 9.00am to 11.30pm
4. 2-Day Pass - 20,000 KRW (tbc) - valid for two full days for all tours

Buses depart every 30 minutes (Palace Course: every 1 hour) in front of the Donghwa Duty-free Shop in Gwanghwamun. You can also boadr at any of the stops along the route.

Tickets can be purchased at the counter at Gwanghwamun or on the bus.

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Jul 04, 2006

Seoul City Tour Bus

This city tour bus line offers a comprehensive tour around Seoul, including most of the tourist attractions. Tickets are purchased on board and are valid for the day, so you can get off and visit the attractions you want and board the bus again to the next attraction.

There are actually two lines: blue line, including downtown and palace tour; and green line, touring only around the palaces.

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May 27, 2005
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Seoul City Tour Bus

The tour (A) bus do not run on Monday, so be aware! you have another possibility to take the tour B for daytime and C for night tour

We were looking the efficient way to see the city, Seoul is a vast and walking is impossible if you want to see all the spots. Seoul has an extensive metro system, but we wanted to explore the city from the outside. On our first day in Seoul we wanted to see the important spots without doing a lot of walking. So, we took the City Tour Bus, and also visiting Seoul in winter time can be very cold. We were here on January and was freezing.

There were different tours can be done, choices of A,B,C.
-Tour A downtown/palace Course
(single-decker bus) is a 2 hour course cost 12.000won for adult and 10,000 won child below 18 year.
-Tour B panorama Course (double-decker bus) is a 1.40 min course for 15,000 won child below 18 year 10,000 won
-Tour C is the night tour and takes 1.30 Single-decker bus 6,000 won child 4,000 won, Double-decker bus 12,000 won child 7,000 won

The Tourist Bus is very handy, not only for people who doesn't like to do a lot of walking also for those has time is limited. You can get off and on anytime, the bus has many stops, and there were bus every 30-40 minutes

Easy to hop on the bus, just stands on the designated place of the red bus. The driver stop automatically. You can buy your ticket to the bus driver. Cash or credit card acceptable on board. You will receive a ticket after paying and a booklet of all stops, keep your ticket carefully, you'll need it every time you hop on the bus.

If you want to stay on board the whole time is not problem, for tour A the ride take two hours.
The bus start at 9am and terminated at 7pm. You will see 27 attractions during the tour. The bus driver speak English and very helpful, if you have something to ask never hesitated

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Mar 07, 2015

Seoul city night tour bus

Explore the city of Seoul at night is completely different than in daytime. The Nighttime tours are non-stop and there are no stops in-between. The bus operates from 19.30. There were two different night bus tour Nighttime I (Single-decker) 6,000 won which has 9 stops.

Nighttime II (Double-decker) 12,000 won has 11 stops the trip takes about 1.5 hour. Taking photos at night is very difficult, so hopefully you will have a better camera than us. Tour Bus do not run on MONDAY. You can buy your ticket onboard to the driver if you have no time to go to the ticket counter.

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Mar 21, 2015

Seoul City Tour Bus

The Seoul City Tour Bus is a convenient way to get your bearings and see all of the major sights in Seoul. For one price of 10,000 Won, you can get a ticket for a full day of unlimited rides. The bus stops at about 15 major sites in the downtown area including two palaces; the markets of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun; the shopping areas of Myeongdong, Itaewon, and Insadong; the Blue House (President's home); and both Yongsan and Seoul Stations. The bus also stops at about 15 of Seoul's largest hotels. The whole route takes about two hours if you do not get off the bus. You could easily make this an all-day sightseeing event if you get off the bus at your favorite attractions and take photos or shop. With an all-day ticket you can get on and off the bus as often as you wish.

Seoul City Tour Bus stops have English signs and are painted with a distinctive blue and red design. At any stop, just pay the driver, and he will issue your ticket. Buses run from 0900 to 2100.

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Apr 04, 2011

This bus is specifically...

This bus is specifically designed for the city tour and expert tour guides who can speak Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese accompany the tour.

A tour begins every 25 minutes at the bus terminal. Tourists with a day ticket can hop on and off an unlimited time from any bus at any of the designated tour-bus stops.

Tickets can be purchased with cash on the bus. The price isn't that much.

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Aug 25, 2002
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"Welcome to The Land of Big Smog"
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"Return to Seoul"
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"Seoul - My favorite place on Earth!"
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"Seoul: Energy in the Land of the Morning Calm"
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"Organized Chaos --> Seoul, South Korea"
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Personalized Tour Service

A NiceWay to tour Seoul and the Surroundings but it is very expensive as it can only take up to a maximum of 3 persons plus the driver/tourguide. prices start at $ 150-200 per person per day but you have flexitime (you can spend more time or less time at attractions and sites and the cut off time is up to 8:00 pm.

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Jul 23, 2008

Big Tour Buses

although we prefer to ride private tour vans to go around, We did the big tour bus going to DMZ and Panmunjeon Tours as it was not included in our tour package and we just booked the tour via out hotel and it was fun as it has free wifi inside. For the really popular tours, the tour companies usually uses the big tour buses and the big tour buses in thailand are really big! most are of the double decker capacity! these big tour buses means the cheapest tour fares for a particular tour as the buses can accomodate up to 60 people unlike the small tour vans where it can only have up to 18 people hence the cheaper price. the only disadvantage of the big tour buses is that the tour guides are really strict with schedules as they havea large group on their hands hence there is not much leeway on the time for activities like shopping or taking pictures and videos of the areas you are going.

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Apr 10, 2015

Seoul City Bus Tour

The Seoul City Bus Tours are a great way to see the sights in Seoul. There are two tours - Downtown and Palace. You can purchase tickets on the bus which you get at stops clearly identified by blue poles marked in English. You can get on and off the buses as often as you wish for an entire day. You can choose what you want to see and spend as much time as you wish at every sight rather than being on an organized tour's schedule. Audio tours in a number of languages are provided while on the bus. Even if you never get off the bus it's a good way to see the city.

Apr 04, 2011

It's a tour bus which take you...

It's a tour bus which take you arould Seoul down town cities. It costs 8000 won to take the bus in a day. The tour bus cover many major hot spots in Seoul. Very convinient!

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Aug 24, 2002

Things to Do Near Seoul

Things to Do

Cheong Gye Cheon - Man Made Stream

Cheonggyecheon steam is a nice place to escape a busy Seoul lifestyle. In fact, steam is located just in the centre but somehow you don't feel like you are in the centre. Magic There are many small...
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Things to Do

Korea House & Namsan Hanok Folk Village

At first there is no "entrance fee" completely open to public for free. In this village displays various household goods and furniture arranged in accordance with the times of which they were a part....
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Things to Do

Heunginjimun Dongdaemoon - Great East Gate

Dongdaemun is known for its shopping area, a place for a cheap clothing items in Korea. But actually means Great East Gate. This is more commonly called Dongdaemun Gate, first built in 1398. This was...
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Things to Do

Dongdaemun Market

I visited this night market during my last night in Seoul. I was not impresed as it was mainly a clothes market. The area though is great to walk around in the evening as it is surrounded by the big...
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Things to Do

Tapgol Park (Pagoda Park)

This is a crowded city centre park. Not so green, but with some interesting historical sites. Tapgol Park is built on the former site of Wongak Temple which was destroyed at a time when Buddhism was...
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Things to Do

Ongo-food Communication,- Day Tours

Why not take a cooking class? Learn to cook a Korean dish. That's what I did when I visited Seoul! It's a fun experience and something that you can bring home with you (new cooking skills) to enjoy...
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