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Sri Lanka Nightlife

  • Lovely bar

    Casa Colombo is a really nice little hotel, very trendy.they just opened their bar ZAZA.the prices are reasonable, the cocktails are good, there is a long wine list (although not the best)and the staff is friendly.Its not a big place but it doesnt get crowded, it has a nice ambiance. a bit dark but they give you little pentorches to be able to read...

  • pubs

    Clancey's is a great pub to hang out, with live music 7 days a week from 8pm till 2 am! A must check out the next time you visit Sri Lanka, and is conveniently located in the heart of Colombo! The music ranges from DJ's to live bands playing stuff from the 60's through to today.GREAT!!!!they also have great dinner and snacks! jeans and shoes and a...

  • LOTS of great nightlife in Colombo!

    Being a Canadian living in Colombo for the past 5 years, I've come to know of LOTS of GREAT NIGHTLIFE in Colombo, you just have to find it! Starting with MARGHERITA BLUE NIGHTCLUB at the Galadari Hotel, which has great bands, great music, great food & drinks, and a great crowd too, to the RYTHM & BLUES NIGHTCLUB, which also has all of the above, to...

  • One of the few good options in Colombo

    Nightlife in SL sucks everywhere...In colombo if u go to any pubs all u'll find is prostitutes...But there is this German pub which is bang opposite to Galle Face Hotel...the ambience is pretty good...ther's a couple there who play guitar nd sing along...Food ...just like all other places is good and so are the cocktails!!!

  • Night clubs - Pubs

    Rhythm and Blue (R&B) has been a local night club lasting over 10 years IN Colombo. its close to all city hotels and caters mostly alternative rock or oldies at most. with a dance floor and limited access -it allows a bit of the older generation (80-2000') to enjoy some of its tunes back ! live music is avilable and nigth life is best during friday...

  • Off Sales

    What bars there are outside the tourist resorts tend to be exclusively male affairs and can be a little grim, however most villages will have a ‘wine store’ or ‘beer shop’ selling local and occasionally imported beers and spirits for consumption off the premises and assuming your guesthouse doesn't have a bar (Government Rest Houses and the...

  • Beach Bars

    Your hotel management understandably want your cash in their tills so will not encourage you to go out of an evening but there is not a lot to keep you in the hotel except overpriced drinks and the odd pretty dire cultural show. Even if you are all inclusive it's worth getting out to see something a bit more 'real'.The main resorts all have locally...

  • Watch what you smoke

    Lots of dope or 'Ganga' is smoked around the tourist resorts, the beach boys will offer you it and it is smoked fairly openly in some of the more secluded bars. Penalties for possession and trafficking of drugs go as high as the death penalty but you are more likely to be caught up in a scam which ends up with you making a hefty donation to a local...

  • Bring your own!

    A Sri Lankan night can be a magical experience but if you want western style nightlife you are probably in the wrong country. In Colombo there are casinos and clubs, which tend to cater for the more affluent (often rather unpleasent VIPs with their bodyguards and men looking for the company of exploited female hostesss') and small towns may have a...

  • Check out Colombo Nightlife!

    I agree that there is NO nightlife outside Colombo in Sri Lanka but in Colombo nightlife sure exists!!You can find a huge number of srilankans clubbing and partying at happening clubs like H20, Nuovo(Onyx),tabu.. RnB in duplication road is good for retro music lovers and its another happening club that gets all crowded late at night..Clanceys which...

  • what nightlife ?

    the only nightlife in colombo are the casinos.the casinos are well run and safe they have poker,blackjack,ect.All three casinos are run by the same company. There is a free shuttle bus from one casino to the other,also free food and drinks.

  • Nightlife. What nightlife?

    Colombo doesn’t really have any nightlife (that is happening.) For single males there are the usual "male orientated nightlife activities" that is common in Asia (hostess bars and worse) but for women, couples and men seeking a good night out - especially dancing - just forget it.Seen some argument over this matter before so it is relevant to say I...

  • Snake Charmer

    As you can see, there are snakes being charmed out of baskets. I assume they have had their venom taken out or are drugged. I have recently been informed by a VTer who is a friend of the snake charmer cobras are not drugged or had their fangs taken out , its just that usually in the evening cobras are naturally docile and easier to handle.

  • Try some arak

    Coconut Arak is the local alcoholic drink of Sri Lanka. You can drink it straight or have it in cocktails. In Kandy, i had a nice cocktail with coconut arak, pasionfruit juice, and soda water. Quite nice after a hard day of sightseeing. I recommend you picking up a bottle of coconut arak before you leave. We bought an extra two bottles for friends....

  • Nightlife is Hotel based

    most of the night life is in the hotel so keep that in mind when booking. Although after a hectic day tripping around the island a drink or two watching the sun go down was all I needed.

  • Colombo

    How can I best describe this well-known Colombo Pub? Let's try fishing opinions off the net. Opinion 1: this can be a fun watering hole. Pool table and live music on weekends.Opinion 2: this is a colonial-style ''English'' pub. It has that convincing atmosphere. This ornate bar is where Colombo's night-time action can be found.What can I say,...

  • Slave to the dollar

    If your in need of a free drink and cigarettes and your into gambling then it's well worth checking out one of Colombo's many casino spots. My favourite happens to be Bally's. The majority of the clientele here tend to be Chinese so don't go there with the expectation of bumping into some fellow Brits - cause you won't!I usually find the time flies...

  • Oh no... karaoke!

    The aural nightmare that is karaoke arrived in Sri Lanka pretty late and it's probably still at the height of it's popularity. There are karaoke bars pretty much everywhere and it's a common destination on a night out. There are two main types of places that I went to:First up there's the family places where kids and couples and grandparents come,...

  • Put it all on red

    An integral part of Sri Lankan nightlife, particularly in Colombo, is the casino. Sorry for the stereotype but Asians are generally tremendous gamblers and Sri Lankans are no exception. Rich Sri Lankans anyway, as poor ones won't get past the doormen. The casinos vary wildly from serious high-stakes glitzy halls to cheap, fun dives - some friendly,...

  • Nights are for sleeping!

    Sri Lanka isn't generally the liveliest country in the world. If it's 24 hour beach parties you're after or wild hedonistic raves then it's probably not the place to come. But things are changing.Two decades of war and curfews have meant a generation of Sri Lankans got used to going to bed early and staying at home. But the peace process has meant...

  • What Night Life

    I am afraid that if you are after night life then i am afraid Sri Lanka is not for you. We amused ourself in the bar most nights and playing pool! My dad went to a so called night club once that only had 4 people in so I didnt bother!A few nights the hotel put on traditional dancers or crab races but that was it. Usually we dragged dinner in the...

  • Fire Walkers

    After the Kandy Dance show, we all moved to an outdoor area, next to the theatre. Here we saw impressive firewalking. I understand in theory why they do not get burnt feet, But I still find it hard to believe firewalking does not hurt!

  • Kandy Dancers

    In Kandy we went to a Kandy Show. There was drumming, fire eating, plate spinning and Lots of Dancing with each dance telling a different story. It was very good & The evening was finished of with some fire walking. Not the best scanned in photos, I know, so enlarge the photo (~_~)

  • Sunsets

    As you can see, we had some wonderful sunsets & were lucky enough to have sea views from our room. The sunsets early in Sri Lanka, it was a wonderful start to the evening

  • The 3 Amigoes! (~_~)

    We stayed at the Thailanka Hotel during our travels around Sri Lanka. The evenings entertainment were these 3, playing South American Music. They were actually very good. It was a bit surreal to be in Sri Lanka, in a Thai related hotel, being sung to by 3 men dressed as Mexicans, singing South American Music, whilst eating European food!(~_~)

  • Downtown Trincomalee

    Evening Entertainment in Trincomalee is rudimentary. Just grab a bite and have a coke and watch the world go by.

  • A Night out in Trincomalee.

    Raj the proprietor will sort you out. However a couple of times we drank all the alcohol at the guesthouse. ;o)But Raj was refilled by the next day.

  • Arak and Toddy: The Local Brews.

    Okay the lowdown on the local brews. Toddy is a sort of beer made from coconut milk. And Arak is the destilled version. Barrels are carried on thatched bullock carts, meandering across the road as drivers refresh themselves en route. Even bullocks lose their mournful demeanour towing the toddy home. For every five hundred rupees you invest, you...

  • Hikkaduwa

    There are two main night spots in Hikkaduwa, the Bassline which is open on Friday's and Tuesday's for live music and DJ'S they charge 100Rs if there is a live band, and the Top Secret which is Saturday nights they only charge if there is a live band. Both venues have bars but charge more for drinks so it might be wise to have a few before you get...

  • Boozing in Small Towns

    If you like a drop of the amber nectar, do not expect to do it with any degree of comfort anywhere except the major towns or resorts.In the smaller towns, the smallest, dingiest room in the town tends to be the bar, and you get the feeling that you are a pariah and should not really be indulging.Your fellow customers will be the local dregs, and...

  • Geen of weinig nachtleven

    Verwacht in Sri Lanka geen uitgebreid nachtleven. Alleen in Colombo, de hoofdstad, kun je op dat gebied wat verwachten. Het avondvertier in de hotels beperkt zich meestal tot folkloreavonden.Maar er is op ander terrein genoeg te beleven.

  • Top Secret Hikkaduwa

    Top Secret is right on the beach in Hikkaduwa, It is a normal bar during the day where you can hire surf and body boards and also get lessons on how to begin surfing. On Saturday nights there is sometimes live music with a 100Rs fee to get in, but most of the time they have Western and Sri Lankan DJ'S playing reggae, rave, techno, house, trance and...

  • Bassline Hikkaduwa

    The Bassline has live music from bands from Colombo playing reggae cover songs and other bands playing Western and Sri Lankan music, also they have Western and Sri Lankan DJ'S playing house, techno, reggae, rave and trance. There is a small stage on which to dance or you could dance away the night on the sand. There are tables and chairs to sit...

  • Kandy Nightlife

    There is not much to the nightlife in Kandy because most of the places close around 10pm, but there is one place that stays open and it is called The Pub which is open from 11am to 11pm and it also serves food, it also has a cybercafe which is open from 8am to 8pm. Ask any tuk tuk driver and he will take you to the Pub.

  • You have to check out the...

    You have to check out the fantastic traditional dancer at Kandy!They show traditional dancing and that sure is a must to see.This picture shows a dancer who walks on glowing coals. Well, some of the people in Sri Lanka do strange things to their body. I guess you know what I'm talking about. Think of tongues and knifes and...

  • There's a great club in...

    There's a great club in Colombo at the Hilton Hotel (I thinks it's called the White Elephant).There are no regulations on capacity, so it's packed and stays that way ALL night. Drinks are expensive.Sri Lankan dancers are the best in the world--no kidding. Typical dress is nice, summery clothing. Nothing too fancy, but people look good.

  • In Colombo, the Hilton Hotel...

    In Colombo, the Hilton Hotel has a good nightclub for dancing...the Raj Hotel has an excellent bar with adjoining restaurant. There are a few nightclubs (but not a lot) to choose from, most of them play western dance music in modern settings.

  • nightlife is not so popular as...

    nightlife is not so popular as in some other countries, but a must is to visit the Kandy traditional dance show

  • On another night in our hotel...

    On another night in our hotel there had a resident fire eater who was also quite good. Of course when he was looking for a volunteer he picked me.

  • There was not really a lot of...

    There was not really a lot of nightlife in Sri Lanka, its not that kind of place. There was the hotel disco which took place once a week on a Friday so everyone made the most it. We had a good laugh and met new friends. Anything goes.

  • Sri Lanka is not a country for...

    Sri Lanka is not a country for the ones who likes to spend all nights dancing. the night clubs are very will maybe find sometimes some kind of clubs in the hotels. your clothes just have to be descents. in temples you have to take off your shoes before going in.a word for west European girls : Topless is PROHIBITED on Sri Lanka beaches...

  • Nightlife is usually limited...

    Nightlife is usually limited to the big hotels in Colombo. You definitely need to wear shoes, not sandals to get in. The Expatriates also have gatherings every now & then, so check with local embassies such as the US embassy. Believe me, the Marines loved to party. Make sure you wear shoes, not sandals. Some of the hotel dance clubs will not let...


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