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Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo Tips (12)

Go in the cage with the tiger!

Watch local marinelife without getting wet. Many species are shown here including sharks. We laught a lot because near the shark bassin the made a sign: don't put your hands in the water.

They have got panters, tigers and other animals including an amazing collection of birds. Beautifull...

You can even take a picture of yourself with one of the tigers. To take the picture costs 100 baht with your own camera and 250 baht with their polaroid. A unique experience. You are actually in the cage sitting next to the tiger and you can touch it. I will put my picture together with the tiger here later.

I can recommand everyone to visit the show. It's worth it!

Adult: 250 Baht
Child: 150 Baht

AMOQUE's Profile Photo
Jul 07, 2004


Located in Huan Tharon Samui aquarium is a good place to see with a big number of tropical fish,sharks,turtles from the golf of Thailand opened from 9:00 am- 18:00 There are also some birds and tiger on your way out

STRATOS79's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2007

With the tiger in a cage...

...sounds unbelievable doesn''t it? But it really is possible to step in a tiger''s cage. I tries it. I was really frightened, but it was so cool.

The caretaker of the tiger first went in the cage with a bottle of milk. Then I went in. I had to sit behind the tiger and stroke him with my hand. He felt not very soft, his hairs were very rough and he was very warm.

For the picture the caretaker put away the bottle of milk, for just a few secs.

sandravdp's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2004

Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo

Take a picture of you with a Bengal tiger. You can either take the picture by yourself or ask the staff to take a picture. It will cost more if the staff takes a picture.

There's no admission fee to just look at the tiger.

Pomska's Profile Photo
Aug 09, 2005
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Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

This place is best visited by hiring a scooter or car and travelling there car about 20 minutes from Lamai a further 10 minutes from Chaweng. It is located just off the southern loop road on Koh Samui.
The Aquarium is small but interesting, there is a good bird and tiger show and you can have your photo taken with a tiger for 500tb. The enterance fee is minimal. The show is on 2 or 3 times a day.

JohnandSuzie's Profile Photo
Sep 25, 2007

Picture with tiger

Well worth visiting the Aquarium and tigers. Even though the tigers that you see are kept in cages for the tourists to view them, they do have a better area in which to sleep and live in.
Ive never been that close to a tiger before , the zoo's in Australia have big fences up around the enclosures. There are cages outside with monkeys and birds and otters in them, feel sorry for their living quarters although Ive seen worse in Malaysia.
600 bt for a photo with the bengal tiger and they laminate it for you and its a big photo, worth it !!

ASTRAMISH's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2008

Tiger Zoo and Aquarium

This place is much more than just a Tiger show,it's a bird show,aquarium,resort,beach and a fun way to spend a few hours while in Samui.
There is a great resort here called the Samui Orchid resort with pools and a nice beach.
There is also a very large and interesting aquarium where you can go down under the water level and look at all the fish close up.
They will even allow you to feed the Turtles if you want.
The Tiger show itself is about 1pm each day and quite good but not very long, although the bird show that preceeds it is very well done and a lot of fun.
The audience and in particular children are urged to participate in the bird show.
All up it is well worth the money and time for a great day out.

austarman's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2007


This has to be the most depressing sight on the whole of Samui.

Bengal Tigers are beautiful animals that deserve a decent life and should not be locked up in cramped concrete cages for the benefit of tourists.

Are people really that stupid to have their photograph taken with such exotic creatures?

I believed that the majority of 'zoos' for the 'delight & pleasure' of tourists was well left behind in the 20th century - I was wrong.

The place should be shut down, and the tigers sent to a proper sanctuary.

I hope that those who have had their photograph taken, make a large donation to a Tiger charity as some kind of atonement for their actions.

Apr 03, 2006

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My partner and I visited the Samui Aquarium & Tiger Park recently and ended up leaving in disgust.
The tiger cub that they use for photos was mangy, left with no water and was obviously starved. They would bring out a bottle of milk when someone wanted photos and the poor thing was so desperate for it that it didn't even notice the tourists posing for photos. They didn't even let him finish the bottle and struggled for a few minutes trying to get him off the bottle and back into the cage.
At the time we saw this we had only been through the Aquarium and had a look at the birds, Otters & Monkey's in the small cages on the lawn. The otters almost broke my heart. Locked up in a tiny bird cage with a bucket of water they screeched like cats until you pet them at which point they would calm down. That's no way for a wild animal to live, at least try and mimic their natural habitat.
They had a sign next to the terrified Leopard that said it was only there for us to view as we walked past and was then put back in his large enclosure. Not sure where this large enclosure was...there didn't seem to be much room for enclosures for all of these big cats and I can imagine that they were probably all concrete.
We didn't end up seeing anything else as we decided we did not want to support a place like that and left.

Jul 03, 2012

Bird Show

The zoo and aquarium is not bad for a small place like this. You get up close and personal with the tigers but a lil too smelly!! Place is kinda run down though

fluffyjo's Profile Photo
Oct 18, 2005


A large variety of fish I've never seen in France lol...Marvellous but strange also because lots of aquariums seem too small compared to the number and the size of fish...

alichenda's Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2006

Samui Aquarium and Zoo

It's a little pricey, 350 baht per adult but it was pretty worth it. We got to feed otters and turtles, take a tiger pic, and my friend got to hold an eagle.

wynlim's Profile Photo
Jul 23, 2005

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