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Private Phuket Islands Tour: Hidden Treasures of Maphrao Bay
"The object of our daytrips is to move quietly through an area that enjoys a lifestyle unchanged in decades and longer while enjoying our very special pampering aboard the boat the “Pitta”. Thaphao IslandYour first stop after leaving Ao Chalong is Thaphao Island which is a nature lover’s paradise with beautiful forest walks where very old trees can be seen. For the fit some of the paths can be quite steep but if you prefer a more leisurely stroll you can always take a walk along the flats. Perhaps you will see Hornbill birds and many other species that can be heard
From $600.00
Private Monkey Jungle Cruise: Phuket Day Eco Tour
"Floating Fish FarmsOur boat “Pitta” leaves from Chalong Bay at 9am as we head out to see authentic floating fish farms where you will have the opportunity to meet our local Sea Gypsies. These are genuine working fish farms which have been owned and operated for generations by traditional Thai Sea Gypsies. Here you will observe where the locals live and how they work.Thai VillagesDuring this trip we will also travel through Thai Villages were you can interact wi you will also get to see the damage and rebuilding from the result of the Tsunami in 2004. You will be able to observe the Kings Project which is based on rebuilding the Mangroves in Thailand. In the past over 40% of the mangroves were slashed for burning to manufacture charcoal but now this practice is no longer allowed and has since been banned.Mangrove Forest and The MonkeysWe then head off to the Mangrove Forest to see the monkeys. Offering a rare opportunity to see wild monkey’s in their natural habitat where they are free to swing from tree to tree and are always pleased when Captain Gordon arrives with his boat. From here you can paddle your own kayak or you can have one of the crew to paddle for you
From $602.00
Private Islands and Eco Tour: Hidden Treasures of Chalong Bay
"Travelling up the River in Mangrove ForestWe then move on and follow the special bamboo sticks which were placed here by the local fishermen to form the channel which takes us into the river. Once we’ve entered the river you will have a chance to observe the local villages and longtail boats with many Thai people waving enthusiastically as we pass gently by. The villagers are always surprised to see us as rarely any tourists find their way here. With only a maximum of 10 guests on board we can stop anywhere you like. It’s up to you there is no strict itinerary. Feeding Friendly Monkeys and KayakingOur next stop takes us to see the Monkeys
From $602.00

water sports Tips (31)

Sailing Training In Phuket Thailand,

I visited Sail In Asia Ltd in July 2012 to take a 3 week sailing course that would take me from not knowing a thing about boats except which end is the front or 'bow' as i was immediately corrected. The school is located on an amazing quiet sandy beach called Ao Yon. There are about 30 yachts anchored in this quiet little bay. They called it the Zero to Hero Option 3 and at the end of it i got a cool little photo ID card stating that I was sufficiently qualified to charter my own sailing yacht! The school is IYT which I understand is an equivalent to RYA but just not quite as famous. I was on a course with 2 other guys, one from America and one French guy who lived in Hong Kong. The instructors were really great at teaching and made everything easy to digest and fun.

I enjoyed the sailing so much that i decided to take the basic safety training course STCW 95 which every body who works at sea requires in order to get on a ship. This as a more class room based course but we got to play with fire extinguishers and fire engines at the local fire station in Phuket Town and set off life rafts in the ocean which was good fun.

I would definitely recommend this company to any one who wants to learn how to sail or just wants to have a bit of fun on a sailing boat as you get to sail around the south of Phuket and see some really nice islands and quiet beaches. I didn't use them but i also think they had some kayaks and stand up paddle boards for rent.

Thanks a lot.

Equipment Hat to keep the sun off your head, sunglasses to save your eyes from the glare, sun block, soft shoes like plimsoles and maybe a dry bag to keep your phone and wallet dry althougha plastic bag is probably sufficient.

Jan 10, 2013

Scuba Diving Excursion to Ko Racha Yai

In May'05, my wife and I took a daytrip scuba diving excursion from Phuket to Ko Racha Yai, a small island to the south. We used South Siam Divers, who offer a 2 dive package for only 1,900 Baht per person. The dive boat was comfortable and the facilities were adequate. Breakfast and lunch were provided. The divers were broken up into small groups and assigned a dive master. Our dive master was Swedish, and he did a good job. Water visibility off Ko Racha Yai was quite good that day, the coral was relatively healthy, and there was plenty of aquatic life to see. On our second dive we saw a wreck of a small boat. Overall a good experience and good value for money.

Equipment If you own your own gear, then obviously you should bring it. Otherwise, you can rent a full set of gear from them for only 500 Baht. Definitely bring your own mask and snorkel, fins too if you got em. Bring towels. They will provide motion sickness tablets. Lastly, bring an underwater camera!

The company can provide transfers to and from the pier.

Rodan44's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Snorking on the shores of Racha Yai island

My partner and I went on a snorkeling trip on Racha (or Raya) Yai island. I am good swimming but I hadn't snorkeled before so I didn't know what to expect really. As it turned out, this little day trip was one of the highlights of my holiday! We were looking for trip which would be only for people who wanted to go snorkeling, but were a bit disorganised and decided only the day before that we should go. We therefore ended up going on a trip with a group of scuba divers as we happened to walk past a couple of diving shops. Although we got the trip for half price (1500 bath instead of 3000 bath) since we were not diving and the trip was a load of fun, I think it would have been nicer to go on a speed boat with a bunch of other people who were snorkeling too, since there was only 3 non-scuba divers on board and we were always the last ones in the water and pretty much the first ones out - although I could have stayed in the water for longer.

The tour operator arranged the gear and provided us with a transport to Chalong Bay in the morning (they picked us up from the hotel around 8am), breakfast and lunch on the boat and transport back in the evening around 5pm. The trip to Racha Yai island lasted for about 1h 40min on a boat that can carry scuba diving gear (so very slow compared to a speed boat which would have taken about 40min) and about 30 people on board and on the way we saw lots of huge, rather nasty looking jelly fish which put me of going into the water all together! Luckily, I was told there were no jellyfish where we were going, since the idea of one of them touching me by accident made me cringe.

The surroundings in Racha Yai island were absolutely stunning: the water was very clean and visibility was very good (about 15m or more). There were a lot of fish and they did not shy away and came very close (almost a bit too close for my liking). Apparently divers feed them so they were hoping to get some bread or banana. I'm glad I didn't take any since they were curious enough of us without even having being fed. We saw the most incredible looking, colourful little fish I have only seen on telly before as well as amazingly ugly Titan Trigger Fish, which I thought looked like something I wanted to avoid. Luckily the Trigger Fish didn't come close to me but stayed close to the bottom of the sea bed since it is known to bite divers if you go too close to it during the mating season. Luckily, they usually attack the flippers (due to they being colourful) rather than any other body parts.

The waves on the numbered bays of the island were quite strong though and the guide told us that they had not come there for a few weeks since the waves had been even stronger there.

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Jan 28, 2011


This is a great pastime to see the beach and view of the island from the water.
We hired 4 jet-ski's.
The cost per half hour is 1400TB (40 US$) per jet-ski.
A lot of fun.
My husband took our 5 yr old grandchild on the jet-ski with him, and the rest of us went 2 per ski.
We stopped off to have a swim in the deep aquamarine water.
I am waiting for pictures taken with an underwater camera which I will add to this tip.
The owners of the jet-ski's have no insurance, so it is best to be careful.
Any damage to their equipment will be for your cost.

You can even stop off to have a snorkel.

Equipment Life jackets are a must which is provided by the owners. (The locals)
Keep your watch handy as the time elapses pretty quickly (while you are having fun)

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Jul 23, 2009
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Great dive sites

Phuket and the surrounding islands offer some great dive sites.
The reefs and rocks are very lively and colorfull.

I booked my dive trip through Marcia (VT: Quero) from Gekko Divers.
She was great, organized everything for my, the diving, as well as the excellent accommodation.

Equipment If you are a scuba diver you know it.

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Aug 25, 2008

surf by yourself

I have been going to Phuket now for the last 4 years and intend to return again...One of the main reasons why i go to Phuket besides the obvious that it is a gorgeous tropical destination is that Phuket does have good surf(not great but good)and it is possible to surf good waves at my favourite spot alone or with just a few out....

Equipment I always travel anywhere and everywhere with my boards....It is possible to hire boards in Phuket but if you're fussy like me,then bring your own....Doesn't cost any extra,just a hassle carting your board around.....But you'll be so glad you brought your own trusty board when the waves turn on....

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Mar 16, 2008

Liveaboards from Phuket

I cannot tell you enough how good the diving is while living on a live aboard for 8 days. I've done it many times before and I'll do it again. The west coast of Thailand has wonderful underwater flora and fauna. We even saw some leopard sharks when we crossed into Burmese waters!

The MV Anggun left from Phuket and dove in Thai waters for a few days. We then stopped in Kawthaung Burma for our entry Visas, then proceeded to dive the Burmese waters for ~6 days. It had plenty of charging stations for photographers as well as general assembly tables for gear. The crew was superb.

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Jan 30, 2008

My First Parasailing!

What a nice experience for me! I love it, even though it's only for about 3 minutes (1 small round in the sky) for THB700 (inclusive of tips). It costs THB1,000 for a longer time (bigger round in the sky).

Equipment I guess just you, and someone to take pictures/videos for you. :-)

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Jul 28, 2007
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"Our Second Home - Phuket"
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"Phuket Introduction"
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"P H U K E T - Beautiful Sunset!"
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"Thailand, Phuket, and the classical beach holiday?"
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Banana Boat

A Banaba Boat can be hired at Patong Beach for THB300.

It is one of the cheapest and safest water sport on the beach. You will just need to sit on the banana boat and it will be attached to a jet ski and you will be dragged along. So if you find the rest of the water sport to expensive or too dangerous, why not give the banana boat a try?

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Jul 01, 2007

Jet Ski

There are lots of Jet Skis for rental along Patong Beach. Prices range from THB500 for 15 mins and THB700 for 30 mins for a small single ski. For the double ski, THB700 for 15mins and THB1000 for 30 mins.

If you don’t have a license to operate you can still hire one where you can be ride with the trainer.

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Jun 21, 2007


If you walk along the beach, you will be asked to do lots of water sports. To have an bird's eye view of Patong Beach, you could do Parasailing. The cost of parasailing is at THB700. It will only take you less then 5 mins to get the adrenaline pumping through your whole body.

You will have to put on all your gears and weights. And safety precautions will be checked before you take off from the beach. One of the staff will be “flying” with you to take control of the directions we will be heading. He will also make the landing as smooth and safe as possible.

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Jun 21, 2007

Snorkelling anyone?

Attractive packages will be shoved in your face and you'll be spoilt for choices. Funny enough, in my experience its all the same package everywhere and they almost go to all the same places. But in Phuket the prices are a hell lot steeper. Recommended diving/snorkelling packages to be booked in Krabi instead :)

Hehe... spoiling market for Phuket!

Equipment If they dun provide the equipment, move on to the next shop

fidainc's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2007

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We had been in Patong for a week and wished that we could find this place a little sooner. Full options restaurant & cooking school. The foods were great & the cooking class was a blast. My...
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Patong Beach

I think that Patong beach and Ban Patong must be the same thing. Or not? Anyway, I'll post my Patong beach comments in Ban Patong page. And Patong was precious for us. With the monsoon, Kata beach...
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Phi Phi Islands

We booked with Phuket Tours Direct to go on the HongTae Tours trip to Phi Phi island. After travelling an hour to the port and sitting through the 45mins safety session we were informed that my 5...
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Phang Nga Bay

This is not my first time in Thailand 2009 i was in koh lanta and khaosuk national park this time i just came to surathani and khaolak decided to buy some tailor made suit from khaolak, but here is...
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James Bond Island

If you plan to visit James Bond Island, think again. Firstly, price for tour package is very tricky. We joined with the group tour for same trip but some of them paid THB3,000 per person, other paid...
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Ko Larn - Coral Island

If you are staying in Pattaya, it is well worth spending a day enjoying the beaches of Koh Larn. Situated to the west of Pattaya, Koh Larn is accessible by a 15 minute speedboat ride or by using the...
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