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Apocalypse Now Tips (16)

Apocalypse Now: Nighttime in Apocalypse NOW

Ok,... I live in HCM and I can give you some advice about Apocalypse Now Club.
First of all, this is not a Disco Club, is it clear?
This place is a bar, with ugly music, very expensive drinks and 99% of the girls there are Hookers.
This is the place where you go, knowing that you will pay alot of money for stupid drinks and you will be surrounded by hookers which you will take to the hotel paying $ 200 for one night.
If you go in this BAR, thinking to drink one beer and look around like a silly boy, well, this is not the right place for you.
If you think to pay for one beer a dollar just because in your country that is the price... change BAR.
If you go there, thinking to get a gorgeous girl for $ 20, this is not the right place.
Most of the foreigner that go in this BAR, behave as if they are in their country, Saigon is not USA or Melbourne or Hannover.
Last but not least, Vietnam is not a bordello, if you are looking for cheap life and cheap fun and cheap Girls, go to Thailand, I know they are close country but has nothing in common... is it clear now? I hope so.

Dress Code In this Bar you should dress nice but, to be a foreigner all is allow.

Anyway, do not take a risk, dress nice.

Aug 09, 2014

Apocalypse Now: Security bodyguards ready to hit you

It happened on 2011. I went to this club with my friend because was the famous place in Ho Chi Minh city. When we go inside a waiter come to us and find for us seats in the front of the dj. On front of us was sitting one Vietnamese man with two Vietnamese girls. The one Vietnamese girl try to come to us and speak, but we didn't like her and ignored her. After a little time two security guys of this club come to us. The one was ready to hit me, and was very angry. He say to may go away from here. I didn't understand what was the reason and I try to explain him that the waiter bring us here. He continue to say go away very angry. I take my friend and go to far away. I would advise anyone not to go there, or be careful the security guys, and the most ungly music that i ever heard.

Apr 29, 2014

Apocalypse Now: Number One Club Scene in Saigon

first of all, they don't allow pictures inside, I managed to get 2 stolen shots inside before being reminded not to shoot pictures again by the burly security guards.

This is the number one bar cum lounge for foreigners and locals and you would know since there will be a long taxi line in the street going to the Apocalypse Now. They only have a cover charge of 150,000 VND on Saturday Nights with a free beer but the rest of the week, there is no cover charge.

8:00pm until 12:00-2:00am 7 days a week

they have an extensive menu that offers both vietnamese and western foods and bar chor and an assortment of local and international beers and the average cost of a local brewed beer like saigon beer at 65,000 VND or San Miguel Beer at 72,000 VND and cocktails like the tequila sunrise starts at 90,000 VND. There are many gorgeous local vietnamese girls inside and many foreigners all dancing away at the small dance floor inside while the others just play pool at the pool table or eat the the dining area separated only by a souvenir stall from the main dance floor. Some of the girls were escort service according to the waiters. The music is a combination of House, Trance, Lounge, hip Hop, RNB, Rock and more.

Dress Code smart casual, they don't allow entry for people wearing tank tops, flip flops, shorts, cargo shorts, ripped shirts.

they have many security guards cum bouncers inside

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2012

Apocalypse Now: only weekend

if you plan to visit hcmc for the nightlife, please avoid sun-thu, as the only days people go out are fri and sat. otherwise, during the other days, the only open (and a bit crowded) club, is apocalypse now, which closes earlier than on weekend (about 1.30 am). music is good (mixed), but prices are high. be careful, there are a lot of "working girls".

Dress Code it doesn't matter, you can wear a tie or bermudas, everyone can get in.

bodo8's Profile Photo
Jun 11, 2012
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Apocalypse Now: Heavy bouncers - rubbish bar!

Absolute MAJOR rubbisdh! Got charged entrance fee for what is effectively a freelance-hooker pick-up joint. Oh, but u get a free 'can' of warm beer for that entrance price!!!! Doormen were idiots and actually tried to impose some kind of dresscode on one of us who was wearing a 'vest'. Once inside, doormen openly tried to 'cattle' us into certain places - I told him to 'f^%$ off" and this seemed to work well. Don't bother if you are looking for a good night. Don't bother if you are looking for a taste of 'old' saigon (or new!). worthwhile if you like getting ripped off, if u like been dominated by power-hungry idiots, or, if you're into dresscode BS, also for you!

Dress Code Look like a *** and u'll be fine

Jan 15, 2011

Apocalypse Now: Blatant Discrimination

This sad club is overcrowded and discriminates against its own people, the Vietnamese. Reportedly, it is operated and owned by Vietnamese American(s). How pathetic and un-American to discriminate against their own people. I was furious to see white foreigners with their whores walk right in without having to pay for cover charge while I was demanded to pay 150000 VND (~ 9 USD). I confronted the door-keeper and demanded to see the manager. Of course, they told me that I can talk to the manager once I get inside the club AFTER I pay the cover charge.

So, if one has any respect for human rights, equality, and decency, one should boycott this club. I am actually looking for any witness to this blatant discrimination to file a complaint against these Vietnamese Americans with the ACLU in the USA. I firmly believe that these people break the oath to uphold the US Constitution.

Shame on those expats who support the existence of such discriminatory practice of Apocalypse Now!!! Where is the pride?

Dress Code Apparently anything goes if your skin is WHITE. If you are NOT white, they may enforce some ridiculous dress code.

Sep 12, 2008

Apocalypse Now: You don't want to be there at all.

My German and Singapore colleagues and myself had the worst experience in this club. We came to check out this place and hoping to have a few good drinks. We were there at about 9.30pm. Ordered 3 rounds of drinks, B52, next was Beer, and finally Tequilla pop. At 11pm, we finished our last round of drink and had ordered for another round of Lamborghini cocktails. We waited for about 20mins and the drinks still did not come, but what came was a waiter who took away our table by puuling away from us. He did not even gave us a chance to ask. I guess he must be thinking that we had no drinks on the table and were wasting their time.
This is not a big club, just a small dance floor, a pool table and loud music. It was packed on this Thursday nite (Int'l Womens Day was probably the reason), a mixture or locals and foreigners. Don't expect to pick up any girls here and forget about finding "hot afterburners" girls as well.
I don't think they will miss my business, even though i will never step into this club again and naturally i have to forwarn you if you do want to give it a try. But i think there are better clubs in HCM City that you could spend your money in.

Dress Code slippers, jeans, bermudas, t-shirts are the fashion.

Mar 09, 2007

Apocalypse Now: Should Check It Out Once

This was the first place I was taken to in HCMC on my first trip. It was late on a weekday when I got there and pretty dead. I wasn't looking for hard partying though after a 26 hour trip - just a couple of icy beers. We sat out back in the garden area and it was pretty relaxing. The place didn't impress me or disapoint me.

I went back a few trips later on a Friday night and the place was hopping. I was with a group of partyers and we just hung out near the pool tables and drank like fish. There were some pretty good looking girls there but certainly most were pros - not that there's anything wrong with that. I left with the same group I came in with.

I wouldn't put this on my "must go back" list but I think everyone should swing by for a cocktail if you're in HCMC. There are much better nightclubs in HCMC than this place but if you don't feel like getting dressed beyond jeans and a tee shirt, this may be th eplace for you.

Dress Code Jeans & T-shirt okay, bit nicer if you're on the prowl...

Nov 13, 2006

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Apocalypse Now: Weekdays are slow

I went to Apocolypse Now on a weekday night and found it a little slow. There was a good crowd there, but nothing too exciting. I expected the place to be a lot bigger, but it really seemed a lot like any other ex-pat bar in Asia.

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Dec 12, 2005

Apocalypse Now: Danger zone.

Well we couldn´t visit this bar in Hanoi, but we did it in Saigon. I dont know if i liked this dive. Good music, thousand of whores. If youre triying to have fun or a beer its ok, but dont look for the vietnamese girl of your dreams in this place. When we were there they closed at 12.00 am.

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Oct 18, 2005

Apocalypse Now: Apocalypse Now

It's an interesting place. Yes, the locals know about the movie. No, they don't care. One of the the most popular bars in town. The locals will come and stay until around 11 pm. After that it's mostly foreigners and ladies of the night. It plays mostly top40 remixes and techno dance. The place is very busy on weekends. Cover is about 70,000 dong.

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Mar 06, 2005


after reading reports here on VT we just had to check this place out. its smaller than i imagined it, but still it played good music and had a good mix of people. i thought the security was a bit extreme, but maybe they get a lot of trouble there, i dont know.....

this is where we were on new years eve, and from what i remember it was a good night with a good atmosphere.

oh heres a tip, the loacals pronounce it
"a police"

Dress Code casual

coxy's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2005

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