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Bangkok Cabaret Show
"Bangkok's Calypso cabaret has showcased the unique flair and astonishing beauty of these Thai performing artists since it was created more than 25 years ago. If you are seeking something beyond the mainstream then this cabaret show featuring talented transgender performers is your ticket!You'll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the Calypso Theater to enjoy a colorful evening of cabaret Bangkok-style. With your choice of an early or late evening show settle in at your lamp-lit table for an outstanding presentation as the stage sparkles with lively music dance and entertainment. The cabaret opens with glittery evening gowns on display and includes acts from burlesque performers to the traditional dances of the geisha. Watch an Elvis impersonator with his ‘groupies’ listen to classic favorites of the old-time music hall and see the incredible Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe come to life.When the curtain comes down
From THB1,320.00
Bangkok Calypso Cabaret
"If you’ve experienced the magic of Calypso Cabaret before you’ll be delighted to hear the show holds true to its 25-year-old tradition of providing first-grade family friendly cabaret entertainment with a unique Thai flair.The new Calypso Cabaret theater accommodates 480 guests and the restaurant offers traditional Thai dinners accompanied by a Khon dance show before the main entertainment begins.Itinerary 8pm Pickup from yo""Meet and greet the tour guide at your Hotel and transfer to the Calypso Cabaret. You’ll love every minute you spend in Calypso. On stage is a bevy of professional entertainers presenting artistic impersonations through songs and tales of love and adventurtitle=Highlights&1=Family+friendly&2=All+entrance+fees+included&3=Hotel+pickup+included""
From $32.00
Calypso Cabaret Show Ticket
"Calypso lady Boy Cabaret Show has creatively performed so spectacular and wonderful shows that it is called “The Number one Lady-Boy Cabaret show of Bangkok.” It gives you one of the warmest welcomes you can find in the land of smiles and does in many ki there are over 1500 small boutique shops and so many restaurants and bar. You can enjoy nice dinner and shopping before and after of the show.You will enjoy a variety of performances from show tunes to Chinese love songs Korean pop and Japanese geisha dancing. There is something for everyone. Be amazed by the energy of the performers who dance their way through two shows a night.""""Calypso lady Boy Cabaret Show at New Theater in "" Asiatique The River Front"" This is Most famous and biggest show in Bangkok of The Beautiful Lady-Boy."
From JPY3,300.00

Tuk-tuks Tips (38)

tuk tuks outside grand palace

We were warned, but had to experience it for ourselves anyway. You have to have a tuk-tuk trip when you're in Thailand - hair-raising driving in heavy pollution. We gave in and agreed to a driver taking us to see the three main temples - he waited outside for us at each one and we just hopped back on again - which was great. The downside was that we had to go and pay an obligatory visit to the tailor...

LINSY's Profile Photo
Feb 16, 2007

Prices of Tuk-Tuks

If your offered a tuk-tuk for under 20Baht to anywhere in the city its usually a scam. You'll end up at some silk or diamond shop, placed under pressure to buy something.
Normal fares are around 50-70B for Tuk-Tuks, don't be too GREEDY!!! remember its only pennies for us!

Unique Suggestions Agree a price higher
or say to the tuk-tuk driver
'No stops'!

Fun Alternatives wave down a tuk tuk

yozza2005's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2007

Tuk Tuk

We all understand everybody's just trying to make a living. But at our expense? Big no. These tuk tuk drivers are everywhere in the city, esp tourist areas. They will approach u and offer u a 10baht ride but usually yr destination will be interrupted with a short trip to somewhere else that has 'tie-ups' wif these drivers, who gets commission for bringing tourists to their shops. Another ruse is that they parked themselves outside some eating places and tell u its closed and offer to take u to another place that sells even better food at cheaper prices. Now if u hop on, good luck to u (your wallet).

Unique Suggestions Tuk Tuks are fast, and they cut corners to get u there in double quick time. But its a bit dangerous though, looking at the way they weave in and out of traffic. Its a hairblowing smoke-inhaling experience and a unique form of transportation not found elsewhere. One good option if ur in a hurry although not necessary the fastest when there is a jam. It's very cheap if u meet an honest driver.

Fun Alternatives Take a taxi anytime. They worked for me all the time. Price is almost similar. Bangkok is famous for traffic jams, among other a little patience is always needed.

redsurf's Profile Photo
Jan 24, 2007


I was also approached by a tuk-tuk driver just like one of my fellow VT. He offered me 40THB to go to a gem factory somewhere in the heart of the city. The driver said that the Grand Palace is closed for the day due to Buddha Day! Fortunately, I read the comment by the VT member about this so, I told the driver, "No, thank you."

boocik04's Profile Photo
Dec 14, 2006
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1627 / 2 Latkrabang Road, between Soi Latkrabang 11 and 13, Bangkok, 10520, Thailand
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Not what you think

did anybody know that if you actually talk to the tuk tuk drivers about this they will actually cut you into this scam for fifty percent plus you get to travel around with a personal guide for free around bangkok> open your minds please tourists

Dec 09, 2006

Pushy vendors and tuk tuk drivers

I don't think Thais people understand Western principle of "personal space". Vendors think nothing of gently touching you and tuk tuk drivers will try to gently guide you into their tuk tuk. No man-handling, but akward since in America it's a no no to touch anyone without permission or unless you know each other well.

Many tuk tuk drivers will say they will give you a tour of the city for 10 baht. Don't believe them. I found them more pushy than anyone and I avoided them at all cost and took cabs or BTS skytrain.

river_plate_94's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2006

tuk - tuk trouble

beware of drivers side tracking your destination to visit his/her mates at shops on the way, so you are pressured into buying from their stores. If you are offered such a low rate for a ride it is likely you will be taken to one of these places.

Unique Suggestions pay for the fare and get out, get another taxi or tuk tuk. there are plenty in Bangkok.

Fun Alternatives take a taxi or use the metro in bangkok..metro takes coins as far as i remember on auto ticketing

Aug 23, 2006

TUKTUK Scams - gas card scam

The tuktuk men outside of our hotel offered us a tuktuk ride to MBK for only 30 baht. So, seeing that it was cheaper than what the hotel quoted for a ride, we climbed aboard. What we didn't know was that he was going to take us to a horrid little gem shop were all the attendants follow you like dogs! we hated it all and we also got really annoyed.

Unique Suggestions if you're inside the store just pretend to browse and then after about 2 mins get out. SOme of those nondescript stores sell FAKE jewelry so it's better if you buy gems at your home country, where you are more familiar, or at the many respectable malls in bangkok. (though they are much more expensive, at least you're guaranteed that they're genuine)

Fun Alternatives after enduring the scam by the tuktuk men just go to ocean world, located at the siam paragon mall ;) you can swim with sharks (black tip sharks, nurse sharks etc.) Also it's said to be the largest aquarium in SEA

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Aug 08, 2006


"Bangkok, Krung Thep - The best of"
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"tHe Bangkok in my mind.."
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"Heightened Senses X 2"
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"Bangkok - Which Means "Straw Hat!""
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Beware for TukTuk drivers trying to be friendly

I already know how to avoid this incident. However, this tuktuk driver name Charlie, just drove me directly to a non famous jewelry store. I already said no, and still insist me to go inside so he could get a free fuel slips. I have no idea whats gonna happen next. I then go inside to check but said to my self that im not gonna buy anything. People in the jewelry shop insist me , forcing me to buy even in US Dollars or via credit card.

Unique Suggestions To make a long story short, IF YOUR NOT INTO JEWELRIES and GEMS, dont go to these places. If the Tuktuk driver still insist, leave the tuktuk driver and get another one or grab a cab.

They may be friendly outside but deep inside, the'yre just trying to get money from me in a different way.

Its not bad to show that you dont have to follow their orders. You pay for their service, you dont pay for what they want you to do.!!!

Fun Alternatives Grab a map, take a walk and use the mrt or public bus.
If its impossible to walk, use a cab and insist them to use the meter. If they dont, at least bargain for the right price before you hop on to the cab.

roel121479's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2006

Tuk Tuks-don't do it...

Tuk Tuks have been pretty well documented here but to summerise, Tuk Tuks should only be used if you have nothing better to do with your time and you really don't care where you go (this means places like talors shops or the Tourist Autharity of Thailand where pressure will be put on you to do business) and even if you dont get to your primary destination. They are not a legitmate form of transport like a taxi, their one and only purpose is to get tourists into places that will pay them commissions in return. I offered to pay my Tuk Tuk driver the commissions he would have been given from the shopkeepers if he would take me straight to the tourist attraction and avoid the commission places and strangely he refused, he wouldn't even negotiate, shortly after i paid him the price we agreed on at the start and got out and got in a taxi. Drivng away in the taxi i felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, no heated arguments about where to go, no more feeling like I was hijacked by the Tuk Tuk with no control over my destiny. It's up to the individual whether or not to use a Tuk Tuk, and some people may enjoy it but I personally could not do it again and could only discourage other people from riding in a Tuk Tuk. My experience left me really angry and feeling like I had been had, and the time wasted going to the commission paying places ran me out of time to see the things I had origionally planned on seeing.

Fun Alternatives Alternative transport would be the Skytrain, Buses, Subway or Taxi. Taxi drivers can vary a bit to, some are very dishonest while others are excellent, make sure you reward the good ones with a tip.

Splint's Profile Photo
Jun 23, 2006

Avoid Tuk Tuks

Avoid TukTuks at all costs.99% of them are crooks.They will always overcharge you.Best thing to do especially if you are with a family is to take the metered taxis.They will charge you as much as the crooked Tuk Tuk guys quote.Also they will try to take you to shops where something will be thrust down on you to buy.The Tuk Tuk guy gets a petrol coupon for bringing the tourist to the shop. They will also tell you that most of the sightseeing places are closed either for some ceremony or for weekly off etc.Avoid guys who want to take to to buy Gems .

Unique Suggestions Carry a road map with you.When you leave the hotel ,get the reception staff to write down in Thai language,the names of the places you want to visit.Show the slip to the taxi driver and also show him the place on the map,you are less likely to be taken for a wrong ride!
Bluntly say you dont want any Gems or Shopping ,stick to your stand and sound firm,you should be safe.

Jun 05, 2006

Tuk Tuk - An expensive toy

You could try a Tuk-Tuk once or twice, just for fun, but the polluted air makes travelling in one more or less unbearable.

Also, please bear in mind that in 99% of the situations they would be SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than a Taxi with a taximetre! Don't be fooled!

Fun Alternatives Take a taxi! The green ones are the most confortable ones (they all cost the same) and DEFINATELY ask for the taximetre!!!

alexeikarp's Profile Photo
Apr 12, 2006

Things to Do Near Bangkok

Things to Do

Mahakan Fort

after the sack of ayuthaya and the fall of the ayuthaya empire to the burmese in the 17th century. the present Chakri Dynasty became the leader of thailand and to defend the new capital of bangkok...
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Things to Do

Calypso Cabaret

Live cabaret, theater and ladyboy show twice a night at The Asia Hotel in Bangkok. Featuring beautiful Thai dancers and stunning, stage designs that create scenes from around the world. It is a...
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Things to Do

Democracy Monument

Monument commemorating the student protest that led to the establishment of Democracy in Thailand. Today the monument would be somewhat ironic given the military coops that have marked the divisive...
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Things to Do

Siam Square

Herbal fluffy rice flour cake of Baan Morakot, OTOP from Sakaew Province looks colorful and delicious. The ingredients are all natural and it tastes fantastic. You can purchase this product at “OTOP...
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Things to Do

Patong Horror Show

They have turned a big house into a horror show and my girlfriend likes horror movies so we decided to go and take a look. And it turned out to be a great success (at least for my girlfriend :-) We...
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Things to Do

Siam Ocean World

Ocean World Siam Ocean world a wonderfull world in the centre of Bangkok. Admission fee: 650 Baht with cinema 4D. Information Name: Siam Ocean World Theme: Sharks, Fish, 4d cinema Location:...
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