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Sampran Elephant Ground and Zoo Tour from Bangkok
"You'll be picked up from your centrally located Bangkok hotel and travel one-hour to the Elephant Ground and Zoo complex. This is the perfect opportunity to take a 15-minute elephant ride (cost not included payable direct approximately BAHT500 per person) as well as learn via performances just how and why these mighty creatures are held in such high regard by the Thai people. There are a variety of shows on display including elephants at work as well how elephants once played an important part in the battles that took place in ancient Siam. One show in particular will depict the battle between King Naraesuan The Great and the Burmese Prince where elephants were used by both armies. Can elephants play football? Well
From THB1,294.00
Private Tour: Full-Day Bangkok City Tour
"Your English Speaking guide will meet you at your Bangkok City hotel at 8am. From here you will travel to your first stop the Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit). The Buddha Image is the largest Golden Buddha Image in the world. It was made of pure gold with the price value 28.5 million pounds and over 700 years old. You will be at this temple for more than an allowing you to soak in the atmosphere and the good luck!You guide will then take you on a short walk to Chinatown. You will see there are many shops selling gold garments textiles
From $110.00
Bangkok Cabaret Show
"Bangkok's Calypso cabaret has showcased the unique flair and astonishing beauty of these Thai performing artists since it was created more than 25 years ago. If you are seeking something beyond the mainstream then this cabaret show featuring talented transgender performers is your ticket!You'll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the Calypso Theater to enjoy a colorful evening of cabaret Bangkok-style. With your choice of an early or late evening show settle in at your lamp-lit table for an outstanding presentation as the stage sparkles with lively music dance and entertainment. The cabaret opens with glittery evening gowns on display and includes acts from burlesque performers to the traditional dances of the geisha. Watch an Elvis impersonator with his ‘groupies’ listen to classic favorites of the old-time music hall and see the incredible Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe come to life.When the curtain comes down
From THB1,320.00

Samphran Elephant Ground Tips (18)

Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo

Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo

Located in Nakhon Pathom province about 56 kilometers outiside Bangkok to the west side. You can reach Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo in one day trip by bus or car. There are many crocodiles and crocodile show, also and Elephants, monkeys etc. A small garden inside the zoo with orchid.

Name: Elephant Ground Zoo
Attraction Type: Zoo, Animals, Elephants, Crocodiles, Show, Ghost Castle
Province: Nakhon Pathom
Pictures in the web: Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo in Nakhon Pathom
Last Visit: August 2007

My Photos
First Photo: Me in Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo
Second Photo: On the way to Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo
Third Photo: Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo
Fourth Photo: Tourists take picture from the elephants
Fifth Photo: Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo

Jul 29, 2014

Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo

This will be a multi part tip with more pictures around th Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo.

Elephants are a mainstay in the Indo-China Regions and is a treasured animal in the Indo-Chinese Countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The thais love their elephants so much that even the royal family loves elephants moreso if the elephant happens to be the rare white elephant variety. As such they have many Elephant sanctuaries and elephant zoos around thailand and the nearest Elephant Ground in Bangkok is the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo, located about 20 kilometers away from bangkok in Nakhon Patom Province area at the Samphran District, about 1 kilometer away from the rose garden. They have an elephant show about the importance of the elephants in thai society, done twice a day and also a crocodile show. most of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market tours include this as a stop for their whole day tours.

If you just want to go there via tranportation, you can ride the Public bus no. 123 (non-aircon) from the Royal Grand Palace to The Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo. Entrance to the zoo is 600 baht

Open daily from 08.30 am - 5.30 pm

according to their website:

It highlights exciting events such as The Elephant Theme Show and The Crocodile Wrestling Show. In the Elephant show complete with Surround sound system. The elephants are the stars of the show where they dance, race, play football and games, “Yutha Hathi”, a great royal battle scene, is even performed with the actors riding on the elephants. As for the wrestling show, the crocodile and the master crocodile catcher perform breathtaking stunts to their audience’s delight.

The visitors can also try to check out the tropical garden and waterfalls on the elephant’s back, visit the orchid nursery, or sample Continental cuisine and halal as well as Indian food at the Erawan Restaurant. (see menu)
Accredited by CITES as “One of the cleanest and most impressive public displays of crocodiles in the world”, the visitors will surely enjoy exploring the zoo ground.

Entrance fee including all shows: Adult 600 baht, child below 130 cms. 350 baht. Open daily from 08.30 - 17.30 hrs.

Daily Show Time

1st show 2nd show
Crocodile Wrestling Show

12.45 - 13.05

14.20 - 14.40
Magic Show

13.15 - 13.45

15.00 - 15.30
Elephant Theme Show

13.45 - 14.10

15.30 - 16.00

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2012

Elephant Show At Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo

Elephant Theme Show

13.45 - 14.10

15.30 - 16.00

Included in the Entrance fee to the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo is the elephant show that goes twice a day and preceded by a magic show. the Elephant Show is about 25 minutes in length and it shows how the elephants became a favorite animal of the Thais and how to catch a wild elephant by the Lao Isan People of Northern Thailand and how they revere the rare white elephant. also included in the show is a mock up of the Ancient Battles of Siam and Burma using troops and elephants and finally, the fooball skills and other skills of the elephants.

Elephants are a mainstay in the Indo-China Regions and is a treasured animal in the Indo-Chinese Countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The thais love their elephants so much that even the royal family loves elephants moreso if the elephant happens to be the rare white elephant variety. As such they have many Elephant sanctuaries and elephant zoos around thailand and the nearest Elephant Ground in Bangkok is the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo, located about 20 kilometers away from bangkok in Nakhon Patom Province area at the Samphran District, about 1 kilometer away from the rose garden. most of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market tours include this as a stop for their whole day tours.

Open daily from 08.30 am - 5.30 pm

Entrance fee including all shows: Adult 600 baht, child below 130 cms. 350 baht. Open daily from 08.30 - 17.30 hrs.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2012

Samphran Elephant Park

This was a lovely introduction into the world of elephants. The whole area is like a cool oasis as there are trees and gardens everywhere.

When you walk into the park there is an opportunity to have your photo taken with tigers and then there are the elephants. There are a lot of them that you can feed and touch and we were lucky to be able to interact with a mother and her baby. Elephant rides are offered as well. They have a small zoo and then you see the elephant show.

The seating area for the show has fans which help give a breeze. The 1st is a magic show which is really good and then the elephant show. They give you a history of elephants and they stage a mock battle. Later there is a soccer game.

The elephants are well cared for and it is a lovely place to spend a few hours.

a60's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2009
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Samphran Elephant Grounds

Certain profits go towards the Asian Elephant Foundation in Thailand (such as the money spent on purchasing a work of art by an elephant).

The best thing about this place is the crocodile show. A small framed Thai man, covered from head to toe in scars, in the pen with the crocodiles with a small stick. Now I have seen crocodile shows in other countries before so I wasn't hoping for much... but this dude nearly got eaten by a croc he hadn't seen in the water (because he was distracted by the big scaley fella he was "playing" with) - not that that provided me with a sense of great entertainment but... well, it certainly wasn't a load of seen it before bravado :)

There is an elephant show where they play football etc... I don't like this kind of thing but if you do, it's done well.

Kids will love it here!

smirnofforiginal's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2007

Elephant Show

An hour drive from Bangkok, you can visit the Elephant Sanctuary/ Show.

It will cost you around 1,500-2,000 Baht inclusive of Rt transfers, tour guide, entrance fee and snack.

Its fun way to see those elephants doing their tricks, magics and football game.

It maybe a little bit hot and dehydrating so dont forget to bring your bottled water with you, a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen , a hat and a fan.

Cielo_Algaeed's Profile Photo
Mar 09, 2007

Elephant Football

Enjoy a nice show of elephants playing football. See 'Beckham', 'Ballack' etc. in action while giving you a marvelous and comical performance. The elephants are just so cute that you'll simply love them.

zuyao's Profile Photo
Feb 20, 2007

Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo

We visited the zoo in early July'06, and at that time, everybody was still talking about the 2006 World Cup. Thus we were also treated by football match - The 2006 Elephant World Cup. There were about 4-5 elephants in each team competing for about 5-10min. Unluckily when the time's up, it was a draw between both teams. So they had a penalty shootout. It was a very great show plus some funny acts.

Then in the second show, we got to learn the Thai's combat history during Burma invasion on Siam (Thailand). The elephants were the most important force in the combat. It was due to their size and strength, which can take down normal ground unit easily. In the middle of the show, the spectators were surprised by a few big bangs, replicating the shoot from the ancient cannon. I can even feel the heat from my seat about 20 meters away. The explosions were very real. But surprisingly the elephants did not seem to be scared by the big explosion and still continuing with the show. I personally think this was a marvelous elephant show i ever seen, and anybody visiting Thailand must not miss this show.

After the show, you can get a elephant ride within their show ground. And you can also feed the elephants with the bananas for about THB10, if i'm not mistaken. It was a very unforgetable experience being so close with the elephants.

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Sep 10, 2006


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"tHe Bangkok in my mind.."
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Elephant Sanctuary

This is not quite a "theme show" as the elephants, all ages and sizes, live and work in the sanctuary. Yes they do take you on a trek thru the river but its all part of their exercise and they seem to love it. You can buy big hands of bananas for 20 baht and feed them. This was thrilling and the baby elephants know very well what to do to get hold of those bananas! Big mums and aunts stood under giant bamboo huts some shielding new born baby elephants from the rest of the herd, waiting to take out their guests on a cooling trek thru the river where the mahouts make you sunhats from banana leaves. A great trip for all ages.

RAINBOWWINGS's Profile Photo
Apr 11, 2006

Snake Show at Samphran

At the Elephant Farm there is also a Snake Show which was very scary but most entertaining and educational. There must have been several hundred people watching the show, some were very edgy when they started passing snakes around, most probably they were harmless pythons. The real show was with the deadly Cobra's and it was a test of the skill of the young men as they took on the speed and aggression of the Cobra. I noticed that all the snake handlers were small and agile with the ability to anticipate the snake's strike. These men were extremely fast and put on an excellent demonstration. They then brought out a very large Python and explained the life of these reptiles in the wild.
They then demonstrated how they milk the Cobra's venom, and interestingly they explained how this milking process can take place every 5 minutes as the Cobra replenishes the venom in that time.
Finally they brought out a Mongoose in a Glass box and put a Cobra in with the snake. It was interesting to see each animal stalk each other, however as we all know the Mongoose is much faster and always wins.

Mikebb's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2006

Elephant Show, Great Entertainment

Our day trip continued and we arrived at the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo where we spent several hours enjoying the attractions, particularly the Elephant Show. The show covered many aspects which demonstrated the brilliance of these inteligent animals and their affinity with humans.
First we were introduced to the animals and then there was the soccer game, all the big names in soccer were represented , however the game was friendly with several goals scored. Then followed the mock battle with the elephants decked out in bright colours going into battle, very different to modern day warfare where the armies attempt to camoflage. This scene was representing typical Thai warfare several centuries ago and it was done in a blaze of colour.
After the show the elephants came to the fence where you could pat them and have a photograph taken.
The entertainment was good and well worth the visit.

Mikebb's Profile Photo
Mar 12, 2006

Samphran Elephant Ground And Zoo

I went to this park as part of a 1 day tour, it was thrown in as part of the visit to the famous floating market.
It was actually better than the floating market.
The magic show was very impressive, followed by a re-enacment of a famous Thai battle including elephants, swords, pyrotechnics not to mention the elaborately dressed cast of thousands.
After we enjoyed a demonstration of Elephant football and many other entertaining tricks from these much loved animals.
My day was completed with a crocodile show. Two comical Thai men chastise crocodiles in a croc infested pit. They then play games by sticking their heads and arms in the crocodiles mouths to much amusement of everyone watching.
Yes I know it sounds like a tourist trap but it kept me entertained and I recomend you pay a visit.

cybergenic's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2006

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