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Attraction Closed Scam Tips (16)

Going to Wat Pho - reclining Buddha -it is OPEN!

We headed to wat po from golden palace and the tuktuk driver was telling us it is closed, that the day we went was a special event, etc.

It's open and you can go there so don't listen to the driver

Unique Suggestions Just say you want to go there even if it is closed.

Jimbo222's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2014

Closed for lunch or praying ... never !

Often when you are looking for directions or the entrance to a temple/palace/... a local comes up to you and tells you that the place is closed. Sometimes it's "closed for lunch", for temples it's mostly "closed because the monks want to pray without any visitors".
They'll mostly tell you about a great outlet shopping centre you can visit to pass time waiting for the re-opening. When you are interested, they'll even help you to find a tuk-tuk to take you there at an exceptional low rate. But then the shopping centre appears to be some kind of tailor, who happens to sell jewellery and souvenirs as well, ... everything but outlet brand-clothing. The tuk-tuk driver gets a percentage on the sales or coupons for fuel. Of course the tuk-tuk driver knows the friendly local and won't forget to "thank" him properly.

Unique Suggestions Always check out for yourself if it really is closed.
I have to admit that we almost fell for it the first time they told us that, but hey, this only happens once !

jojes's Profile Photo
Mar 27, 2009

Variation on a theme at the Grand Palace

I'd like to describe one variant of the "It's closed" scam that I found less obvious than the standard. When approaching the Grand Palace, I was first redirected to a different gate. There, a man standing beside the guard, sporting what appeared to be some kind of official identification advised me that the Grand Palace was open only to Thais in the morning and offered a ride to nearby attractions until the Palace opened. Naturally, I was quite dubious. The guard made no comment on this pitch but did move to block my way when I made to step in to ask the advice of the desk worker inside. I'm not sure if the authorities are actively complicit in this scam or merely tolerate it. Since I was so notably skeptical, the man insisted that he worked there and wasn't asking for any money. He pointed me to a nearby tuktuk which he said would show me to other destinations and bring me back when the palace opened. It was only when he indicated that the itinerary would include shopping that my last doubt that this was indeed a scam vanished.

Unique Suggestions Personally, I let the tuktuk take me to the first stop on the alternative itinerary, a temple I might not have found on my own (see attached photo), then declined any further service from my "chauffeur" (without paying him a single baht) and returned to the Grand Palace on my own. Of course, someone on a tighter schedule might be better off ignoring the scammers altogether; enter the Grand Palace through the same gate as the crowd heedless of anyone who tries to sidetrack you.

Oct 20, 2008

It's not closed

Don't listen to ANYBODY who approaches you near the grand palace or any of the main temples with any claims that such and such temple or palace is closed or that you should go t a different palace or temple. Basically anyone oddly interested in telling you what attractions to see in Bangkok. They are trying to get you off track and involved in either some scam or get you to go towards some gem shop or suit shop. Don't even acknowledge these people, they are quite annoying

Snipernurse's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2008
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Research public holidays

In Bangkok some people will tell you places are closed for a public holiday, they will then tell you alternative places to go (involving tuktuks and gem shops). When I visited Bangkok I was aware that I could be taken to a gem shop and told that I can buy cheap jewellery there and then sell it for profit back home. I was also aware of tuktuk drivers taking tourists to gem and silk shops so the shopkeepers will give them petrol vouchers.

I was fully prepared not to believe what anyone told me, except when we were collected from the airport, the lady who met us told us that the next day was a Thai public holiday. I had no reason to not believe her (a trustworthy rep from a tour operator had no reason to lie to us) which threw a spanner in the works when a random Thai man on the street also told us about the holiday and that the Grand Palace was closed for the morning. We did end up on a tuktuk tour but we were lucky we had an honest driver and we got to the Grand Palace in the afternoon (I will write more about that elsewhere).

Unique Suggestions Before you go to Bangkok, I would suggest looking up when the public holidays are. I don't know if the Grand Palace was closed that morning but I have found out that it really was a public holiday on the day we went there (Visakha Bucha).

clueless83's Profile Photo
Jun 07, 2008

Wat Pho is closed for ceremony till 3pm !!!

After we alight @ N8 Tha Tien stop, we tried finding our way to Wat Pho. Jus as we saw the road sign indicating Wat Pho, we were stopped by a friendly uncle who told us that Wat Pho is closed for "ceremoni" till 3pm. He suggested tat we visit after 3pm & even offered to bring us elsewhere. Luckily, we did sufficient "research" to know tat we should jus ignore his "advise".

Mar 09, 2008

Dont believe the locals

When approaching the Grand Palace several different locals told me it was either closed or I was heading in the wrong direction. They don't seem to have anything to gain by telling you this so they sound plausible. However, I have come across this before and have been to the Grand Palace a few times. Sure enough it was open and I was headed in the right direction. Dont believe the locals, especially taxi & tuk tuk drivers. Go see for yourself and check with the hotel before you leave for the day.

paulwf's Profile Photo
Nov 25, 2007

Fake Policeman or Palace Worker

Please do not believe anyone who approach you and tell you where to buy goods, they will disguise as policeman or palace worker. Usually, the Thai people will not approach you because they are quite shy people. The only person you can trust for information is the Information booth staff and uniform policeman. Those conman are really good at acting and really good at words, so please be careful and do not believe a word they said. Usually these conman work in a group, so if you are happens to be at Grand Palace area, don't even try to get information from the drink vendor whether the palace is open. They will tell you the palace is close as today is Buddha's Day. Just ignore them and walk away.

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Oct 18, 2007


"Bangkok, Krung Thep - The best of"
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"tHe Bangkok in my mind.."
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"Bangkok - Which Means "Straw Hat!""
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The Grand Palace Scam

We’d heard about the tuk-tuk drivers who try and tell you that the Palace is closed, so why not take a ride to some craft or jewellery centre with them and we quickly told the first one that we came across that we were happy just walking around. However, what we hadn’t bargained for was the fact that he then pointed us in the wrong direction, along the side of the Palace, instead of to the front entrance. Like idiots, we went in the direction he had pointed, even though most of the other people were going in a completely different direction and it wasn’t until we’d walked about 100 yards and had to turn down about another 10 “helpful” tuk-tuk drivers that we realised we’d been had! Not to worry, we just turned around and managed to politely ignore the same drivers on the way back!

Unique Suggestions Ignore any "helpful" advice and when you cross the road at the end of the little market, carry straight on for the main entrance - don't turn right along the side of the Palace like we did!

XenosUK's Profile Photo
May 28, 2007

Grand Palace Area - Full of touts!

i was suppose to go inside the Wat behind the Grand Palace. The man approached me saying that the Wat is closed because it is Buddha day. since i'm not a Buddhist, I believe him. then he offered me for 20 baht to ride a tuk-tuk and go to other places Wats and where to shop good. I agreed. I hop on to the tuk tuk and the tuk tuk brought me to a wat which i think is not famous, i didn't even know the name. When i went there. One of the in-charge there said that the wat is closed, and the Budhha is not here but on the other building. I look at my lonely planet and i realized that i was trapped. there is a warning in the lonely plaet about this trap. I told the tuk tuk driver to take me to khao san road instead (so that my 20 baht wouldn't we in waist, i said to my self). he said he cannot because he have no time. i said i'm never gonna pay him if he will not take me there. then he said, "ok free tuk tuk". and he went off. I never did pay him any cent.

So for you guys planning to go there, please becareful. hehe

Unique Suggestions Check out by yourself if it's really close or not

haydnesque's Profile Photo
Dec 31, 2006

Pub & Show closed during Buddha Days

well... we didnt really know about the Buddha Days in Thailand. We thought all the pubs and shows were 24/7, all year round until we went to Pat Pong and they put the sign "Close for Buddha Days". They're really kind of religious and Buddha Days were considered one of the most important days in their calendar. We were really unlucky to pick those 2 days during our visit to Bangkok (9-10 or 10-11 July 2006)... so better to check it before ending up like us....

Unique Suggestions em... actually there were some other people inviting us to their secret pub/show where they still open regardless of the sacred days. But we didn't dare to go coz we afraid that we might ended up paying for our way out their door. So my suggestion is go to other shopping complex, taste other local food, or go to bed earlier for the next day...

PS_Lee81's Profile Photo
Sep 24, 2006

The Grand Palace

I'm sure most of you have read about this tourist trap but i found alot of tourists being fooled by con men. You walk towards the Grand Palace and see an entrance with a guard standing by the gate. Before you can go up to the guard, a con man intercepts you and tells you that the Palace is closed between 12 and 2 for prayers. I already read about this on VT so i was prepared. The man was very friendly but don't be fooled. He asked me whether i saw the "Standing Buddha". I said yes and walked away. Don't stop and chat. If they speak good English and are friendly then they are trying to scam you.
I saw many tourists stop and have chats with these con men. They will persuade you to visit other temples but will take you gem shopping which is another scam.

Also ladies beware of con men telling you that your pants or skirts are too short and cannot enter at the entrance of the temple. There is an offical inside the temple who will measure the length of the pants/skirt before letting you in. The temple also lends sarongs to ladies who have short pants/skirts so don't be deterred. Hope this helps :)

SA_Dude's Profile Photo
Aug 07, 2006

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