Chiang Mai Tourist Traps

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  • Chiang Mai - Thailand
    Chiang Mai - Thailand
    by solopes
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    Masterpieces of the day
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    first you bath.....
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Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Chiang Mai

  • 1. Elephant camps

    We went on a tour to the temple and the driver very quietly offered his services to us as 'you only pay for the gasoline' He charged us 300 baht to go to visit the craft village. But we went to a Gem...

  • 2. Waterfalls

    One of Chiang Mai highlights in tourist brochures are the waterfalls. Well... I must confess that they are photogenic but very common (unless we were in the...

  • 3. Tour service at Central Duangtawan

    Impossible to recomend this operator. Our morning tour was cut short by the guide to take us to their special gemstone sales. We insisted on returning to the...

  • 4. Tourism Authority of Thailand

    If you think that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) can assist you in travel tips and direction, then you are wrong. When I step into their office, I...

  • 5. Getting to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

    Getting to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep might be a bit of a headache if you go it alone. There are songthaews, Thai buses, that leave from in front of Chiang Mai...

  • 6. going up?

    If you visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep don’t fooled into think you can only get to the temple by paying to ride the elevator. There are steps, guarded by dragons...

  • 7. Long Neck Village

    We signed up for the excursion to the long-neck village, wanting to get a glimpse of life of this tribe famous for their long-necked women. However, the village...

  • 8. Elephant Trek - Elephant Misery

    Dare I include this in my Tourist Trap List?...why not! Though Elephant Trek is one of my most memorable...once in a lifetime travel experiences...I might not...

  • 9. Paying full price

    Paying what they say to start with is never a good idea unless you have money to blow, everything is jacked up in price. So barter barter barter. Walking away...

  • 10. Paduang "Long Neck" Karen

    There are certain places I recommend not to visit. The main one being to see the Paduang Long Neck Karen. This is one of the worst forms of tourism in Thailand....

  • 11. hotel reservations

    the airport. when you arrive at the airport, you will see booths with binders of photos of this place and that, and they will try to arrange a reservation for...

  • 12. 24k Gold Plated Orchids

    The Mae Rim Orchid & Butterfly Farm is really nothing more than another souvenir stall shop. Both the orchid and butterfly farms are really small and lack...

  • 13. Kashmir Handicrafts

    When my private tour guide suggested to take my buddy and I to an "interesting" handicraft store near Mae Sa Snake Farm, I was somewhat irriated when it turned...

  • 14. Hill Tribes Sales People During Bamboo Rafting

    If you are going on a bamboo raft ride, do note that you may be blocked by a bunch of hill tribe sales peple selling who looks like "factory made" hill tribe...

  • 15. The Human Zoo

    When I heard that we would be going to a Karen village with these so called "long neck" women I was very interested in the prospects for such a trip. I've seen...

  • 16. Tuk tuk drivers

    Every single tuk tuk driver will try to get you to go to the tourist trap places where they make the local handicrafts. They will say, wood carving, or umbrella...

  • 17. Last day of SALE

    Man comes up to you, professional looking, asks you where you from etc pleasantries etc, seems friendly. Then says he says it is his last day in Chiang Mai, he...

  • 18. Wat Chedi Luang not the best temple to visit

    Chiang Mai is full of temples and it's way too much to visit them all. Most temples look similar from the outside, it's the inside that makes the difference....

  • 19. Yeah, it's a trap but it's fun!

    Visiting the factories of Chiang Mai is both a "must see" activity AND a "tourist trap" all wrapped into one.You can learn some very interesting things about...

  • 20. Wear helmuts!

    Most tourist think that becos its Thailand...anything is possible! True enough...well, only if u are nice enough as well. If you are renting a motorcycle...

  • 21. Bamboo rafting

    OK in all honesty I include bamboo rafting under tourist traps. I have done this once before in Northern Chiang Mai province and I wasn't that impressed. There...

  • 22. Getting ripped off at Wat PhraThat Doi Suthep

    There are many venders at the Wat PhraThat Doi Suthep and they will over charge you by a lot. You can buy the same stuff at the Night Bazaar and or Day Market....

  • 23. Doi Suthep

    From this ancient Buddhist Wat at 1000 meters above the city, you can look over the entire Chiang Mai valley on a clear day.About 16km west of the city. You can...

  • 24. Butterfly Farm and Orchid Farm

    Somewhat north of Chiang Mai there's a Butterfly Farm and Orchid Farm (Mae Sa Farm). Forget about the butterflies: when I saw that the gift shop was selling...

  • 25. Orange farm

    Fang district is well known for growing orange. Drop at farm, pick fresh orange and buy at farm, you will get good taste and goof feeling, all gardener all...

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