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Patpong Night Market Tips (33)

Red Light district

At night, this is a wild and busy area. Known as their red light area. Mostly patpong has various clubs (doors are open as you walk by). Women, who look quite bored and seem to hate their jobs are dressed in skimpy clothes dancing next to a pole or other girls. The main street clubs are mostly women or lady boys dancing in the clubs. Further down, is the boy's town-with lots of gay clubs.

There is a long nightmarket along Th Silom. Lots of stalls selling tshirts, crafts, textiles and such. Some people may wander up to you -ask if you want to go and see sex show. Most famous are ping pong shows and such. We didn't do this, but we heard it's more of a freak show kind of thing.

Anyway, if you don't have kids you should definately come down here. It;s a very interesting area and not too sleazy. Can get some good shopping done.

Lots of bars and clubs.

trisanna's Profile Photo
Apr 20, 2005


Anything you want you will find at Patpong for a price.

There are the night markets, selling all the normal pirated goods.

Then there are the bars.

Watch out you are not ripped off, some of the girlie bars charge no admission charges but drinks are extremely expensive.

Best to go where the drinks are fixed price and you know what you are up for.

There are also "normal bars" where you can get go for a drink and not be annoyed by people trying to make you buy them drinks.

We have taken friends a couple of times to Patpong and we have all have a great time.

Cathy&Gary's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2006

Patpong Night Market

Patpong is an area where every tourist will end up. There are two reasons, the first one being the night market, the second one the red light district (see nightlife tip)
At the nightmarket, you can buy the most famous brands ( Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Breitling, Timberland, ...) for almost nothing. Of course everything is fake, but the imitations are really well done!
Don't forget to bargain: sometimes they let go things for half of the price!

Mahieu's Profile Photo
Nov 28, 2003

Pat Pong ( to be a sinner or saint!?)

The sin city of Bangkok! It is the place for shopping Thai traditional products, imitated branded goods, and also place for a short time of desire and sensuality. Sexy girls in the bars can be seen and the nights of temptation will touch your imagination, but better not to go inside because it is a tourist trap. Lucky that some of our friends advised us already!!! Well, it is better to be a saint than to be a sinner!

Pat Pong is also the place for bargaining up to 100% to 250% less of their selling price. Be guided that the seller here will never talk about the price instead, calculator will be used and believe me, they will give you a terrible and unbelievable high price as much as 400% of the real selling price for they know that you as a buyer will ask for a discount! Of course, they will offer you a discount but they will use calculator and they will never say it in a loud voice! You must be smart enough to get a good price!

One time, my good friend of mine who is presently working in Tokyo, Japan told me to buy an imitated Rado watch for him. The seller from Pat Pong as expected used his calculator to show me the price of the watch. He was giving me a 4,000 Thai baht price! Too expensive and I was really shocked but since I am an expert in this kind of transaction…I was able to buy it at 1,000 baht!!! Even my Thai friends cannot believe that I was able to do that---smart enough?!

shintarojon's Profile Photo
Dec 11, 2003
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33/25-26 Sukhumvit 11 (Chaiyot), Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, 10110
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Patpong Alley 1

Patpong Night Market is a mix of street vendors and seedy bars/strip clubs selling more than just alcohol. Patpong 1 has the majority of street vendor stalls selling all types of goods. However there is nothing special here that could not be found from any other street vendor around Bangkok.

These vendors are location closer to the intersection with Surawong Rd. As you walk further in and past the vendors, the bars and strip clubs are plentiful. Patpong 1 ends at Silom Rd.

blueskyjohn's Profile Photo
Oct 05, 2014

Patpong Alley 2

This runs parallel to Patpong Alley 1. There are no street vendors on this Alley. The majority of the businesses here are bars, strip clubs and prostitution. The only redeeming factor here is a very good Super Market half way between Surawong Rd and Silom Rd. If you need food supplies and is a very good place, but maybe venture here during the day when the bars are closed. Either way it is a safe area.

blueskyjohn's Profile Photo
Oct 05, 2014


Patpong is the world famous strip & Bangkok's main night entertainment district. Also popular for its vibrant night bazaar. You can watch girlie shows with the girls exhibiting their "talents". There are two main streets here Patpong 1 & Patpong 2 very close to each other.

limledi's Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2009

Patpong (sounds like PingPong?)

Situated between the two famous roads, Silom & Suriwong, Patpong is definitely a nightlife rather than a daylight venue. For one thing, it is home to Bangkok's lively night spots vis-a-vis the famous Night Market.

Loud bars with gogo dancers lined up the Patpong streets (both soi 1 & 2), just passing along these streets even if you're on shopping, you can't get away with the "sales staff" of all the clubs & bars that will persuade you to "come & see inside" and ladies offering "other" services too. Well, you can even see the gogo dancers gyrating to the beat on the ledges or platforms even from the street view. No wonder the area itself is called Bangrak or Town of Love, you know what I mean, right? And yes, bangrak is also the business district of Bangkok. Business & entertainment goes along well here!

But for the night market alone, Patpong is really worth a trip or two, in case you don't have the time to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market - Bangkok's (or asia's or world's(?)) largest weekend market, you'll get the chance to buy souvernirs here. for the Ping Pong word's a common word that you'll get to hear along the street of Patpong.... you'll have to find out, I'm innocent.... LOL!

Beware of pickpockets!

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Nov 15, 2005


"Bangkok, Krung Thep - The best of"
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"tHe Bangkok in my mind.."
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"Heightened Senses X 2"
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It's seedy, dirty and notorious but a Must See for visitors to Bangkok. Patpong Sois 1 and 2 run between the Silom and Surawong roads and can be identified by the hundreds of neon signs.
The area is full of bars and go-go bars. There is also a night market selling the standard fakes and copies that you see everywhere in Bangkok.

phil_uk_net's Profile Photo
Mar 09, 2003

Patpong Markets

We visited Patpong Markets one night to do a bit of shopping... There are so many shops and markets that we didn't know where to start...haha! It was great to look through everything although after the first hour or so everything starts to look the same (and is the same actually). Still, we ended up buying some souvenirs and presents there... It was a great place to spend some time!

Of course we also had a lot of offers to see the sex shows in the bars & clubs nearby...everywhere you walk you will have people shoving 'menus' of different shows in your face. If you're into, it there are plenty of options!

CandS's Profile Photo
Nov 16, 2005

Visit Patpong at Night

Patpong has a great nighttime market although the prices are truly inflated for the farangs. Some vendors will ask for 1500TBH for a t-shirt when you can actually purchase one for much, much less (I think the real price was around 500-700TBH...if I remember correct!)

The other interesting part of Patpong is of course the sex shows. Walking through Patpong is kind of like visiting Amsterdam's Red Light District. It's an experience and it's part of life in Bangkok. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, you will get the exact same offers to go inside the clubs around the market. Most offers occur when you are walking on the outskirts of the market, I never got an offer while I was actually inside the rows of stalls.

Even though I wasn't interested in the sex industry that was offered, I still had a great time with my friends in Patpong and recommend anyone who visits Bangkok to go there at least for one night to see what it's like!

mtcowgirl's Profile Photo
Jun 14, 2007

Patpong Night Market

Any trip to Bangkok is not complete without a trip to Patpong Night Market.

Grab a tuktuk and get dropped off, and be inundated with market sellers calling you over to buy their mostly fake/dodgy goods. Be prepared to haggle as much as possible. CDs, DVDs, porn, clothes, bags, jewellery, you name it, are for sale.

As well as stuff to buy, watch out for the various sex clubs/gogo clubs, complete with "pussy banana" and "pussy motorcycle" adverts outside.

A MUST if you are in Bangkok....and you''ll actually go away with some pretty good stuff.

david1982's Profile Photo
Feb 11, 2007

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Silom and Surawong Roads, Bangkok, Thailand


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