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Uluru Sunrise and Guided Base Walk
"Rise early to travel to the Uluru sunrise viewing area Talinguru Nyakunytjaku to watch the first rays of the sun light up Uluru and the Red Centre. Here you will receive your breakfast as well as have the opportunity to enjoy a hot drink and a biscuit. After sunrise accompany your guide to commence your Base Walk of Uluru. First up walk from Kuniya Piti an Uluru sacred site and hear the Tjukurpa (Anangu – the local Aboriginal people - beliefs and law) story of the Mala Men. Next up is the Mala Walk
From AUD145.00
Cave Hill Aboriginal Cultural Experience from Ayers Rock
"Travel from Ayers Rock by 4WD deep into the desert of the Pitjantjatjara Lands of Central Australia and Cave Hill. On arrival you will be met by your indigenous Anangu guide who will start your Aboriginal experience by explaining the songline of the Seven Sisters. Songlines are songs that have been sung among the indigenous people for thousands of years. They tell stories of the paths taken by the ancestors during Tjukurpa ( a distance of nearly 2000 miles (3200 km). The story of the Seven Sisters tells the tale of seven young women who are pursued on a cross-country trek by Wati Nyiru a sorcerer who casts a spells on one of the sisters. You will be filled with awe and wonder as you see the story come to life through a series of stunning cave paintings on the ceiling of Cave Hill one of the most significant ancient rock-art sites in central Australia. Continue the tale as you follow the footprints of the sisters up to the top of the cave
From AUD280.00
Fixed-Wing Scenic Flight from Uluru (Ayers Rock)
"Take off from Ayers Rock airport and fly along the Northern and Western faces of Uluru. Watch Ayers Rock align with Mount Conner in the distance and witness the natural beauty of these giants. View the traces left behind from waterfalls on the rock and m Lake Amadeus in the distance and the township of Yulara on your way back to Ayers Rock airport. Your local pilot knows all about Uluru and its surroundings and will provide you with expert commentary so please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Experience a view like no other!"""Get a bird's eye view of the magnificent Australian icon from a fixed wing aircraft. Enjoy guaranteed window seats on all flights. Your professional pilot will provide you expert commentary along the way.title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+fantastic+aerial+views&2=Choice+of+morning+or+afternoon+departure&3=Qualified+and+professional+pilot&4=Scenic+air+tour""
From AUD115.00

More Tourist Traps in Uluru National Park (Ayers Rock)

Adventure Tours Australia The Red Centre

We booked the 2 night "Just the Centre" Adventure Tours excursion. Had been really looking forward to it. But unfortunately from the start it was disastrous. First of all when we confirmed our places...
Dec 31, 2008

The whole place is a tourist trap

It has to be seen and i don't regret going. In fact, i'll go back and see some of the things i missed out on. BUT------------its a big tourist trap. Firstly, You're stuck with accomodation at the...
adlf's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2008

Ayer's Rock resort - synonym of tourist trap

This fabulously priced resort is the embodiment of a tourist trap. It is frequented by tourists only so there is no doubt that they are trapped. Once there you have to eat in the company’s...
Assenczo's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2007


Uluru is one of the touristic hotspots of australia and it is far away from everywhere and the tourist industry over here knows that. The lodges and hotels over here are very expensive. The only...
gonzo747's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2005

Don't book Discovery Ecotours

Since transportation options are limited around Uluru, one would think that the best way to get around is via the organized tours. So we booked two guided tours via Discovery Ecotours - one was the...
Apr 14, 2005

Inflation in the Red Centre

Funny thing. Australia is facing runaway inflation right here in the Red Centre. Everything's bloated, everything's obscene. Price that is. The only thing that is not bloated and obscene, is...
Mar 20, 2005
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I have never written tips about the same place but in two diferent categories before, while the resort is quite nice it IS a tourist trap, simply because there is no alternative.Unless you are lucky...
BerniShand's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2004

Organised tours

Sadly, with the accommodation close to the rock limited to Yularu (see separate tip), we are sitting ducks re organised tours, unless you hire a car.There are trips between A$80-350 on offer, with the...
leffe3's Profile Photo
Apr 02, 2004

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Yulara Dr, Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, 0872, Australia
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Yulara Dr, Yulara, 0872, Australia
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Yulara Dr, Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, 0872, Australia
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Yulara Dr, Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, 0872, Australia
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