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Half-Day Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok
"Your class will begin at approximately 8:45am or 1:00pm. You’ll be learning how to cook 5 dishes during your half day lesson including an authentic Thai curry paste from scratch using traditional mortar and pestle.  You will also get to learn either how to make coconut milk or do some basic fruit carving. The school is located next to BTS Bang Chak directly on Sukhumvit Road very convenient and easy to find. You will be met at the BTS Bang Chak at Exit 5 at the end of the elevated walkway. From here we go directly to the Thai fresh market which is just around the corner and then just a very short walk to the school. cook and eat while in air conditioning.  Included in your half day class are color recipes
From THB1,200.00
Private Tour: Bali Active Volcano Sunrise Trekking
"Imagine you're standing on the top of the second most sacred active volcanic mountain in Bali. On the East the sun is rising smoothly with orange gold sky background. The lake view on the slope of the mountain unspoiled air and the warmth of the sunlight on your skin is just a few experiences to mention. Escape from your busy schedule and experience this privately guided adventure. Mt. Batur sunrise trekking is a perfect way to go back to nature enjoying the fresh air taking a deep breath
From EUR70.00
Backstreets of Bangkok Bicycle Tour
"The tour begins on Sukhumvit Road soi 26. Climb aboard your bike and follow your local guide away from the noisy roads of Bangkok through a working-class neighborhood rarely visited by tourists where you can experience yet another side of the metropolis. Visit the lively Khlong Toey market which is the largest fresh food market in Bangkok. Here you'll find a colorful blend of Thai and Chinese goods. You’ll also head through “Little Chinatown” where children enthusiastically wave and shout “hello” at the unusual sight of foreigners on bicycles.Next cross the Chao Praya river with our bikes on a long tail boat and enter an area called Phra Pradaeng where you'll cycle on narrow elevated pathways through mangrove
From THB1,300.00

Cabbages & Condoms Tips (45)

Cabbages & Condoms Bangkok: Condoms After A Meal?

Nope, this is not a sleazy restaurant. =P

As i quote from them, Cabbages & Condoms is a "Restaurant with A Mission" and i would say, a noble spread the message of Safe Sex.

This restaurant has such a romantic setting...fairylights...good food...followed by free condoms, what more can you ask for???

The menu is pretty extensive and creative, my personal favourite is the spicy condom salad and the thai green curry with rice. If you prefer something else, no worries, burgers and fries and spaghetti are definitely on the menu.

It's a 20 minutes walk from Asok BTS Train station, by the time i reached, i was perspiring all over, not romantic at all. =(

Thus take a cab to this place.

Oh yes, pls make a reservation before you go. It's crowded on weekends!!! With a good mix of locals and tourist.

You may ask your hotel to make a reservation for you. Usually they will have the number.

Rachelynn's Profile Photo
Dec 19, 2004

Cabbages and Condoms

This original and charming restaurant, in the Sukhumvit (east) area, is managed by the Population & Community Development Association of Thailand. The restaurant incomes help fund population control, AIDS awareness, and a host of rural development programs. That's why such a strange name.

You enter the restaurant via a tropical garden, in which there are outdoor tables. When I went it was raining, so I went in, which is nice and charm too.

It was cheap (2 USD first dishes, 3 USD mains) and tasty, a great experience!

SirRichard's Profile Photo
Oct 21, 2003

Cabbages and Condoms: Unique Authentic Thai Restaurant

What doggy condoms restaurant?, thats my first impresion entering Cabbages and Condoms. Cool and cosy ambience.
You can dine al fresco or air- con if you need to.

I chose al fresco - with lots of hanging light hanging, under banyan tree, fan water cooler breeze.

Well. Its all about creating safe sex awareness. Its pretty good idea, its started since back those days, Bangkok well known for sex trade, and the message is to get to local and 'farang' while enjoying authentic thai food.

Favorite Dish talking about the restaurant dishes...Absoulutely Fabolicious!!!!

what to order?

1st. Pork and Crab small cone
- is like dim sum, mini cone, filled with mince pork and crab with fish sauce, top with sweetcorn.

2nd. Pork Thai Satay
- Succulent Pork satay, lemon grass and kafir lime leave goes up to your nose...delicious. served with thai green curry paste.

3rd. Thai Fish Cake
- Huge portion of fish cake 'hamburger size', eaten with special thai sauce.

4th. Famous 'Larp Moo'
- Pork salad, lots of coriander, garlic, onions, ginger ,rocket salad, roasted rice, fish sauce and bird eyes chillies. WOW...

5th. Tom Yam Seafood (Big Bowl of Soup served 3)
-Generous portion of prawns, cod fish, squid in tom yam soup. 'recommended for seafood lovers'


daryll's Profile Photo
Jun 29, 2006

Cabbages and Condoms: Stylish Restaurant, Great Lights, Amusing Condom

We visited this restaurant in the evening and were pleasantly surprised to find it a high class restaurant set in gardens with alfresco seating and an upstairs inside eating verandah area which overlooked the garden. We were lucky we reserved the upstairs undercover area for our group of 18 as there was a 10 minute rain shower.
The restaurant offered a wide selection of local and international meals,everyone enjoyed their meal and prices were reasonable. They also had 2 wines on special, both were good Australian wines at very reasonable prices, approx AU$5 per large glass.
The restaurant is famous for its condom theme, which is displayed at the restaurant entrance, there are many quaint displays incorporating condoms as the main theme. The restaurant profits go to improving the health of the underprivledged and this has existed for the last 20 years. There is a shop on site where you can make purchases.
This restaurant is well worth a visit and there is nothing vulgar on display.

Mikebb's Profile Photo
Mar 21, 2006
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Cabbages & Condoms: The chicken is not rubbery!

They have recently remodeled the main eating area to accommodate more people on two floors and the open air "garden" eating area has been cleaned up. I prefer the air conditioned comfort inside.

The restaurant is decorated with various posters about condoms around the world and there is a gift shop where you can buy condoms and condom based novelties. Please note there is nothing seedy about the place, but if you want to avoid any awkward questions from children maybe you should avoid eating here.

Favorite Dish They usually serve red rice which is much tastier than the usual white variety (available on request). The Thai beef salad (Yam Nua) is one of my favourites. Remember Thai salads are spicy and this is no exception!

johnaalex's Profile Photo
May 10, 2005

Cabbages and Condoms: New Zealand Lamb in a Sweet Curry Sauce, potato

The Cabbages and Codomns Restaurant is a large complex based on two floors including outdoor sitting on the ground floor. The theme for the Restaurant is food and condoms you will see quite a few 'tartan' looking 'mock' condoms dotted around the restaurant - very tastefully decorated. The restaurant has a lot of fans around and some of them including a misting function to keep the temperature cooler and a little more moist.
The food was of an excellent standard both the Thai and the Non Thai - We took along a Thai friend, who later boasted about the restaurant all the time (although on this visit I had non Thai)
The place is very clean, the staff are very helpfull and the food is really good.

On one of the evenings that I was there - there was a lovely Music and Arts student playing traditional Thai music - a GREEEEEEEAT touch - she was very good

Throw some of your change into one of the many wishing wells and make a wish - if that doesn't come true, at least you would have helped out on of the local charities supported by the restaurant.

(The restaurant was originally founded by the Minister of Family Planning / Health - in order to promote safe sex - Hence Cabbages & Condoms)

Favorite Dish I must confess - I was there and for all my good intentions of eating Thai - I read New Zealand Lamb in a Sweet Curry with potato and I am so glad that I did, it was great. The meat fell apart and it was just perfect - have to go back and try the Thai food :(

maclean's Profile Photo
Oct 20, 2005

Cabbages and Condoms: Eat and save the Planet

Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok - a great resturants geared toward the tourists. Good food, pretty atmosphere, great outside seating, under twinkle lights in the trees and next to a beautiful Wall O' Fountain. The theme behind this resturant is all the proceeds go toward AIDS education/prevention/treatment in this city so dependent on the sex trade. FYI, prostitution is prevelant in Thaland and an honest days labor. Which, for me was a little hard to take, not because of the women but the western men there to partake. However with the lack of opportunity, especially for women, in Thailand its a good living.

Favorite Dish Pad Thai (I know not very daring, but excellent!)

stappm's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2006

Cabbages and Condoms: You get condoms with the bill

This should be a stop on all visitors to Bangkok. This restaurant was set up by a revolutionary Thai person. He decided to give out condoms to anyone to help cut down the spread of the AIDS virus. He will hang out on Bangkok's busiest roads and hand out condoms to passersby. Proceeds from the restaurant and hotel (pattaya) go to environment, education and aids charities.

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Apr 20, 2005


"Bangkok, Krung Thep - The best of"
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"tHe Bangkok in my mind.."
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"Heightened Senses X 2"
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"Bangkok - Which Means "Straw Hat!""
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Cabbages and Condoms: Interesting concept - But Great Food!

Update: I was here in May 2015 and it was my first stop for lunch. Food is still great. This time I ate inside. Very comfortable and most important no mosquitoes.

June 2014 - I was a bit intrigued by this restaurant. I mean, the two words really do not go together in any relation I can think of. So I gave it a try. I am glad I did. Walking in through a covered plant filled path brings you to some interesting signs relating to sex. Walking further in are several statues of different figures made of condoms.

But onto the food. They have two seating areas, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor has a pool of water and water fall down a wall. Very nice and I chose to sit outside. The start I had the chicken and corn taco. These were delicious. For the main course I had the Panang Chicken. This was also very good.

The only issue I had was that I was being bitten by mosquitoes during the entire meal. Toward the end, my waiter gave me a bottle of insect repellent. Great idea....even better if he gave it to me at the start of the meal instead of when I was finished.

I went back a second time and had the same starter because it was so good. For the main course on my second visit I had the Chicken and cashew dish. This also was very good.

Would definitely return again and again.

Favorite Dish The corn and chicken taco. You get 9 small shells filled with this mixture. here's a hint. To make them even tastier, squirt some fresh lime on each. WOW! So good.

blueskyjohn's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2015

Cabbages and Condoms: Food and Family Planning

The only restauarnt I've been to where you are given a condom with your bill. Profits from the restaurant go to the Population and Community Development Association which aims at educating people in the benfits of safe sex and birth control.
The food here was very good on my first visit and at a reasonable price(can't remember exactly how much) and the service impeccable. No rubbery taste to any of the food unless you think the condom is an after dinner mint.
On my second visit I thought the food was a bit boring - definitely nothing special. However the general atmosphere was still very nice
You have a choice of either sitting outside in the gardens or inside. However beware of sitting too close to the ornamental ponds and fountains as in the evenings they attract some biting insects. I found the best place to sit was upstairs, which is undercover in case it rains and if you have a seat around the edge you get a nice view of the diners below.

pmarshuk's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Cabbages and Condoms: Unusual, but good

The name gets your attention right away. I did not know what to expect. I was not disappointed. The restaurant supports population control projects in villages, hence the condoms. The first thing you see when you enter is the condom blossom tree, and Santa condom, And the other art works based on condoms. You also see a beautiful garden restaurant.

When you check out, they deliver the receipt along with a brochure and two brightly colored condoms. Best of all, the brochure claims that their food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.

Favorite Dish I had the softshell crab in the thai style. Everything here was good, and the spice level was not too hot.

gaolei's Profile Photo
Apr 12, 2009

Cabbages and Condoms: Awesome place with great food & atmosphere

This place is awesome!

The restaurant is very picturesque indeed. Life-sized manikins dressed in robes made out of condoms, lamps covered in condoms, articles about aids-prevention... the theme is obvious and the interior designers definitely weren't one of the old school...

You have two floors, the second being a balcony-style lounge overlooking the first floor garden. It feels like sitting open-air but in fact you're not. Just the sides are open to catch a small glimpse of the sky outside (for air-con-lovers, they also offer indoor seating). Numerous fans and plants are creating a very comfy and cosy atmosphere... perfect for a romantic dinner for two, casual gathering with friends or even business luncheon.

It's also the only restaurant I know where you are given condoms instead of mints with the bill. Their motto: "Sorry, we don't have mints. Please take a condom instead"! ;-)

The menu is rather versatile with various appetizers, soups and main dishes as well as a nice selection of yummy desserts. From Thai curry to sweet-and-sour pork, every taste is catered for...

Personally, I loved the fresh juices. During my dinner, I had two 'young coconut' juices served in the shell... so tasty.

The prices are very moderate indeed. About average for Bangkok I'd say. For three juices, one big appetizer, two main dishes and two desserts, we paid around 900 Baht including tax and service charge.

For me, Cabbages & Condoms is a must-go place for lunch or dinner or both...

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Nov 01, 2007

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