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Half-Day Hanoi Home Cooking Class and Cultural Tour
"The tour starts from your hotel and after a short drive you will arrive at the the awesome property that features a peaceful atmosphere on the Red River bank. The hosts will warmly welcome you and introduce their members and begin exchanging culture bargain and to spend the local currency “VND” in the market.You then begin a 5 minutes cycle or walk to the local market. It’s great chance to buy local things by yourself and experience a variety of foods from all the groceries such as: herbs spices vegetables meats fishes
From $49.00
Hanoi Explorer Private Photo Tour
"Hotel pick-up.  We start the tour on historic Long Bien Bridge Yen Phu Street.  After introductions and a brief look at the story behind the bridge there is an overview of camera settings.  We then head up to Long Bien Bridge to shoot the Establishing picture.  Time now to move into Long Bien market Hanoi's biggest wet market to learn how to shoot Relationship pictures.  Our focus is on how to take naturalistic photos of people at work and play.  In Dong Xuan market we continue with Relationship pictures.  The market was originally built by the French in 1889
From $160.00
2-Day Halong Bay Signature Cruise from Hanoi
"Day 1: Hanoi - Halong (LD)7:45am - 8:15amPickup and transfer to Halong Bay.12.00pm Arrival transfer to Signature Cruise.12:30pm You will be welcomed aboard and greeted with a complimentary drink. Check into your cabin and freshen up.1pm As we begin to cruise through the bay a special lunch of fresh seafood and an assortment of appetizi extraordinary limestone karst landscapesOan Lagoon Teapot and Monster Head Islets. Explore Vung Vieng Village by local rowing boats or kayaks to discover the interesting daily lives of its inhabitants. Signature Halong Cruise will stay close to Drum Cave for the evening.6:00pm Join Vietnamese cookingL)6:00am The nicest time of the day on Halong Bay is the morning. Head to the upper deck to participate in our daily Tai Chi sessions. Relax with an early morning cup of tea
From $383.00

Transportation in general Tips (22)

The most exciting traffic in the world (II)...

3. Bike - a good way to get around, but also one of the more stressful ones... Imagine being the only biker among thousands of motorbikes! Bikes can be rented in many places in the Old Quarter (try Hang Bac street), as well as in some of the hotels. By the way: Don't expect anyone to show consideration for you. You'll be the weakest part of the food chain.
4. By foot - definitely one of the best ways to get around in Hanoi. It makes it possible for you to truly discover the city and its more hidden parts. When walking around, be curious. Check out the narrow lanes and hidden entries. You'll be surprised what can be found there.
5. By taxi - taxis are comparably expensive, but this will quickly pay out when there are more than two persons. Expect to pay about VND 30,000-100,000 for a ride in Hanoi. Make sure that your taxi has an officially registered meter. The prices are fixed, bargaining is not necessary.
6. By cyclo - cyclos (i.e. rickshaw or in Vietnamese xich lo) are almost exclusively used by tourists. In the Old Quarter, you'll here the ringing of their bells everywhere, but I would recommend not to use them. Prices are too high (most drivers can easily recognise a naive tourist who is overwhelmed by all the exotic scenes of his first day in Hanoi). Cyclos are too slow for going to some place quickly, but too fast for taking pictures of the exciting street life around them. Furthermore, you'll sit on the height of all the exhaust fumes.
7. Drive your own motorbike - this is certainly the best way to get around, if... know the city.'re not afraid of millions of other motorbikes coming towards you from every direction without any traffic rules like adventures!
Motorbikes can be rented at almost every hotel and in some shops in the Old Quarter, especially in Hang Bac street. Compare the prices and you'll be able to save some bucks. Most people choose a 110ccm Honda or Yamaha, but if you want to do longer trips, try to get a Minsk. This is a Belorussian motorbike that is nearly impossible to break down. It's good for tours in the countryside. Motorbikes can also be bought in Hanoi

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Jul 14, 2014

The most exciting traffic in the world...

Visitors of Hanoi have plenty of possibilities to get around in the city. Most of them have some advantages, but be careful with some!

1. Bus - Hanoi has a pretty good bus system that gets you almost everywhere for an incredibly cheap price (VND 2500, i.e. $0,15) per ride. However, there are several drawbacks. First, buses are literally always overcrowded. When I'm talking about overcrowded, I don't mean the European or American way of overcrowdedness. I mean the Asian way, and believe me, that's not the most convenient thing... Second, there is no timetable - buses run frequently, but sometimes you have to wait quite long (just to find that your bus is completely overcrowded and it's almost impossible to get in!). Third, if you don't know Hanoi well, it is rather hard to find out where and when to get out of the bus. Bus stops don't have a name and are hardly visible in the hustling and bustling on the sidewalks. For those with a lot of time and some sense for adventure, going by bus is a good idea.

2. Motorbike - The first experience in Hanoi is some Vietnamese man shouting "Motobai?" at you. Just shake your head if you don't want to drive with him. If you want to go with him, tell him the address (be sure about the correct pronunciation, or it will be impossible for him to find the place) and start bargaining. In any case, you'll pay much more than the average Vietnamese and you'll still think "How incredibly cheap this is!". A good price can be reached only through good bargaining skills - and these have to be developed! Try VND 5000 for a short ride and VND 10000 for a long ride. DON'T pay with dollars - you will definitely be ripped off! If the drivers don't agree with your price idea (and they certainly won't), just walk away - this will quickly change their minds... Pay with small money as most drivers don't have enough change for anything bigger than VND 10000. A motorbike taxi is officially called Xe Om (pronounce Say Ohm (as in Oh my God!)) and can be found everywhere. Late at night, it's more difficult and prices double.

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Jul 14, 2014

Tips for Crossing Streets in Hanoi

Most visitors have a love-hate relationship with the traffic in Hanoi. They hate it for being messy, scary and are even perceived as dangerous. But most, if not all, will tell you that crossing the Vietnam streets is one of the best experiences during their Hanoi travel. Vietnam drivers and riders depend a lot on the body language as a guide. So the trick really is not to have any sudden movements when crossing a road in Hanoi.
Here are tips for you when crossing streets in Hanoi

- Be relaxed and self-confident.
- Look two ways or make eye contact with drivers.
- Walk slowly with purpose.
- If it’s 2-way traffic, look right, left and then right again at the half way mark.
- Put your arm in the air. It makes you more visible to traffic and is an added precaution.
Hopefully the arm will indicate to the motorists that you are in fact crossing the street and to look out for you.
- Don’t run across the road, it shows fear and you’re more likely to get mowed down.
- Commit yourself. Though every instinct in your body is screaming for you to stop, turn around and head back, don’t. Turning back can be more dangerous than continuing on.
- Enlist a wingman (or woman). There’s always safety in numbers. The same applies when in Hanoi. You’re much more likely to be seen by a motorist when walking with a group than venturing across the street solo. Traveling alone? Don’t feel bad being that creeper who silently stalks along next to a family crossing the street. Better safe than dead.
- Standing in the middle of the road and trying to take a photo is never a good idea
- Enlist the help of a local. Vietnamese people are very friendly and most are more than happy to help you cross the road

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Nov 19, 2013

Do's and Do Not's in Hanoi

#1 Never take advice from someone who has only 1 review. Most hotels write there own reviews, so make sure the review is from someone with 30 reviews or more. Yes arrive Hanoi take taxi to hotel for about 360,000 vnd or take mini bus for 40,000 vnd , after you arrive everyone sells tours, if you stay in 3 star hotel or higher , the price of tours is Higher. Do not commit on your hotel , shop around , you can find a tour to Halong bay for as cheap as 59.00 usd for 1 night and up , included return trip from Hanoi . Never take a overnight sleeper bus , It is very dangerous , the drivers play chicken with other drivers , if they die you Die too . And the payout to your loved ones for you is now at 248.00 usd , from Hanoi you can take Airlines flight or Sleeper train about 30 usd 1 way for hard sleeper slow but scenic . In Hanoi you have to Bargain all the time ..

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Jul 01, 2012
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Xe Om..Motorbike Taxi ..Cheap Thrill!!!

I used the services of a Xe Om driver that I had seen daily that was parked and hustling business not too far from the front door of the Heart Hotel, our “home away from home” in Ha Noi.

The last full day that I was visiting Ha Noi I wanted to get to two different attractions that were pretty far apart from each other, one being Tran Quoc Pagoda that’s located on the shore of West Lake, the other was the Temple of Literature or Van Mieu located in Ba Dinh District.

Using the Xe Om was both affordable and kind of exciting…take a look at the videos attached to the Page here. I don’t know exactly what the costs were, Im not good at writing logs or diaries but I know this mode of transport is less than half the costs of using taxis in Ha Noi.

The fellow was friendly and waited for me at my first stop, the Tran Quoc Pagoda. When I was finished there he took me then to Van Mieu for another low cost transit, and that is where I left him.

All of the rides I had with this gentleman were quite fun and were not quite comparable to riding in Canada, or for that matter, any “Western” country. We dodged traffic on solid lines and at one point ignored the concrete boulevards at an intersection to make a left turn.

EVERYONE drives about the same speed throughout the parts of the city that I was driven in and it all seems to work even with minimal traffic lights to organize flow. It seems a little hair rising but in fact I saw not one accident so it all seems to work I guess.

On my return to my hotel at the end of another day of walking I found another Xe Om and had a ride through THICK traffic to get back to the Hoan Kiem Lake District.

Cost was minimal and though it seems a little crazy and dangerous…it all works quite well here. Both drivers and all that I saw looking for business have helmets for you to wear while you’re riding!
Both drivers were open to some haggling on price although its so cheap to begin with I didn’t push it too far. They are after all just trying to earn a living.

For SANITARY reasons…I would suggest that you were a ball cap or some type of hat between you and the helmet that they offer you…it just might help prevent picking up some unwanted friends along the way. :O)

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May 20, 2010

Get a map of Old Quarter!

Don’t assume that you can get this map at the airport. Stock don’t get replenish fast at the airport. Got mine at Tourist Information Centre @ 7 Dinh Tieng Hoang Street (see the pink icon with the letter “i” on north of the lake).

Old Quarter is where almost everything is, the hotels, the places of attraction, the bustling traffic, the street vendors and a lot more.

Wondering what does these white lines translate to in actual distance?
Walking from one end to the other of the Hoan Kiem Lake takes around 5 minutes.

If the distance is too far to go by walking, take cyclo or taxi. BUT, always settle on the price before hoping on.

Cyclo (rickshaw alike) – sits two small built people
Taxi - never go by the meter! A lot of drivers are out to cheat.

Charges reference:
From Old Quarter to Ethnology museum – 100,000VND
From Old Quarter to Westlake – 40,000VND
Within old quarter – depending on distance, shouldn’t exceed 50,000VND.
Eg. From Hang Bac to Women Museum cost 30,000VND

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Apr 14, 2009

Hanoi - Airport to the city

Hanoi airport to city is a long way. Careful of the scammers.

As at November 2008, bus to city from airport 25,000 dong. By Taxi is 200,000 and up subject to your ability to haggle.


The scam...

You step out of airport and immediately, you are pushed and man handled by transport touters. They point to buses and taxis and mini-vans. Very few speak English and those that do play dumb. When you cross the street to the waiting buses, girls with sashes will point you toward the bus.
Here comes the scam.... A man will take your luggage, but not to the bus, but to a mini-van behind it. A rough explanation comes that the bus has a central drop off and does not go to the Old Quarter, but the min-van takes you to your hotel for same money. You get in, take your seat and the luggage gets piled up in the doorway and is closed. A man reaches through the window asking for fare which is now 50,000 dong. Too much of a hassle to get out of the van, so you pay since you are being taken "straight to hotel". The 45 minute drive will see you dropped off at an obscure street. Amazingly, there just happens to be 6 taxi drivers waiting in the middle of nowhere. (mini-van driver made cell-phone call about 10 minutes before hand). It is too far to where you want to go, so taxi driver takes you there, and of course, it costs more. At least 80,000 dong if you insist on a meter taxi (but some are wound up to read more), but they will offer up front payment without meter of 150,000 dong.
They obviously have conspired together to get as much money as they can out of foreign visitors.
(by the way, the buses DO stop at the Old Quarter)

Nov 18, 2008

Going around Hanoi

The best part about Hanoi is almost all the tourist attractions are in Old Quarters. If you are staying in the vicinity, you can go about everywhere by feet. If you plan to travel out of Old Quarter, my best pick will be taxi. Get a taxi through the hotel concierge if you can. A 6km taxi ride cost around VND60,000 (~USD4). Anything more than that can be considered a rip-off. It will be advisable to plan the trip with a two-way taxi. It may cost slightly more but you can at least be sure that you don't get cheated.
Another mode of transportation is the cyclo. This is definitely a must-try for any tourist and the experience on the cycle is definitely unforgettable. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price for it. My family took 2 cyclos for a 3km ride and we ended up paying USD6 for the short ride!

Oct 14, 2007
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"The Adventure Continues in Hanoi ! Hanoi !"
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"Good morning Hanoi !"
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"Hanoi - City of the Soaring Dragon"
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"Hanoi - City of Absorbing Sights and Sounds"
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Local Transport

Motorbike ride around Hanoi city is always VND10,000 to VND15,000 not more.
Make sure which Pho=Street you wanted to go.
Hanoi Bus is around VND3,000
Further trip to outer of Hanoi city, with mini bus may go up to VND40,000

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Jun 26, 2007

Hanoi airport to CBD

Cheap way to get in the city is to take the Vietnam Airlines airport shuttle that goes from the airport and takes you in front of the Vietnam airlines office in Hoan Kiem district (and vice versa). Price is around VDN30,000 or USD2. Don't give in when the shuttle driver tells you that you have to pay USD3-4. It's a scam. You'll have to stand firm and tell them that you know it's only USD2. If you do decide to take a cab, go for the Mai Linh cabs (green coloured) as they are reputed for being the "honest" cabs by the locals.

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May 26, 2007

Walking around Hanoi

One of the best way to explore Hanoi is by walking around the city, especially during the cooler months between November and February. This is because most of the main attractions are located within walking distance of the famous Ho Hoan Kiem (Lake of Restored Sword). For example, the Old Quarter is the northern part of this lake and the French Quarter is the southern part of this lake. Walking also enable you to really feel the sights, sound and smell of Hanoi and lots of photography opportunities. The streets of Hanoi are also quite safe to walk around, you just need to be careful of the chaotic traffic (see the warnings section of this VT page). However, there are some attractions which you need to get a taxi to reach e.g. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & surroundings, Temple of Literature and Temple of Ethnology.

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Feb 20, 2007

Rent a Van for the day

Renting a van in Hanoi was one of the smartest things we did. It only cost us $40 for the entire day ($8 each) and it came with a full tank of gas and a super friendly and efficient driver.

Hiring a car w/driver in Hanoi makes getting around faster, because all you have to do is point to the map and show the driver where you want to go next and hop off and back on again. No need to hail a taxi cab and paying the driver with each cab ride. With the van you can leave all your shopping bags as you continue your sightseeing or more shopping!

We hired ours at the Sinh Cafe on Hang Bac st.

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Jun 29, 2006

Things to Do Near Hanoi

Things to Do

Indochina Junk

Indochina Junk ran our tour to and of Ha Long Bay. We took the Dragon Legend tour, which is one night. It began with pick up from our hotel (also arranged by IJ) in a luxury van at 7.30am - we were...
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Things to Do

Hang Quat Street

Hang Quat Street used to be the street where the shops sold fans, but nowadays there are many shops that sell items for worshiping such as colorful Buddhist flags, statues, lamps and wooden shrines. ...
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Things to Do

To Tich Street

To Tich Street is less than 100 m long and the name means fibre mat street but there appears to be no record of fibre mats being sold here. Nowadays it is a popular street for young people to frequent...
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Things to Do

City View Cafe

Having visited Hanoi 5 times,i generally like to visit City view Cafe on the 5th floor over looking Hoan Kiem Lake with a nice Bia Hoi. Sadly over the years i feel the standard of service has gone...
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Things to Do

Nhan Noi Linh Tu

We stumbled across this little temple (Nahn Noi Linh Tu) where Hang Ga meets Bat Dan Street, but unfortunately we could not gain access. I believe it contains a Shinto shrine, but outside there were...
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Things to Do


Around Hoan Kiem Lake there are several artists who paint portraits and their work seemed to very good. I cannot remember the fee for this but i know that it was cheap. Most of them were quite busy...
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Getting to Hanoi


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