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Clubs, bars, go go Tips (91)

Clubs, bars, go go: Bangla Road

Patong's nightlife spills out in all directions but its epicentre is Thanon Bang La (Bangla Road) and its four sois - Crocodile, Eric, Gonzo and Seadragon. Each one is packed with a frenetic mix of pubs, beer bars, and go-go bars. Soi Crocodile is also known as Soi Katoey, a reference to its many transsexuals which you'll see at the front who pose for photos by inquisitive and generally amazed foreign onlookers. There are also a couple of good nightclubs with dance floors plus some western pubs such as an Ozzie and Irish pub.

The street is closed off to traffic after 6pm which means you can wander around without fear of getting run over. But this also means that you'll be approached by street vendors and streetwalkers wielding a menagerie of miserable-looking creatures - endangered gibbons, exotic birds and large pythons - to extort money from tourists. The beer bars feature lots of girls who will grab you if you're under a certain age in order to get you into their establishment. Whilst in, you can buy a drink, play pool or play a bar game such as Connect 4 or that wooden puzzle game where you take the wooden pieces out one after another before someone collapses the whole thing down. To sum up, Patong's nightlife is Bangla Rd where, depending on your predilections, you'll either want to spend all of your time here or as little as possible.

Willettsworld's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2010

Clubs, bars, go go: Rock City

Rock City on the beach Rd has closed down. However their second venue is still open on Rat-u-Thit Rd, near top end of Bangla Rd.

If you want a night out with loud live bands, this is the place to be.

We never ventured inside Rock City at night, bit to noisy, but the place was always full no matter what time we walked past.

Meals are reasonably priced and huge, the full menu is on their website.

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Nov 15, 2009

Bars in general!: Bars in general!

I'm not going to go much into the nightlife of Phuket as there would just be to much to cover and its more fun to just go and try new places.

There are nightclubs, hundreds of little bars, Irish Pubs, English Pubs, Live Band Venues, Theatre restaurants, plus much more.

Some of these places above have already been covered in my Eating Out pages.

Some people hate Bangla Road and are very worried about the seedy side of things in Phuket.

You only see what you want to see, nothing is shoved in your face.
Sure, there are girls and some of our best nights out have been drinking and talking to the girls.

Bangla Rd is just like a big carnival zone, its lots of fun and everyone should go there at least once, its what you make it!!

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Feb 24, 2009

Clubs, bars, go go: Great Music @ Seduction

Had a Great Time at Seduction in January 2009.

They had a guest DJ Christian Erickson from Singapore/Los Angeles.AWESOME!

Excellent House Stuff & wished the nite never ended.

Good service & affordable beverages.


Dress Code Stylish..

Feb 01, 2009
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200 Moo 7 Chiangmai-Doi Saket RD., Cherng Doi, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, 50220, Thailand
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1 Soi Surin, Montri Rd, Phuket Town, , Phuket, 83000, Thailand
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Soi Bangla-open air bars & clubs: The Iconic Soi Bangla

Soi Bangla is always a hive of activity in the evenings & late into the night-this is when it is closed off to traffic. At the corner, you'll find Tai Pan, a night spot/disco, nearby, at an establishment on the first floor, you'll find a place to see live Thai-kick boxing. They usually advertise the day's matches using a lorry driving around the streets of Patong beach, which features a make-shift boxing rink, live kick boxers demonstrating their punches/(kicks?) and music blaring through a loud hailer.

On Soi Bangla, you'll find the famous Tiger Entertainment is where you'll find a soi (small street) filled with small bars and skimpily dressed women gyrating their hips on bar tops. Patrons will usually be seated on bar stools in order get a good view of legs ...and more. Besides young (and older) women, you'll also find katoeys (lady-boys) here, so if you're looking for a girl and not a lady boy, be a bit careful before you bring anyone 'home' with you. (Clue: the taller, prettier girls, with thin thighs who dress in outrageously skimpy sexy outfits, are usually not gals)

Upstairs at Tiger, amongst the concrete tigers and Flinstone (Yaba dabadoo) style cave, you'll find a disco which is popular with the younger set - the crowds only start from around midnight & goes on till 2 am - any earlier and you'll have the dance floor all to yourself!

The nearby Banana Disco on Thaweewong road has been around for years. It is always popular with Western tourist and locals from 10 pm till 1 am. Expect some working girls, but not so many that you can't have a good time. Expect to pay around 300 baht cover charge with 2 drinks included. The music can be great-depending on the DJ on for that night. During the early evening hours, there is a live band & large outdoor screen showing ESPN's football and tennis matches.

Final word on Soi Bangla: Even if you can't dance or don't drink, go there to gawk at people of all ages, in different shapes and sizes & make snide remarks about them to your travel companions.

Dress Code T-shirts and shorts or short army print skirts are the order of the day here.

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Jul 08, 2008

Clubs, bars, go go: Patong Beach at Night

Night time at Patong beach is more than alive. With streets full of tourists, touts and transvestytes, clubs with live music for all tastes and resteraunts offering local seafood or Pad Thai all taste can be satisfied. Go-Go dancing clubs featuring "lady boys" are popular here as well. You may see these individuals dancing around in costumes and encouraging you to take pictures with them, do this knowing they will expect money in return, and some will expect a lot, like 5$ that was demanded from me by one lady boy, (I refused) There is a muy thai boxing stadium in this area as well, and bouts are often advertised throughout the town. Clubs with live music are everywhere. I spent time in an Irish Pub that played Irish music (really good might I add) and more irish type drinks and food. I also went to a bar that played rock n roll called F.B.I. Thailand (Funnest Bar In Thailand). The first night I went was the first night in Patong, spirits were high and the music was absolutely incredible. I was so satisfied I vowed to myself that I would return the next night. Ironically enough when I returned the next night tired after a day of diving, the band was very average. So I guess my point is you will never know what you'll get ! They may rock your socks off one night and kinda suck the next. Either way you gotta try all the bars out to see which one really puts the wind in your sails.

If you order one round of drinks and then decide to sit at the table and enjoy music you may be irritated when the waitresses inform you that you must either order another round or leave, this will be the norm wherever bar you go to

May not be the best environment for kids. People are on the streets constantly harassing you to go to sex shows, suit tailors constantly offer you their thread, and the go go dancers are no well dressed.

Dress Code Casual Dress is acceptible

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Jul 06, 2008

Clubs, bars, go go: Patong

Within a few short blocks, close to the beach, you will find heaps of clubs, pubs and bars to suit every taste.

During one nigh of my stay an USN ship unburdened its cargo of eager sailors looking for some entertainment and every bar went out of its way to oblige.

The whole area was lit up like a Christmas tree and such was the drain on power that there was a blackout. Luckily my hotel had its own generator so I went back there for a few quiet beers.

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Jun 24, 2008

The Green Man: English Pub

A great English pub with huge servings of food and live music every night except Tuesdays and Thursdays. They have different drink specials depending on the day.

The Texas Megaburger needs to be seen to be believed, it's massive with two meat patties. I could only eat half of one. It is served with mushrooms, coleslaw, onion rings and chips as well! Our second visit had us try some other types of food and it was all pretty good. All the serves are huge!

The Thai rock band are great, even if they're not 100% sure of all the words. They really get the crowd participating and in a good mood.

There is so much going on at this pub every day and night of the week. There is a huge area for kids activities, quiz nights, roasts on Sundays etc. It really is well worth a visit.

Check the website for current details.

Dress Code Dress is casual. No requirements.

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May 27, 2008
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"Our Second Home - Phuket"
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"Phuket Introduction"
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"P H U K E T - Beautiful Sunset!"
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"Thailand, Phuket, and the classical beach holiday?"
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Clubs, bars, go go: Ping Pong Show

My wife and I had read susu77's tip about the "Bing Bong Show" in Patong. We had thought it was quite intriguing, but probably just something usual.

Last night on Bangla Road, this little guy came up to my wife and I and said "Do you want to see a Ping Pong show?" He had a big card with all sorts of things that would be featured there, with no cover charge, and he quite enthusiastically reviewed this with us. My new friend, the truth is you had us at "Ping."

We followed him past a bunch of bars, and were finally led into the place. It was fairly small, with a stage running the length of the room. We were sat at a table in front, and given the drink card. The cheapest drinks were 400 baht, which is about $13 USD! Must see the Ping Pong Show, so we got two beers. The waitress tried to get me to buy her a Heineken also, I declined. Change was brought, instead of two 100 baht bills, two 20 baht bills. Thanks, there's half your Heineken.

The establishment's patrons were entirely tourist couples. We seem to be the target audience.

The women in the center of the stage then blew out a candle through a big straw, and shot a blowgun trying to pop a balloon. But her aim was quite bad, so watch your eyes. You do know where that dart has been. This was of course followed by some solo ping-pong play. All the while more couples came and went, everybody sort of laughing or saying "Eww."

The lack of a cover charge is certainly compensated for by the drink prices. Definitely a tourist trap. You've got to go once, but you'll never go again.

Dress Code Can't be one.

Dec 29, 2007

Irish Bar: MMMM Strongbow....

The Irish Bar on Beach Road ( before Soi Bangla) is an oasis for me cos they sell Strongbow Cider and is also a great place to people watch.
They have the usual array of TV's to watch the regular sporting events on and the staff are just great, and greet the weary travellers with a lovely cold towel.
The Thai food available here is simply awesome, excellent value, I recommend the deep fried prawns, 250 Baht for a whole platefull!

Dress Code Come as you are!

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Oct 30, 2007

Clubs, bars, go go: STAR CLUB



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Oct 12, 2007

Clubs, bars, go go: ROCK CITY

Rock city is probably the best place for all the rock fans with live music from 11:00 and with 3 or 4 bands every night (Tribute bands Mettalica U2 OASIS BON JOVI and many more depending on the night)

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Sep 30, 2007

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