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  • Mom on her rickshaw
    Mom on her rickshaw
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    Enjoying a drink with my mom
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Phitsanulok Things to Do

  • Body Massage

    As I was walking back to the hotel along the river from the Wat Yai temple, I went by a series of massage chairs laid out along the side of the road beside some fountains. A body or foot massage costs from 100 baht an hour.

  • Wat Ratchaburana

    This temple complex lies across the busy main road from Wat Yai and is well known for its 600 year old brick chedi that dates back to the time of King Trailokanat (r. 1448-1488). The chedi is said to enshrine relics of the Buddha. However, there is no access to the chedi's spire. In 1463, King Trailokanat of Ayutthaya moved the capital of his...

  • Wat Nang Phaya

    Wat Nang Phaya is located on the eastern bank of the Nan River, opposite Wat Yai. It is said to have been built when Phitsanulok was ruled by King Trailokanat (1448-1488). It has no temple, but it is known for its Phrara Nang Phya, which are votive tablets found within the pagoda's repository.

  • Wat Yai

    Phitsanulok's main tourist attraction is Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, known locally simply as Wat Yai (the big temple). This famous temple, built in 1357, is home to the Phra Buddha Chinnarat, which is one of the most revered Buddha figures in Thailand, and the official symbol of the entire Phitsanulok Province (an exact replica exists in the...

  • Buddha Casting Foundry

    Located opposite the Folk Museum, this interesting foundry specialises in casting bronze Buddha images and is the only establishment of this kind in the province. Craftsperson’s specialise in the reproduction of the Phra Buddha Chinnarat Buddha image that you can find, for real at Wat Yai. I was shown around the foundry and workshop by a woman who...

  • Folk Museum

    This Folklore Museum hosts a collection of folk arts collected by Sergeant-Major Dr. Thawee Buranakhet and includes crafts, basketry, pottery and ancient kitchen utensils. The museum also houses a collection of traps for catching snakes, birds, tigers and porcupines. You can see the traditional style of Thai houses with their interior, kitchen...

  • Wat Ratchaburana

    The most special thing about this temple s that it has a gold corn cob shaped prang(?) or chedi(?). Most that i've seen throughout Thailand so far are concrete or other material but this really stands out. It glitters for miles around, especially when you consider that nearby are all low rise buildings. Also, the gold Buddha image within the temple...

  • Rickshaw for sightseeing around the...

    One vehicle which very old style but attractive and non pollution. If you ‘d like to sight seeing around by no walking and not so rush, rickshaw or Sam Raw (three wheel bicycle) is a good choice. For price ,it’s around 50-150 B/trip , depends on the distance. The route always pass train station, clock tower,river bank ,Rajaburana temple and...

  • Floating house

    It’s one of the Phitsanuloke symbol. There’re no evidence of floating settlement in this area. Some siad they came by their career as floating merchant,when the commercial on river was became less important, they began to settle the floating community in this area. Originally, it was a big community with 300 floating houses,but from the government...

  • Rajaburana temple

    Built in Sukhothai period like Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat temple. And when Ayudhaya period,King Borom Trilokkanath came for renovation and gave its name.Things to see :+Chedi , a white bell shape chedi on high base. Some scholars said this chedi contains the relic of King Borom Tri Lokkanath.+Viharn, next to chedi . Inside there’re mural paintings...

  • Wat Chulamanee

    An old temple where was so important in Ayudhaya Kingdom. From the history,King Borom Trilokanath was once took his monk life there. The oldest building is Prang ,where assumed to be built in Lopburi period. When Ayudhaya period,this temple was renovated by king, also they built others buildings such as mondapa housed buddha?s footprint and...

  • Chedi Yod Thong temple

    Formerly an old temple in the same age as Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat temple or built in Sukhothai period. It 's just only one temple in Phitsanuloke where still have a lotus bud chedi. If you go by bus, take a bus no. 8 ,when it turn to Phya Seu Rd. or when it passed the railway ,notice for the right. It located on Soi 4 and you must walk about 200...

  • Phra Attarot behide the complex of...

    Originally , it was a location of big viharn housed Phra Attarot .Nowaday , it just remains a big buddha image in standing position and some columns . This viharn assumed to be built in Sukhothai period ,same as the front viharn named viharn Phra Buddha Chinnarat. The big building with the standing buddha image was so poppular in Sukhothai period,...

  • National Museum Phitsanuloke

    Open 9.00-16.00 Wed-SunAdmission : free of chargeInside represented artifacts and stuffs which found from excavation inside this temple and some dedicated from local people,such as votives ,amulets, buddha imaes, monks stuffs,ý.. At the bottom of building housed a big buddha named ý Phra Buddha Chinnasihý with the same style and date (Sukhothai) as...

  • Sri Sukata temple

    Thereýre some ruins buildings which the principal chedi decorated with buddha images stucco in walking position at the base(just remains 2 stuccos). The style of these stucco same as stucco images surrounded the base of Mahathat chedi in Sukhothai . When I visited all building covered with tree ,though it located in government office but seems...


Phitsanulok Hotels

Phitsanulok Restaurants

  • At my hotel

    You'll find this place at the Lithai Guest House, which is where I stayed (see my accommodation tip). It was a very useful place to have, close at hand and I ate here the evening I stayed in Phitsanulok. I had a steak that was a little on the thin side with chips (fries) and vegetables but it was OK. Steaks costs between 70-100 baht plus they do...

  • "Chinatown" Food

    The food is special only in it's simplicity. Usually pork is fried with noodles, or rice or vermicelli. Yup, one full meal on ONE plate; consisting of meat, vegetables, and rice. And because of it's location (near our hotel), it was where we dined for 3 consecutive nights. Fried rice (comes with pork), noodle soup (also with pork) and vermicelli...

  • Noodle shop in sitting and hanging leg...

    Know as Guay Teaw Hoy Kha, a local style noodle shop . Not just a sitting position style but some ingredients in noodle are different from normal noodle shop. Try it!!The best one I ýve tried located near the river. From Mahathat temple ,just walk to the North along the river about 500 metres. Thereýll be a very local noodle shop in wooden house...

  • I found this restuarant 's so poppular...

    I found this restuarant by chance of hungry.hehe At first time, I doubted why this restuarant 's so crowded. Just one try , I think this very local resto and very local food as Khao Kaeng (in Thai) or rice and curry offered a very delicious food. I can recommend this resto as the best Khao Kaeng shop in this city and I found locals also think the...

  • Try local food

    A big stalls center in this city. Both food and stuffs sell there along the bank of Nan river. I found this place 's so vary in kinds and styles. Don't miss to try a local food there. : )) Phad Thai,local ice cream,.......

  • Don't miss these flying vegetables

    This is really something unique, here vegetables are really flying through the sky. These vegetables are traditionally prepared in a Wok, once these vegetables are ready the cook throws them to a waiter who is standing a few meters away on a kind of platform. And this waiter has to catch these flying vegetables on a plate, and then they can be...


Phitsanulok Nightlife

  • Not much else to do

    Each night, vendors in Phitsanulok gather to form Phitsanulok's night market which is located along the river near the clock tower. Items sold include clothing and it's pretty good to stroll around in the evening as there's not much else to do. There are all several food stalls towards the markets southern end.

  • The place for bicycle lover joining

    Every Saturday night , around the clock tower at 7.30PM-10.00 PM., old bicycle lover (also together with their old bike) always have a big meeting there . so it ýs a great chance to see old bicycles which ýd be in collection only. Some ýre redecorrated and some ýre for sale.

  • Phitsanulok Hotels

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Phitsanulok Transportation

  • Bus station

    The main bus station is rather inconveniently located about 2.5km east of the train station but, luckily, someone took me there in their car as she was heading that way. Extensive bus services connect Phitsanulok with Chiang Mai and Bangkok. As Phitsanulok is a major transportation hub, there are also regular services to the North-East. Phitsanulok...

  • BKK-Phitsanulok by train

    If you choose train for transport to Phitsanulok,you can catch so many trians which run to North area like Chiangmai ,Sukhothai or Denchai. All kinds of trains 're available and the departure times 're all the day. The trip 'll take about 5 and a half hours to 7 hours which depends on a kind of train. Booking 's the must ,esp. on nation holiday.

  • Local Bus

    Phitsanuloke transportation 's very good service with 13 bus route around the city.And there 're 2 bus stands where the bus begin. 1. at the bus stop near train station. the bus terminal outside the city. It 's so easy to move around by no hiring tuk tuk ,though sometimes you must wait for a long.........time.


Phitsanulok Shopping

  • pattayaraj's Profile Photo

    Banana product: local product

    by pattayaraj Written Feb 15, 2004

    Phitsanuloke ýs the famous place for banana product ,esp. in dried& sweet bananas (Kluay Taak). The best place for shopping banana products is market at the front of Mahathat temple. The price are about 20 B/half kg. & 35 B/1 kg.

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Phitsanulok Off The Beaten Path

  • Stations between Lopburi and Phitsanulok

    I took the train from Lopburi to Phitsanulok and these are some photo's of some of the lovely little stations we passed through. The stations are very cute with wooden buildings and lovely potted plants and basket flowers. They're very well kept, clean and tidy so Thai's must appreciate them more than we do ours!

  • Wat Chulamani

    The temple grounds was where the old Phitsanulok town once stood. This Khmer-style prang, or pagoda, is also the oldest temple in town and where King Boromtrailokanat and some 2,000 of his followers were ordained as a monk in 1416.We enquired about the tranport to get here from some motorcycle tuk-tuk drivers from Top Plaza, and were quoted 200...

  • Wat Rajkhriri Hiranyaram & Doi Suthep -...

    A local tourist police at Wat Rajaburana recommended us here. He didn't tell us quite what to expect so imagine our delight when our hired tuk-tuk driver took us up a winding, steep slope!We asked around for prices for a to-&-fro trip for this out of town journey at the bus terminal. Unfortunately, there weren't any buses that plies that route. So...


Phitsanulok General

  • Map of Phitsanulok

    Well, i thought if you were really interested in visiting Phitsanulok, and if you a map of it, it could help you save a tidy sum if you knew where places to visit were located.So, here it is! Feel free to print it out and use it as your guide. Just be warned that this was complimentary from our hotel, so the single most prominent thin you can see...

  • Traveling with pets

    When I moved to Phitsanulok, I took my two cats. The La Paloma hotel was happy to have the two cats as guests, and even put a quart of milk into my welcome basket. When I had to be gone overnight, one of the employees went to the room and gave the cats food and water.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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