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Half-Day Nong Nooch Village from Pattaya
"One of Thailand’s perhaps one of the world’s most extensive gardens can be found within a short drive from your Pattaya hotel/resort.Around 600 acres of plants flowers (such as a variety of orchids) and trees are collected and displayed here for a visit some species unique and only to be found in here in Thailand. In addition the Village has a miniature open zoo and aviary where guests can see a funny elephant show featuring the magnificent symbols of Siam performing various tricks including bike-riding playing football and a lot more.The Nong Nooch Village presents a Cultural Extravaganza four times a day (approximately 1 hour) where you can witness the pomp and splendor of Thai tradition and ceremonies
From THB975.00
Nong Nooch Village Half-Day Tour from Pattaya
You'll be picked up from your Pattaya hotel by air-conditioned vehicle and visit the beautiful village of Nong Nooch. The 4-hour tour highlight includes a visit to the stunning Nong Nooch gardens and a range of cultural show performances including an elep""Nong Nooch is renowned for it's beautiful tropical gardens and cultural shows including the popular elephant show. You'll have a choice of a morning or afternoon departure to enjoy Nong Nooch village.title=HL&1=Half-day+tour+to+Nong+Nooch+Tropical+Garden&2=Tour+the+extensive+botanical+and+themed+gardens+with+a+guide&3=See+a+1-hour+cultural+performance+of+Thai+traditional+dancing+and+sword+fighting&4=Watch+Asian+elephants+perform+tricks+at+the+elephant"""Pattaya Thailand"
From THB960.00
Full-Day Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Tour in Pattaya
"Your day will begin with a pickup from your hotel at 8:30am. From here you will travel approximately 1-hour to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.The biggest attraction and the reason Nong Nooch exists is its amazing garden landscapes. You will forget that you’re in tropical Thailand and relish in the breathtaking landscape you will have the chance to see traditional Thai cultural shows. Witness the famous performance of Thai history and culture with re-enactments of historical events the kingdoms of past kings and invading battles of other nations. Muay Thai and more!See an Intelligent Elephant Show. Along with the Thai cultural show spend your hour viewing possibly the greatest display of elephant and trainer cooperation in the world.Enjoy lunch before proceeding to see the Performance Car Collection Creative Landscape art and sculpture displays or Animal Attractions (Mini Zoo
From $38.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Ko Samet

Jelly fish bites !!

During monsoons, jelly fish are abundant and come to the fore. They bite and it can cause a lot of pain and needs to be medically treated. So be careful while swimming in the sea especially during the...
vpas's Profile Photo
Sep 28, 2014

Island Ferry - a dangerous crossing

The boats going the few miles across to Ko Samet are not in the best condition. The boat I was on had extensive stress cracking in the overhead beams. On the way over to Kao Samed, the wind was...
gaolei's Profile Photo
Feb 10, 2007

The roads are terrible

It is best when you go to Ko Samet to just find a great beach and stay there because travelling around on the roads is very dangerous.The dirt bike I rented was not in great condition to begin with...
austarman's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2007

Keep your room receipts

Most resorts insist that you pay for your room on a daily basis and will issue a receipt for each payment. I learnt how important it was to keep these little bits of paper, when one of the staff...
Dec 06, 2005


Tons of dogs, where they come from i dont know. are they someones pets im sure some are. But some they jsut wander. I saw quite a few people playing and petting them but you wont catch me anywhere...
cwhit21's Profile Photo
Nov 15, 2005

Stray Dogs

All over the island are stray dogs. I havent heard of anyone getting bit, all they want is food, so when you are sitting at a restaurant or a bar dogs will come up to you and lay around you, most...
Sobe-A-Rush's Profile Photo
Sep 18, 2005
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Touts on the pier in Baan Phe

The only nuisance with Ko Samet is the pier on the mainland. The touts are especially aggressive there, and they constantly lie at tourists: they lead them to a boat (to make a small commission),...
swissrain's Profile Photo
May 30, 2005

Fish that tickle and sting a little bit???

We swam in the sea at Ao Prao beach and we constantly felt a small sting or bite.We didn't know what it was, but we both felt it. It doesn't hurt, but it was strange and a little bit annoying.....No...
karin_kamphuis's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2005

Annoying stray dogs.....

The stray dogs are everywhere an while most are harmless and just laze around the lace all day I have to mention that one evening I was chased by at least 4 of them as I was walking down a back road...
Nov 22, 2004

Bad roads!

Once you are in the Park there are no paved roads almost. All you got are gravel and mud "roads" where two cars can't meet. When we went by motorcycle on the island we had to stop all the time and I...
Rojo72's Profile Photo
May 23, 2004

"sand flies"

just a warning: there are very tiny insects here which my friend named "sand flies" (I'm not sure it is correct name though). they bite quite painfully as strong as mosqiutos. the only difference is -...
atri's Profile Photo
Apr 22, 2003

Huge Mosquitoes!

Make sure you have some good repellent as the mosquito on Samet here are the biggest that I've seen in Thailand. Sleep under a Mosquito net.
YaaDong's Profile Photo
Jul 30, 2008


Ko Samet can get very crowded during Thai holidays and on weekends. So if you are planning to visit the island then, do book accommodation in advance! Note that prices then also rise about 50%!
bijo69's Profile Photo
Sep 05, 2006

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76 Moo 4, Tumbol Phe, Amphur Muang, Rayong, 21160, Thailand
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Moo4, Tumbol Phe, Amphure Mueng 60, Rayong, 21160, Thailand
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22/2 Moo 4, Ban Phe, 21160, Thailand
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Top Things to Do in Ko Samet

Things to Do

Lung Dum

The islands of Thailand it is the certain independent worlds which often are more similar to the fairy tale, than to a...
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