South Korea Tourist Traps

  • Itaewon
    by Ewingjr98
  • Itaewon
    by Ewingjr98
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    by machomikemd

South Korea Tourist Traps

  • Itaewon

    Seoul Tourist Traps

    My 1st time in Korea, read a lot about Seoul and Itaewon. It is a very big let down, day and night. Its raining, and the fake apparels by the road side is not as I had expected. Compared to the sprawling bangkok with lots more everywhere. At night, the bars are too mild for my liking. I ended up early to bed and read the emalis. I wanted to get a...

  • Getting Around

    Seoul Tourist Traps

    We just finished shopping in Dongdaemum district and about to go back in the hotel but it rained so hard so my friend and I decided to take a taxi. We were waiting for a taxi when this big black cab that just looked like a private car stopped in front of us. It's a taxi with a writing that says "TAXI" and with other writings that clearly says its...

  • Other Stuff

    Seoul Tourist Traps

    it costs 30,000 won to pose with pictures at Gyeongbok Palace (included in it is the wardrobe rent plus posing with beautiful korean girls in Hanbok dresses plus a glass framed picture of it) well what can i say, I fell for it hehe! but seriously, if you don't like to shell out big bucks, then just refuse them ok! you have the power of choice, you...

  • Is there a beach under there?

    Some love it... but I'm just not one of them. I like to walk on the beach -- too many people.I like to swim in the ocean ...paranoid lifeguard with whistles to stop you. Well, it's a great place to see Korean girls in bikinis... i guess. There are nice beaches all around Korea, Busan is just the most popular. Amyeundo is nice. Jeju is great.

  • Restaurants aka Gas Chambers

    Smoking has recently been officially banned from most public places and private offices as well, but many restaurants still allow smoking inside. I agree that annoyance and visibility have greatly improved since, but still be aware that you might find yourself dining in a gas chamber. Koreans are heavy smokers and they can practice it thoughout the...

  • Touts!

    No one warned me about the touts and darned if I didn't get hit by one as soon as I got off the plane. Since my son was not able to meet me at the airport, he had given me very precise directions on how to catch a bus to his location. Unfortunately, he forgot to mention the touts and since it was my first time traveling by myself in a foreign...

  • Language Barrier

    Although people will try their best to help you out and many approach you out of the blue while sitting in the subway or standing on a crossing, the fact that Koreans have a big lack of knowledge in any kind of foreign language might definitely cause a problem to you. No English menus (even at many McDonald's, Burger King, etc.), no English...

  • Men in South Korea !!!!!

    I was walking with my mom and aunt in the morning (around 6am, day break around 4+ during spring time) and saw this fruit stalls, we thought of buying some strawberries but the man indicate either not selling or asked us to be away. I only recalled what the local tour guide (he is a chinese) told us, if the customer of the day is women, they'll...

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Enjoy, if you like millions of little children running around, construction everywhere and a palace that was completely destroyed and restored in the early 90's..There is little charm left in this's so sad.. There is no good time to go, all the travel tips for this palace are under the "Must See Activities" and the only thing that people...

  • Everland - Great Fun.

    EVerland is ENORMOUS. This Amiusement park, Theme Park, Water Park, Resort. Is a real getaway. Situated about 11/2 hours from Seoul.Festival World, The Amusement/Theme Park has five different worlds: the Global Fair featuring famous world buildings constructed in the historical style of each country; American Adventure Land; Magic Land; European...


    its a rather small town , that drew me in with the idea of a majestic was more like a little sprinkler....the hike was unfullfilling, and there was nothing to do in town after,,,It could have been i went on a weekday...just my opinion

  • Dream Land 2

    If you have to go to this theme park, at least take a rid at the cable car, and play around with local kids, instead of sitting in the cafe for the whole day...

  • Fantasy Dream Land

    This is why I don't like travelling in tour group. This is (and I believe it will be) the last time I travel in a tour group. One of the standard must see point is these kind of theme park, where only kids under 12 would be interested. WTF is that they include this in an adults tour? I have no idea at all!!!

  • English spoken; however

    Not everybody speaks English and most visitors don't understand Korean (written or spoken). Be patient and try to communicate in another way. Price nigotiations in a shop can be done by displaying the price on a calculator. Often there are mistakes on the decimal point, because 1.000 or 10.000 is mixed up.Seriuos complaints can be send to the KNTO...

  • Haeundae Beach, Busan: Bondi, I think...

    Do not go to this beach during the summer, especiually July. Because you will not bea ble to move. August is getting better, but then that is Typhoon Season. the picture below was taken one day after the Super Typhoon Maemi hit this year in late August.Anyway, Haeundae Beach is probably the most famous beach in the country. The name "Haeundae" was...

  • Sledding on the hills at the Korean Folk...

    Its Winter now right? And Korean Winters are cold and snowy, so why don't you kill two birds with one stone. Visit the Korean Folk Village or Min Seok Cheon in Yong In, but sled in. BTW we got fresh snow here in Korea this weekend.The Korean Folk Village Sledding Hills has 3 slopes, the one for adults is 140m long :o) . Since the hills are an...

  • Korean Folk Village

    This is definately a tourist trap that is meant to recreate a traditional folk village. It is worth going however, to see the young boys performing the traditional farmer's dance. Have some makkoli (milky-white rice alcohol) or soju (strong alcohol), kimch'i (spicy, fermented cabbage) & dried squid at the outdoor snack shop/restaurant; but don't...

  • Seoul Tower

    The observatory in the "63 Building" is actually cheaper and has a better view, and while you're there you can do some shopping, take in an IMAX movie, or rent a bike to cruise along the shores of the nearby Han River.

  • The DMZ and unification observatories

    I went to the Unification Observatory onthe east coast. I did not go to the one just outside of seoul at pamjumon. But the one i went to was nothing special. all you could see was barbed wire, and uninhabited land that belonged to north korea.

  • Itaewon. I know by some...

    Itaewon. I know by some unchangeable force of nature, every tourist has to go to Itaewon. In a lot of ways its nice, but more importantly, did you come to Korea to see a bunch of GIs and other Westerners? For a real shopping experience, go to DongDae Moon or NamDae Moon, open till 5am. Or if you wanted to go to Itaewon for the bars/clubs, well, I...

  • On every June, Busan...

    On every June, Busan International Rock Festival is held during 3 days.So many Rock groups from Asia as well as the world bands from western put on the stage.If you interested in this festival, check it out!

  • If people here knows you are...

    If people here knows you are not korean, they may decieve you on price of something you want to buy in the market. Never forget to say 'NOMU NOMU PISSAYO. SAGE HEJUSEYO.' the meaning is 'why it cost so high? down the price please~.'

  • Itewon is a tourist trap. ...

    Itewon is a tourist trap. Every store there is out to find a sucker in the mass of foreigners that croud the streets. Everything may seem cheap, but it is eather overpriced or it is cheap because the quality is cheap!

  • OK, do the Soju experience at...

    OK, do the Soju experience at least once, but it's a lot more fun to hook up with some college students. They're out to practice their English, and will take care of you the rest of the night. Plus, they can get you into the clubs that wouldn't admit you if you were alone.

  • Learn a little Hongul before...

    Learn a little Hongul before you go and beware taxi drivers that pretend to speak absolutely no english or dont even understand your Korean. Dont take taxis from the Airport or Seoul train station labeled 'AAFES' They charge much higher prices as they cater to unwary American GI's. If you are taking a long trip try to negotiate a cash price before...

  • Unless you are in the US Army...

    Unless you are in the US Army in Korea I would recommend stearing clear of Itaewon (near Yongsan)...especially if you are a woman at night. If you don't mind lots of drunk GI's hanging all over you go right ahead!!!

  • Those who like to buy clothes...

    Those who like to buy clothes with low price may get disappointed at Dongdaemen.It's not so cheap as you might think.Beware of the transportation problem after the shopping late in night, a taxi is very hard to catch especially in the cold winter night.

  • Folk Museum in Kyongbok Palace...

    Folk Museum in Kyongbok Palace Compound - We heard that many organized tours took tourists there. We rather visit temporary national musuem on the other side of the palace and pay 700 won (the huge new national museum is under construction). There's nothing interesting in this Folk Museum. It's a waste of time for us. If you really want to see folk...

  • The tip comes next but wanted...

    The tip comes next but wanted to add a picture of my daughter (on left in her traditional hanbok I brought back on my last trip to Seoul) and Michelle who helps set up the Korean bazaars our adoption agency puts on for adoptive families. This one was held in Traverse City, Michigan at the OURS adoptive family Christmas party. thanks for indulging...

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