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Miao-li Things to Do

  • Have A Cuppa At Lion-Head Mountain...

    The Visitor Center should be the first place to visit when touring Lion-Head Mountain, where the very friendly and helpful staff can give pointers where one can go. Next have a cup of coffee and a cake or ice-cream at the nearby cafe. Where the coffee itself isn't anything to cheer about, the mountain scenery and the quiet relaxing atmosphere is...

  • Water Curtain (Shueilian) Cave,...

    This is a natural cave where water drips down like a curtain over the mouth of the cave, hence the name Shuei-lian cave ('Shueilian' means 'water curtain'). Inside this cave is a temple known as Fan-Ying Temple, worshiping Sukyamuni Buddha. The cave was discovered in 1946.This is a very quiet, serene, and secluded place, good for a leisurely...

  • Quanhua Temple, Lion-Head Mountain,...

    The Quanhua Temple in Lion-Head Mountain, Miao-li county, is one of the few temples here that is opened everyday. Built in 1898, this is one of the oldest temple in Lion-Head Mountain. The simple walk up the mountain from the car park to the temple is very interesting. One first pass by an entrance with several stone lions, and then walk through a...

  • Lion-Head Mountain

    This is strictly not ONE attraction but several attractions scattered around this mountain. Lion-head mountain spans 2 towns - Sanwan, and Nanzhuang - in Miao-li county, and Ermei town in Hsinchu county.The best place to visit first is the visitor center. The extremely friendly and extremely helpful staff there will be able to give advice where one...

  • Flying Cows, Anyone?

    Flying Cow Ranch is, just like any other ranch, a farm with cows and goats, and several restaurants and shops to eat and/or buy their dairy products. But what's different here is that part of the ranch is a forest-like area where wild butterflies roam, hence the name "Flying Cow". No, they don't have cows that fly. The "flying" part of the name...

  • A Quiet Fishing Port in Miao-li

    A very quiet and peaceful port on the north-west coast of Miao-li county.A stone fisherman statue and a plastic huge shark makes for good photography subjects but otherwise just a very quiet fishing port.

  • Insect Art at West Lake Resortopia,...

    The Insectorium Eco-classroom is really a classroom. I couldn't find any live insects here except the occasional housefly, bug and mosquito (not belonging to the classroom). Here, children can learn how to use plastics, wood or cloth to make insects such as stag beetles or dragonflies. Should be good for a half-day activity for kids.

  • A Fun Theme Park - West Lake Resortopia,...

    West Lake Resortopia is a large theme park located in the West Lake (Xihu) village, Sanyi township of Miaoli county. There is a large European-style Garden called Versailles Garden at the front of the park, and a huge Cartoon Garden behind that with life-size statues of cartoon characters. Right at the back of the park is a hilly area called...

  • Old Tracks At Shengxing Railway Station

    Shengxing Railway Station is an old unused railway station but remarkably a very popular tourist destination. Even during weekdays this place is swarmed with tourists, mostly locals. There isn't even an old unused locomotive nearby, although the railway track remains. It is so popular that some couples even come here for their wedding photography...

  • Expensive Art Sculptures For Sale!

    In the middle of Sanyi Art Village is a beautifully landscaped shop called Fugui Sanyi Shop. ('Fugui' means wealthy in Chinese.) This is just a shop where several contemporary artists exhibits their wares (mostly ceramic or metal sculptures) in order to sell them. Part of the shop is not opened for visitors unless you make prior appointment with...

  • The 'Ghost Town' Art Village

    Sanyi Art Village is within a minute's walk from Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. One cannot miss the big poster saying "Sanyi Art Village" (in Chinese of course). To walk to this Art Village, one must walk through a very short alley with food stalls selling noodles and traditional Taiwanese snacks.However the Art Village is a little disappointing....

  • Wood Sculpture Museum

    The township of Sanyi is well done throughout Taiwan for its fine wood curving and sculpture, and so is this Wood Sculpture Museum. Entrance fees is NT$60 per person. The exhibits inside are of the finest quality, and ranges from traditional dragons, fishes to religious statues of Buddha, Goddess of Mercy and the Guardian Angels, to more abstract...

  • Mad About Bean Curd (Toufu)!

    In the village of Qing-An, Tai-An town, there is an old street called Qing-An Toufu (Bean Curd) Street, whose main products are food cooked with Bean Curd or snacks made from soy beans. This is because the water here are so clean and high quality that it is perfect for making bean curd. However there isn't any crowd here, so it's perfect if you...

  • Strawberries Everywhere In Dahu

    The town of Dahu (meaning 'Big Lake') is famed for their strawberries. There are strawberry farms everywhere. Besides Dahu Winery (see my other post), there are shops selling snacks and cakes made from strawberries, drinks made from strawberries, balloons in the shape of strawberries, on the pavements you can see strawberry pictures, you see them...

  • Strawberry Wine, Anyone?

    Dahu Winery, located within the town of Dahu (means 'Big Lake'), sells anything made from Strawberry, from wine made from strawberry (big range between 6% to 50% alcohol content), vinegar made from strawberry, strawberry cakes and bread, even strawberry-flavored coffee.Dahu is a town in Miao-li whose chief product is strawberries.

  • One Of The Oldest Matzu Temple In...

    White Sand Dunes (Baishatun) Gongtian Temple is one of the oldest Matzu temple in Taiwan, its history goes back to 1863 although at that time it was just a straw house until a brick building replace it in 1930. This is a very popular temple where you can still see a lot of worshipers even during the weekdays. Besides worshiping Matzu, the Goddess...

  • Tallest Matzu Stone Sculpture

    Five-Dragon Palace Matzu Stone Sculpture is the tallest stone sculpture of Matzu at 26.6 meters. Matzu, sometimes spelt Mazu, is the Goddess Of The Sea, a highly revered deity in Taiwan (most likely because Taiwan is an island surrounded by the sea).The temple in front of the stone sculpture is called Five-Dragon Palace (literal translation from...

  • Night Market, As Usual

    Miao-li city has only one night market called Yingchai Sightseeing Night Market (literal translation from its Chinese name). It is located at the intersection of Yingchai Road and ZhengFa Road, behind the Miao-li Train Station. It's the usual braised pork, barbequed cuttlefish, sausage, meatballs etc, stinky toufu etc.

  • straw berry picking

    Straw berry picking and enjoying the farm,acres of strawberrys ,Sampling straw berry products.Farms all around .Ask any owner permission to pick straw berrys they will give you a basket and scissors .Pick only what you want.weigh and pay . A kilo costs somewhere around NTD 350/.I did not know straw berrys were shrubs and has to be protected from...

  • Lions' Head Mountain (chinese: ·àÀY¤s)

    ***oushan at the boundary of Sanwan Township. The name originates from the fact that the mountain looks like the head of a lion when viewed from a distant place. ***oushan is known for its many temples set up there. It's a famous scenic spot of Buddhism, listed as one of the twelve-scenery in Taiwan. The numbers of the temples are 18 in total. The...

  • Sanyi Woodcarving Art (¤T¸q¤ìÀJ)

    San-Yi Village is located on the south end of Miao-Li County, there are more mountains than the field, and the nature of the soil belongs to high acid clay that is suitable for the growing of tea trees and camphor woods. While the village people in San-Yi were developing lands on the hillside, they found that the whole countryside is filled with...


Miao-li Hotels

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  • King's Resort Spa

    No.72 Longshan Tai-An Township, Miaoli, 360, Taiwan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Sunrise Hot Spring Hotel

    No.34 Longshan, Tai-an Town, Miaoli, 365, Taiwan

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Red Brick Villas

    No.32-3 Nanjiang Village, Nanjhuang Township, Miaoli, 360, Taiwan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

Miao-li Restaurants

  • Traditional Hakka - 3 Dishes 1 Soup, Big...

    There are many restaurants offering traditional Hakka dishes around Shengxing Railway Station, Village Residence (literal translation from its Chinese name, Cun Ju) is one of them. It is a little small, a little cramped, cozy, and family-run.We had the set meal of 3 dishes 1 soup, and rice is served on a "big bowl" and everyone gets to scoop rice...

  • Hakka-style Toufu

    Most shops in this Toufu Street closes early. This eatery closes the latest (around 8pm).While this is the famous Toufu Street, Miao-li county is also a place with a high population of people from the Hakka dialect, so this shop offers Hakka-style Toufu (bean curd) dishes. I had fried soft toufu and Toufu & Vegetables soup. And of course the...

  • Stinky Toufu & Ducks' Blood!

    Stinky Toufu is something one either love or hate, so it is no wonder that more than half the eateries here advertises Stinky Toufu in their menu. This restaurant offers Black Skin stinky toufu and Crispy Skin stinky toufu (the skin is light-brownish color) among its food being served. Another interesting food - which is very popular because I see...

  • Tian Mama's Home Of Milk

    In Zhaoqiao town's Fenghu Village is Tianmama's restaurant called Tianmama Home Of Milk Eatery (literal translation from its Chinese name), specializing in food made from milk. This restaurant grows many of its own vegetables and has its own herd of milk-bearing cows.One of its popular dish is the milk hotpot, where the 'soup' is actually milk. I...

  • What must try and buy in Bei-Pu

    Long-Yuan cake store offers various cakes. The most famous ones are taro and sweet potato cakes. Tasty I found. Each costs 17 NTD. One box 10 pieces 170 NTD. It's a good gift to share with your family and friends.

  • Black Grapefruit Tea

    In Bei-Pu stand many food stands, but this one caught my eyes. These black balls are dried grapefruit. After cooking with water, the tea is good protection for throat.


Miao-li Tourist Traps

  • matt_of_asia's Profile Photo

    ShangTianHu- pretty but ruined by......

    by matt_of_asia Written Dec 10, 2006

    We went zipping up for a day trip and went to a destination called ShangTianHu that V had read about on the net. She was telling me it was lake trail that took about 1 hour to circle around the lake. We walked the trail in about 10 minutes over some muddy boards. Perhaps we did the wrong trail. It was quite an overdeveloped feeling and to call the pond we circled around a lake is a bit of a stretch... false advertising on the net. It DOES have potential but the feeling I got as we passed by food vendors and beeboxes next to the trail was it was a scam... I guess it could have been worse (I have seen worse) but still I was disappointed. Yes there was the old people yelling KTV, bored kids hawking night marketty ball games and target practice stuff with bad 80's english music pounding across the slew. We ate our convienience store bought noodles outdoors and avoided the rotting dangerous looking tables. My pictures dont show any of that. It could be nice, if you can get past the obvious clearcut scars up on the mountain above the lake and all the noise pollution and stray dogs. Perhaps in 5 years if the management there gets their stuff together they will sanitize it a bit better and I will WANT to do the other trail that was there, perhaps I went to the wrong 'lake' and was off base completely but there was no signs for what was up the hill trail and from the information we had from the net there was 2 trails, a woods trail and the 'lake' trail. (which i already complained about) We decided to take a pass on the woods trail and to get back on the road. It is a beautiful area, but the aborigines who run the place need to learn a few things about how to make money without gouging out their souls.

    So the best parts of our day actually happened on the road as opposed to the destination. Sigh another trap. But it wasnt TOO bad. I have seen worse places in Taiwan and in other parts of asia, (Thailand in parts can be worse than what we saw Sat.)

    Anyways the ride up and down was better than the destination.

    Unique Suggestions: Bring your own food.
    Find somewhere quiet away from the stalls.
    Bring a blanket to sit on.
    Consider trying the 'woods' trail which I didnt see. perhaps its a better hike than the 'lake'
    The pond is beautiful and the scenery is great from certain angles. You can see the scars of clearcuts in the mountain side above but to the credit of the people there it IS replanted or has some kind of tall grass that is attractive within it.
    Drive yourself. I never would take a tour bus in Taiwan if i can help it. Scooting or driving your own car is preferable (scooting is easier to park but less comfy)

    Fun Alternatives: Go pick strawberries in Da Hu. Or drink tea at a teahouse you see on the way, or visit a hotspring! There is a trail on the way in called Si-Tan that may be worth checking out...

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Miao-li General

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  • House made of clay-> a sad story

    The house is not tourism spot, but the holes on it caught our eyes. As we observed the walls made of clay, a Hakka old woman passed by us. She said that she is the neighbor and then described us a story: a 50-year-old woman spent her childhood there. As child her family was poor and she had often hunger. Sometimes she was so hungry and that shaved...

  • Ding Dong Bridge

    Facing Zhi-Tien-Kong at you left hand, there is a famous small bridge made of stone. When you walk on the bridge, it sounds Ding-Dong. In the past the local heared it and knew the enemies come. It's easy defence way.

  • Zhi-Tien-Kong (Temple)

    Zhi-Ten-Kong was established in 1846. It's religious center in Bei-Pu and spread out the commercial development.


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