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Elephant Ride Tips (59)

Elephant Performance

It's show business... but it's good. The performance at the training center (I don't know if it exists more than one) shows hard work and professionalism with the elephants.

The show pleases adults and children.

The final ride, though short and following a very beaten path, demonstrates well how securely the elephants deal with mud, even in steep slopes and narrow paths, and uses well the river to compose the landscape of the jungle.

solopes's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2016

Elephant Walk

Some people limit themselves just to watch the performance of the trained elephants.

I think it's wrong.

This ride was different of all the other that I made with animals, due to a well chosen trail, allowing us to understand how does the animal deal with slopes, mud, and all the obstacles that start worrying us about safety, and finally make us trust and admire the elephant and his permanent stability.

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Sep 11, 2014

Elephant Riding / Trekking Points to consider

I had a great time riding Natalie in Thailand, near the Big Buddha, and wrote about my experience here:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the comments before YOU consider it though. I was naive and would not do it now if I knew what I now know

Mar 15, 2012

Worlds Youngest Mahout

Its so fascinating to see a toddler in awe of the massive, sweet natured, Asian elephants that we encountered at the elephant trekking camp. The elephants were once used to clear fallen trees from jungle paths and other laborous tasks, but since modern machnery took over that job the "working elephants" now ferry tourists along jungle paths. Known as "Chang" in Thai the elephants we rode were very good natured and handled with care. Our Mahout (elephant driver) was very kind to our son and held him on his lap as he negotiated the narrow paths from on top of the elephants head. I couldn't tell if my son knew what the heck was going on but he sure seemed impressed with the massive Chang.

BorderHopper's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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An Elephant Fast Food Drive Thru

Since Elephant trekking is set up for tourists they've got a system to get a little more money out of you along the way. It's not really a bad thing but how can you say "No" to a lady trying to sell you bananas to feed your elephant? Several times along the path we were stopped to buy some sort of food for our "Chang" and of course we did. I guess its their own version of an elephant fast food drive-thru!

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Apr 04, 2011

Elephant ride Chiang Mai

We spent one month in Thailand. One of the highlights was our elephant ride and show. The ride is a full one hour through the jungle. After the ride they bathe the elephants in the river prior to putting on a great show. A 14 year old female elephant , SADA, painted a picture of an elephant holding ballons, she also signed her name. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. If you visit Chiang Mai, don't miss this.

Mar 08, 2011

Maesa Elephant Camp

This is a must visit when you come to Chiang Mai.
Not only watch the elephants show, but you can touch, feed, ride, even bath them...!!!

Really excited to see the elephant work, dance, play, and paint.
Entrance fee for the park is 100 or 200 bath (I forgot, sorry).
Riding an elephant for 5 min is 30 bath, for 30 min is 100 bath.
Feeding the elephant (depend on the food) usually 20 bath.

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Aug 12, 2008

Jungle Trek(#4) - Elephant Ride

Elephant rides and elephant shows are both quite popular in Chiang Mai. I only experienced an hour long elephant ride, I enjoyed it, but one hour was enough. Atop of this huge animals is perched a seat, on which you must cling to it's handles as the elephant cruises down hills, across rivers and through vegetation. You sway with each step. A mahoot sits on the head of the elephant to steer it's path. I thought the ride was a blast and was glad it was included.
Some may question if the elephants are treated well and if this is an animal rights violation. Locals claim that before elephants became a tourist industry per se, their populations were in decline, because they were more valuable dead, as they could sell their tusks and etc. Now that the elephants make profit it encourages their numbers to increase. At the mahoot village and during the ride I did not notice any cruelty, although at the village the elephants have a chain around a foot with some length so they can roam, but as to prevent them from getting lost. I did see, rather hear, in Ayuthaya, one mahoot trying to 'train' a young elephant and I heard the roar of the elephant from many yards away.
Elephants are an important part of the cultures life, they are valuable to assist with heavy labor. I would recommend the elephant ride, it was really fun

**After this, you may interested to know there is a factory in Chiang Mai that produces paper products purely from cow dung. You can go and learn about how it is processed and see the store, were you can buy your mother-in-laws next birthday card and gleefully explain to her that her card is a bunch of cow poop after she had been holding it.

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Jul 03, 2008

Top 5 Chiang Mai Writers

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"Chiang Mai Trip 2005: Wed 4th May - Sun 8th May"
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"Jungle Trek and Elephant Ride in Chiang Mai"
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Help &Love elephants, it's not just riding them..

This is not one of those "for tourists only" elephant riding tour packages in Chiang Mai. This is Elephant Conservation which run by a Thai woman who's doing all these because of her love to elephants. I saw her in documentary many times and really admire what she's doing. You can help by visiting, volunteering, buying lunch for elephants or even adopt an elephant.

Money goes as contribution to the survival of these highly endangered creatures. If you have some time and want to do something meaningful and 'not touristy', this could be your choice.

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Mar 12, 2008

Maesa Elephant Camp

Maesa Elephant Camp was Built up in 1976. ISO9001 school. Totally 75 elephants.
The most exciting thing is elephant ride. One ride 30min=500THB. The ride happened in jungle. The road was uneasy. Elehpants had to climb up hills through trees and sometimes through river. Elephant drivers were kind. They could help you to take pictures. After the round, elephant received strew and sticky rices as feedbacks. They enjoyed food very much. So lovely.

The other point is elephant Show at 8:00, 9:40, 13:30:
soccer play, music play, massage, drawing.
Elephants are color blind, but after training und hints they can draw flowers, trees and elephants. Each drawing costs from 1000THB.

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Feb 16, 2008

Maesa Elephant Camp

Maesa Elephant is ISO9001:2000 certified under services and entertainment. It opens daily from 7am till 2:30pm. A place not to be missed while you are in Chiang Mai.

Elephant Show Time:-
8am, 9:40am & 1:30pm

Elephant Show Programme:-
Welcome guests by elephant parade
Demostration of the various ways of getting on / down elephant
Musical talent show & dancing
Demonstration on how elephant sleeps
Elephant football league (soccer show)
Elephant artist show. The only place where elephants paint abstract & realistic style (must see)
Traditional Thai massage show
Elephant competition - sticks pick up game
Dart game show by elephant
Logging show & lumber work show

Note: Elephant bathing at the two bathing areas (at both sides of the bridge) before the elephant show at the show ground. Check out those elephant keepers standing by & holding a basket. They are actually catching elephant dung floating in the river. Really an amazing sight ! You can also feed them a comb of bananas. After that, walk straight and climb up the steps to the show ground and find yourself a nice spot to enjoy some elephant stunts.

The show is in overall far more superior than the elephant show in Bangkok Safari World. Elephants here are more well-trained and talented. Moreover, it's a real elephant camp or training school set in a natural forest ground and not in enclosure / zoo. If you have watched the elephant show / ride on a elephant here, you can give them a miss in your next trip to Bangkok Safari World. Trust me!

Elephant's paintings are up for sale at THB3,000. Wow... really a masterpiece that can fetch good price. Although the paints are mixed by the keeper, the elephant's strokes are so stable & delicate. Ellie, kudos!

Don't miss the once-in-a-lifetime experience of riding on an elephant and trekking into the jungle. You will be thrilled ! Grasp the handle bar firmly, it's like a roller coaster ride. 30 minutes of elephant ride costs THB400. Your photo with elephant dung paper photo frame selling for THB300.

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Dec 19, 2007

Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center

There are a lot of elephant camps around C.Mai. Along the way to Chiang Dao, there are about 5 camps existed: Measa, Mea Tang, Meataman, Mea Ping & Chiang Dao

We chose Chiang Dao becoz it was one of the oldest & located far away from the city. What matter most accoding to our tour guide was that this camp ain't so commercialize compared to others. So you can get closer to the nature.

Our elephant safari started from 9am with the elephants feeding, bath, show, riding, walk to 'Lisu village', and river rafting. During elephants feeding, you can buy banana or sugar cane to feed the elephants. After that the manhouts took the elephants to the river and showed us how they clean up their pet

Then we were brought to see the elephant show which i think not so good. The reason is that we didn't really know what were going on... no music, no narrator, nothing. We were required to guess what they were doing. Besides that, i think the show of 'elephant at work' hurts the elephants a lot when they were forced to lift up the tree trunks onto a stack pile, repeatedly shown 2-6 times a day.

After the show, we were brought to experience the elephant ride around the jungle. The ride was very fun but you might get bored because nothing much to see around. Here they didn't take their elephant across the river, only on dry land. If you wanted to experience a ride through the river, maybe you should go to other camp.

After an hour riding, we took a 45 min jungle trekking to 'Lisu Village'. I agree with other VT member that this village was a fake one. It was built for 1 reason: attract tourist & sell merchandises. All the tents here were selling merchandises and none of them looks like being built for living...

Finally, we were brought to the downstream of Mea Ping river thru another 45min bamboo rafting. The rafting was a gentle one, so we got to see the nature along the river & also the chance to control the raft using long bamboo stick.. It wasn't as easy as it seen, especially if you want to stop the raft with 4 ppl on it.

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Aug 29, 2007

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