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Bangkok Cabaret Show
"Bangkok's Calypso cabaret has showcased the unique flair and astonishing beauty of these Thai performing artists since it was created more than 25 years ago. If you are seeking something beyond the mainstream then this cabaret show featuring talented transgender performers is your ticket!You'll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the Calypso Theater to enjoy a colorful evening of cabaret Bangkok-style. With your choice of an early or late evening show settle in at your lamp-lit table for an outstanding presentation as the stage sparkles with lively music dance and entertainment. The cabaret opens with glittery evening gowns on display and includes acts from burlesque performers to the traditional dances of the geisha. Watch an Elvis impersonator with his ‘groupies’ listen to classic favorites of the old-time music hall and see the incredible Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe come to life.When the curtain comes down
From THB1,320.00
Bangkok Calypso Cabaret
"If you’ve experienced the magic of Calypso Cabaret before you’ll be delighted to hear the show holds true to its 25-year-old tradition of providing first-grade family friendly cabaret entertainment with a unique Thai flair.The new Calypso Cabaret theater accommodates 480 guests and the restaurant offers traditional Thai dinners accompanied by a Khon dance show before the main entertainment begins.Itinerary 8pm Pickup from yo""Meet and greet the tour guide at your Hotel and transfer to the Calypso Cabaret. You’ll love every minute you spend in Calypso. On stage is a bevy of professional entertainers presenting artistic impersonations through songs and tales of love and adventurtitle=Highlights&1=Family+friendly&2=All+entrance+fees+included&3=Hotel+pickup+included""
From $32.00
Calypso Cabaret Show Ticket
"Calypso lady Boy Cabaret Show has creatively performed so spectacular and wonderful shows that it is called “The Number one Lady-Boy Cabaret show of Bangkok.” It gives you one of the warmest welcomes you can find in the land of smiles and does in many ki there are over 1500 small boutique shops and so many restaurants and bar. You can enjoy nice dinner and shopping before and after of the show.You will enjoy a variety of performances from show tunes to Chinese love songs Korean pop and Japanese geisha dancing. There is something for everyone. Be amazed by the energy of the performers who dance their way through two shows a night.""""Calypso lady Boy Cabaret Show at New Theater in "" Asiatique The River Front"" This is Most famous and biggest show in Bangkok of The Beautiful Lady-Boy."
From JPY3,300.00

Airport Taxis Tips (31)

TaxiGood Airport Transfer

Taxigood should rename the company to taxipoor due to there poor service.

I pre-booked online for a return transfer between Bangkok Airport and Pattaya for 2 Adults and 2 Children and my booking was confirmed.

The Internet site said not to worry if your plane is delayed as we will wait for you at the designated meeting point holding a sign with your name.

Unluckily for us our plane was delayed and we arrived just over one hour late and even more unlucky when we arrived at the designated meeting point no smiling person holding a sign with our name.

I phoned Taxigood and after a shirt conversation he confirmed a taxi would be there in 15 minutes.
I thought not to worry we are on holiday and we have time to wait. I immediately sent an email to Taxigood and asked them to confirm our return trip 1 week later due to the misunderstanding in the Airport, tI got the confirmation email back almost immediately.

The day before our return trip I again asked Taxigood to confirm the pick up time of 10 Am the following day, and again immediately confirmation came back to me.

The following day at 9:55 no Taxigood So I start to worry as now we do not have time to wait, I send an email but no reply, it is now 10 Am and still no taxi a further email was sent and still no reply. Panic....

We then start to arrange a local company to collect as but would have to wait 30 minutes which could cause problems on arrival time at the airport. But luckily a taxi arrives from the airport and me manage to squeeze into a normal taxi.

I would recommend taking one of the many taxi services at the airport (But not Taxigood) and on your return journey a local taxi service or as an alternative a transfer bus such as Bell Services which I have also used and found to be very good.

Jul 07, 2016

Taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport to city center

Taxis is on first floor (one floor below arrivals) just follow sign "public transport" this lead you outside terminal building

It was new for me. You just can't take a taxi outside not like before, you must first get a printed coupon to be able to have a taxi and with that coupon there is a "lane" number on it. You can see taxis are standing on bay number go to the lane number stated on your coupon and shown to driver

After coming to Bangkok several times I still have doubts with taxi service from Suvarnabhumi Airport to downtown. Now, taxis at airport is very good organize no more scams. You need a coupon which was really good. No one fight for a taxi and this way you are safe during your journey. A taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi Airport to center of Bangkok take almost an hour

All taxis are metered, once you get-in you will see the meter stand on (35 baht) and each kilometer the running meter jump to (2 baht). Our destination is in Khao San Road the total amount we pay for taxi is (450 baht) about 11 euro

We arrive in Bangkok in the afternoon we know is a rush hour, the driver asked if we'd like to take TOLL and we said okay. You have to pay extra for the toll of (50 baht) (1 euro) you can choose either you pay yourself in cash or the driver. Be sure you have "Thai Baht" with you and in small bill, change at the airport before taking taxi. If the driver will pay this, will be additional to the amount of what in taxi meter stated. Very important note...." prepared to have in Baht currency for taxi" change or withdraw cash at the airport

shavy's Profile Photo
Apr 24, 2016

Taxi from airport

I would also say take a cab. Instead of getting one from outside arrival, go up to departure instead. It's slightly cheaper..I stayed at Fraser Suites Sukhumvit when I was in bangkok.

If I remember correctly, the fare from the airport to Sukhumvit was less than 500 baht. Just make sure that the driver turns on the meter, that way he doesn't just quote you any price. Happy travels!

Jun 10, 2012

Taxi from airport

Look for the public taxis outside the airport; there is a 50 baht surcharge, then we paid an additional 270 which was around $10 to take us directly to Khao San Rd. I think it would also depend on what time you arrive, we arrived at midnight so there probably wouldn't be much other public transportation anyway.

Winkie's Profile Photo
Mar 27, 2011
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Hotels Near Bangkok

2 Samsen Rd, Banglumphu, Pranakorn, Bangkok, 102000, Thailand
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267 Soi Sukhumvit 31, North Klongtan, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
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74 Sukhumvit Road, Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Nana Nua), Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
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981 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
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204 Ratchadapisek Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok, 10320, Thailand
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1627 / 2 Latkrabang Road, between Soi Latkrabang 11 and 13, Bangkok, 10520, Thailand
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If you don’t mind spending a little more money for transit into Bangkok from the airport and depending on the time of day you will go into town from Suvarnabhumi Airport this might prove to be a decent way to spend a few extra Baht.

I found and used a METERED taxi on the GROUND LEVEL from Door 8. The doors are numbered and you will easily find the line for taxis, access is controlled and assigned in a pretty organized fashion. Go down a level from the main Arrivals level and you’ll find the taxis. I was staying in the Banglamphoo area and I think I paid about the equivalent of about $ 20.00 including the tolls used for the freeway. Given the distance involved I thought it was a pretty reasonable cost.

The LITTLE catch with using this mode of transit is that to save money in transit time its BEST for the driver to use the TOLL freeway and you must pay for the TOLL in addition to the taxi fare, however in the long run it’s still faster than using the buses that are available.

If I was arriving mid day during the week I would consider other cheaper options to get into the city because of traffic congestion but during off hours this proved to be a fast and efficient way to get to my accommodation. Nowadays the airport is served by a sky train to move you to the downtown area of Bangkok so the train might be a better option for you although I like the idea of hopping into a taxi.

If you use the taxis on the MAIN floor Arrivals level you can negotiate a fixed rate but it will not be metered and it’s MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE so BEWARE of this….CHEAPER and METERED taxis are to be found on the ground floor level below ARRIVALS…take the elevator or escalator down and walk to door 8.

Greggor58's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2011

Any Airport Taxi

Never, ever take anything but a metered taxi available outside the airport. Those inside will cost you dearly and you'll probably end up somewhere other than planned as you will be convinced that your hotel is booked solid, or has even reciently burned to the ground. A big problem here, believe me as I see it every time I'm ion the airports and constantly warn the unknowing first time tourists. Get in the que outside tell them where you want to go and they will assign you a taxi. If you take the highway you will be expected to pay the tolls. Depending on where in the city your going, typically 2 tolls, less that 100 baht combined and expect your fare to be 200 or so baht. Always take a metered taxi.
In the city they're everywhere with a lit light on the roof. Tell them where your going because many times they will refuse to take you if it will involve a lot of traffic congestion.
Take care

imd8ta's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2010

Airport to Airport

Hi Jan, very easily. Should only take you about 20-30 by taxi, at most. I don't know what bus takes you there but you will have plenty of time to spare either way. On a saturday and 9am there will be no traffic that will delay you. Shouldn't be more than a couple hundred baht but make sure that you have the driver run the meter, or grab another taxi.
Not sure where you are talking about for hotels when you say, "centrally located?" in Bangkok downtown or by the airport? There are literally hundreds of web sites to check hotels by locations and rates. Try and they have a lot of great information as well, great web site.
Good luck and have fun

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Nov 24, 2009

Taxi to the Airport

The 1st time I took a Taxi to the Airport from my Hotel near Phra Arthit wharf, I was told a set fare of 400tb.
The second time, I asked for the Meter to run. I was travelling from MBK. What I didn't realize until too late, was that he wouldn't use the expressway, took the side roads and we were in bad traffic jams. The Expressway was often alongside, and I could see the traffic zooming along while we were at a standstill. Through this, I only just made it in time for my flight.
If you are going to use the meter, THEN CHECK FIRST IF THEY ARE GOING BY EXPRESSWAY OR BACKROADS, it makes a lot of difference to the time it takes to get there.

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Jun 29, 2009


"Bangkok, Krung Thep - The best of"
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"tHe Bangkok in my mind.."
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"Heightened Senses X 2"
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"Bangkok - Which Means "Straw Hat!""
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At the Airport

Once you arrive at the airport, the best way to get to Bangkok is via meter taxi. Now, there are two ways you can catch a taxi. The tourist way is to exit the building at the arrivals hall at gate 3 and go to the meter taxi counter to take a taxi. Try very hard to ignore the official and unofficial touts in the arrivals hall. Make sure that the taximan turns on the meter. A B50 surcharge applies on top of the meter fare and tollway charges if used.
The second method whereby most if not all Thais use is to go up to the arrivals hall and take a taxi where a departing passenger has got off. That way, you avoid paying the B50 surcharge.
The airport train is about to be ready as I am typing this but still, I would prefer the more personal and direct door to door meter taxi.

When departing Thailand, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to go through immigration as it can take forever processing a passenger, not forgetting it is a huge airport too.

aberacadabra's Profile Photo
May 04, 2009

From the new airport to bangkok

from the airport, there is a metered taxi queue on the left side after you come out of customs. It may be long, but it's pretty fast. you tell the person at the counter where you are headed and he'll tell the cab driver.

beware: there is a toll charge along the way, but make sure that you pay at the toll instead of the driver, coz some drivers pay first and then charge you a much higher rate. That's what happened when the 6 of us took 2 cabs, and the other group was asked to pay the total fare at the end, while our cabby asked us to pay at the toll booth (25baht) and our cab fares differed by 70 baht, even after including the toll charges.

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Jan 23, 2009

Taxi to town area

We caught a taxi at the departure hall instead of the arrival hall. We negotiated the price with the taxi driver and quickly hoped into the taxi. The taxi is not supposed to pick up any passengers at the departure hall but a lot of taxi drivers are doing that.

Initially we asked for 250 baht and the taxi driver told us we need to pay toll. We asked what is the best price inclusive of toll and settled for 300 bhat. Later we found that there is no toll on the way to the hotel.

loowl's Profile Photo
Jan 01, 2009

Tarnsportation from airport to Sukhumvit Rd

The easiest and fastest way is by taxi. As you exit the airport you will see taxi stands just before you hit the road. Grab ticket, attendants will approach you usually, and wait for your taxi. It's about 500 baht or less from airport to downtown Sukhumvit Rd. You will have to pay for the toll road, minimal. Yeah it's more than taking the bus or MRT but so much faster and convenient, not to mention the taxi will take you right to your hotel. Bus or MRT you'll end up taking a taxi anyway once you get into town, and you'll have to drag your luggage around.

bulldogtwo's Profile Photo
Dec 29, 2008

Things to Do Near Bangkok

Things to Do

Mahakan Fort

after the sack of ayuthaya and the fall of the ayuthaya empire to the burmese in the 17th century. the present Chakri Dynasty became the leader of thailand and to defend the new capital of bangkok...
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Calypso Cabaret

Live cabaret, theater and ladyboy show twice a night at The Asia Hotel in Bangkok. Featuring beautiful Thai dancers and stunning, stage designs that create scenes from around the world. It is a...
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Democracy Monument

Monument commemorating the student protest that led to the establishment of Democracy in Thailand. Today the monument would be somewhat ironic given the military coops that have marked the divisive...
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Siam Square

Herbal fluffy rice flour cake of Baan Morakot, OTOP from Sakaew Province looks colorful and delicious. The ingredients are all natural and it tastes fantastic. You can purchase this product at “OTOP...
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Patong Horror Show

They have turned a big house into a horror show and my girlfriend likes horror movies so we decided to go and take a look. And it turned out to be a great success (at least for my girlfriend :-) We...
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Siam Ocean World

Ocean World Siam Ocean world a wonderfull world in the centre of Bangkok. Admission fee: 650 Baht with cinema 4D. Information Name: Siam Ocean World Theme: Sharks, Fish, 4d cinema Location:...
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