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Ximending Walking Tour including Modern Toilet Restaurant Dinning Experience
"Join this interesting walking tour with your Taipei expert and get to know the various cultures of Ximending district. Your tour guide will meet you at Ximen MRT Station in the afternoon. Your first stop will be Tianhou Temple. Tianhou Temple has been a deity worshipped by many of southern Chinese heritage and sea-faring people. After visiting the temple you will walk along Japanese Street U.S.A. Street and Movie Street. You will realize that Ximen is a culturally diverse district. It embraces Japan United States and Ancient China's influences but still develops and remains its own beauty. Continue your tour you will then visit Ximen Red House
From $31.00
One Day Taipei City Highlights and Afternoon Shopping Tour
"At 9:00am your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in central Taipei. You will visit CKS Memorial Hall Longshen Temple and Taipei 101 Observatory in the morning. Lunch will be at Taipei 101 food court at your own expense. In the afternoon you will visit Sunny Hills Pineapple Cake store. At Sunny Hill you will be treated one pineapple cake and afternoon tea. After enjoy your time for a while at Sunny Hill. You will continue this tour to the famous Hankou Camera Street. This street is full of the highest density of photography stores in Taiwan. You can camera accessories and photography manuals within your budget. In the evening
From $56.00
Taipei Night Tour including Din Tai Fung Dinner
"You'll be picked up from Taipei city hotel at 6:00pm and start the tour at the ancient Longshan Temple often crowded with worshippers. The Longshan Temple is one of Taiwan's finest examples of temple architecture. Ancient Buddhist rituals are still practiced at the Longshan Temple. The night tour of Taipei continues to the exotic Huaxi Street nigh lined with food stalls and small shops. Pick up a bargain!Then you will be taken to the popular restaurant where you'll enjoy a delicious Din Tai Fung dinner with Xiao Long Bao Steamed Dumplings Hot and Sour Soup
From $52.00

Night Markets Tips (30)

Night Markets

There are large numbers of night markets in Taipei which are well worth a visit, because they sell very reasonably priced goods. They also have some interesting snack stalls. Most of the night markets are very crowded.

We enjoyed our visit to Shi lin Night Market and made quite a few purchases there.

Snake Alley behind Longshan Temple is also worth a look. This night market has several snake restaurants hense its name.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Jun 23, 2012

Nighsha Night Market

This night market is about 3 miles North West of Taipei's main train station.

The hotel's concierge was right. There is more street food offered here than Shilin night market. There were a lot of people walking the market on a week night. Some stalls have people waiting in line 20 deep to buy the food and drinks.

The main problem is a very bad and strong odor throughout the market. It smells like fresh feces everywhere. I could not stand it. I cannot imagine sitting and eating food in that horrific smell, but hundreds people were happy eating and drinking in it. The odor most likely was caused by fatty food residue dumped into the street and sewage system and fed on by bacteria, producing the obnoxious odor. Toronto's China town has the same horrible odor.

I ducked into a small restaurant and ordered the famous spicy oyster soup for about $3. The place was small, cramped and grimy. I finished the soup quickly and went back to the MTR for the hotel.

The Shilin night market has very few food stalls, selling primarily trinkets. Taipei's main train station 2nd floor is a large food court with a lot of regional food in cleaner environment. This place is much better for sampling local food.

Jun 12, 2012

Taipei Night Market Nov2011 update

Shilin - suitable for all ages. Huge variety of shopping + food. Alight at JianTan station (DO NOT alight at shilin station). Size of night market - Huge!

Liaoning - although it still appears on the tourist map that we got from airport, it no longer exist.

Shida - Alight at Tai Power Building station. This night market is more for youngsters due to it proximity to the university. Be prepared to squeeze with a few thousand teenagers in the alley. Not much food, mostly apparels for teenagers. Size of night market - medium!

Huaxi - suitable for all ages. Alight at Longshan temple station. Size of night market - small!

Danshui - this night market is by the riverside. It is the best night market I have been to. suitable for all ages. Size of night market - medium!

Raohe - it was raining heavily when we were there, good variety of food + shopping. But it will be challenging for those who travel by train(metro) as the "nearest" stations Taipei CityHall and Houshanpi are at least 30 mins'walk away. Size of night market - medium!

If you have time to travel outside Taipei - Keelung 's Miaokou night market is a real food paradise.

Nov 04, 2011

All kind of food

Huaxi night market is popular for its weird food such as snake, and, as I could see, turtles.
It's forbidden to take pictures there and I could only see alive snakes in cages, so I am not sure if they kill them after you order or what. I saw a turtle being killed and decided it was not the show for me.

xaver's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2011
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Shi Lin night market

This is one of the oldest markets in Taiwan, but one of many markets within Taipei.

To be in the market is to be among tourists and locals alike, enjoying food that may seem strange to you and I, but an every day meal for them. Stinky tofu, chicken butt, chicken uterus, goose tongue and head, fresh bitter melon juice, and fish eyeballs are the norm. There are arcade games, rows and rows of stalls selling anything from hello kitty keychains to deep fried crab to any type of clothing you could want.

A high dive into a culinary adventure, the Shi Lin night market is a must-experience, not just see.

rkearns's Profile Photo
Feb 03, 2011

Rao He Jie Quan Quang Ye Shi (A Big Night Market)

Rao He Jie Night Market is a very big night market selling not only food but almost all daily necessities. Many local people come to this market to eat, to do shopping and just to enjoy the lively atmosphere.
The Rao He Jie Street lasts about 400 meters and uncountable number of shops and stalls are there along the street and a long strip of stalls is in the center of the road.

MINOSUKE's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2008

Ning Xia Lu Night Market (Delicious Food)

There are more than 100 stalls in Ning Xia Lu Night Market. And all are food stalls. Local people come here to eat supper but also tourists will be able to enjoy walking and eating here.
The stalls stand on each side of one narrow street. This night market is not so big, so you can walk from one end to the other in about 15 minutes. So I recommend you to walk through the street watching the stalls on one side and enjoy watching the stalls on the other side on your way back.
We went there after we had dinner, so I could eat only 'Ai Yu' (a kind of citrus jelly).

MINOSUKE's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2008

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is a night market in the Shilin District. It is the largest and most famous night market in the city. The local businesses and vendors begin opening around 4 p.m. with crowds reaching their peak between 8 and 11 p.m. Businesses continue operating well past midnight and close around 1 to 2 a.m.

Shilin Market comprises two distinct sections. The food section is housed within a large complex selling traditional Taiwanese food and snacks while the other section is a pedestrian-only street crowded with street vendors selling an assortment of clothes, toys, accessories, watches, bags, wallets and other stuff.

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Dec 15, 2007
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"Home Sweet Home Taipei"
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"Taipei City, my second hometown"
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"Tour around Greater Taipei"
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Liaoning Night Market

Most tourists will head for Shilin Night Market or Huashi Night Market. However, there are smaller night markets around Taipei which are equally fascinating, less touristy and frequented by the locals. Liaoning Night Market is one of them. Part of Liaoning Street is converted into a food street at night. Some of the restaurants serve seafood and braised goose. Do try the braised goose at the famous `Er Rou Chen' restaurant. You can also select fresh seafood if you like crabs, prawns, lobsters, squid and fish.

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Dec 14, 2007

Going around Taipei

Shi Lin Night Market
A must go place for shopaholic. You can find almost everything here for a cheap price.

Royal Palace
Watch the changing of guard ceremony which happen everyday. If you miss the morning ceremony you can still catch the last one at 4.45pm. Nothing special though but a good experience to some.

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Sep 04, 2007

Hit up a night market

Night markets mostly stay open until 1 am or so and are host to countless street vendors and small stores. Most stretch far, consuming half a dozen blocks and snaking through back alleys and side streets. Bartering and haggling is a must and is defiantly part of the fun.

Shilin Night market is ranked number 1 (according to my transit map/tourist information booklet) and certainly has a young crowd of patrons. Available here were many CDs, DVDs and VCDs.

The Huaxi Night Market is also called the snake street market because here you can actually buy and eat cobra meat. Yes, I saw it. Cobras and various other snakes are kept alive in cages (which I was unknowingly standing next to when I first saw this attraction), while some snake carcasses were adorned on meat hooks and were ready to be skinned. Other snakes that had been skinned were in giant glass jars that were filled with some kind of liquid, possible some kind of pickled solution to help preserve and flavor the meat. $300 TD and you could chow down on some cobra. I enquired about the purchase of such goods (Ni quway shaw Engwin ma?) but the shopkeep didn’t speak any Engwin. Another Taiwanese guy came by who spoke English and knew the cook, but he was drunk off his ass and I had a trouble understand what he said. Plus he was quite a frightening man who was freakishly tall and I didn’t much care for his demeanor and what I thought to be an anti-Japanese sentiment. In the end I lacked the testicular fortitude to consume the cobra. Partly because I wasn’t sure how they would cook the snake. Not sure I could have eaten the creature if it had been boiled. Grilled would have been okay. But mostly I didn’t eat the snake because the Huaxi market was the filthiest place I have ever been in my life.

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Apr 14, 2007

Shihlin Night Market

There's plenty to eat and shop at this night market. It's a very lively place, but can get very packed, so be prepared to be pushed and shoved around a bit. Directly next to the subway station is a food market, so you can grab a fast meal/snack on the way to the market.

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Feb 25, 2007

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Things to Do

Longshan Temple

It took me quite a while to locate the Tamsui Longshan Temple as it was in the middle of the busy traditional market and only had a small entrance so it was easy to miss. In fact a friendly local...
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Botanical Gardens

A beautiful oasis in Taipei's funky west side, this park has greenhouses featuring a vast variety of lush plants, literature- and Chinese-zodiac-themed gardens and a marvellous lotus pond. More than...
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Ximending is similar to Tokyo's Ginza as it is the heart of Taipei's mainstream youth culture. There is an 8 branched intersection that dates back to Japanese times and is full of stores that sell...
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Presidential Building

Uheiji Nagano designed the Presidential Office Building during the Japanese Colonial times and was opened in 1928 after 5 years of construction, when the Governor General of Taiwan took up his...
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228 Peace Memorial Park

There is rather a simple sculpture near the 228 memorial Museum that was donated by the Lions Club. The white stone sculpture shows two people standing together. Again there was no information in...
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Chiang Kai Shek - CKS Memorial

The last thing i observed at Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall were the huge wooden doors when i left. I have no idea what type of wood it was but the doors must have been 4-5 inches thick with bronze...
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