Northern Territory Warnings and Dangers

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  • Robinson River, NT 4x4 Crossing by aussirose
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Northern Territory Warnings and Dangers


    Throughout the Northern Territory there are many crocodiles, perhaps to many due to the protection they are given so be careful if you are thinking about taking a dip, in a river to cool off. The saltwater crocodile in the Northern Territory is the largest reptile in the world, and can weigh up to 1,000 kilos and has been around for over 1 million...

  • Watch Out for Animals on Highway at...

    When I went south on the Greyhound bus via the Stuart Highway, much of the driving was after dark. It was amazing how many kangaroos and wallabies were grazing on the highway shoulders. It is no surprise that you see many road kills on and near the highway during the day. The bus only had to slam on its brakes once. The Royal Automobile Association...

  • Road trains and L O N G distances

    . . . and the open road.For those not used to the outback, driving can be quite a daunting task. The distances in Northern Territory are huge and quite often it is a long way between fueling points, however the NT government has been mindful and displays signs advising distances to the next available fuel stop. You also need to consider the price...

  • Wicked and other Campers

    There is a camper rental company that operates in a number of countries - Wicked Campers. Their camper vans are usually noticed by the garish and unusual sign writing plastered all over the sides and back of their vehicles.Whilst it is a lot of fun to read all that is on offer, it can be quite distracting if you read the van while travelling beside...

  • Warning - CROCODILES!!!!!

    Please be very careful where you swim - and be particularly careful in ALL coastal waters and waterways. Yes the water may look very inviting in the hot weather, but lurking just below the surface and watching out of its next meal may be a 'saltie' as the salt water crocodiles of northern Australia are called. OK lets be perfectly honest. Very few...


    NORTHERN TERRITORY You know there is nothing like being in the "outback" of Australia. When travelling the thought of accidents are really something that we dont want to think of , but, can happen anywhere and at anytime. I have just seen this first hand happen to a friend in the Territory. The remoteness of the "outback" can be found in any state...


    NORTHERN TERRITORY Never be without water out here in the territory!. Alaways make sure when you are "out and about" especially in unpopulated areas to be without water can be disasterous. There are many wonderful National Parks in the Territory to explore and enjoy and all are really in out of the way places. The temperatures up here even in the...


    When driving on these wide open roads in outback Australia and also here in the Northern Territory "Beware" of RoadTrains.. These RoadTrains can be extremely dangerous going either way...Passing you at speed can shower your car with flying stones off the many wheels. Some of the enormous trucks can be pulling as many as five trailers with over 70...


    When driving in The Northern Territory , like ALL parts of Australia's outback areas ...make sure that you take care while driving and be very careful of our precious wild life. There are also many feral animals that roam freely in the "outback" ie: camels , wild pigs, cattle, dogs ,horses, buffalo and these are big animals. As most accomodation,...

  • Mr Salt water Crocodile

    Be very very careful entering any of the waterways in the Northern Territory. Most areas with a known croc population are sign posted advising you not to swim. DO NOT disregard these signs you probably will end up as an entre. If you are not sure you can always ask at a ranger station which areas are safe to swim in and they will give you the full...

  • Poisonous Animals, kangaroos

    When backpacking and camping in NT be careful, we saw crocodiles, snakes and huge spiders. So lucky to of saw so much but keep a wide birth, and light a fire, itl get rid of the spiders. We just got really stoned and tried to forget about it.DONT TRY AND DRIVE AT NIGHT!!!! NT roads have no lights or anything like that, the road at night is a...

  • Watch for Frogs in the Toilets

    Green Tree Frogs have taken up residence in nearly every rest area/campsite toilet from Darwin to Alice Springs. The frogs, which apparently use the toilets as personal swimming pools, aren't always green but they are completely harmless. But having one jump out after you sit down or flush the toilet can be quite a shocking experience if you aren’t...

  • Water crossings

    If you don't know how to do it, don't do it! Water crossings can become a very expensive and painful exercise if you don't know how to do it and/or don't have a car suitable for it.Vehicles designed for off road travel usually have breather tubes which allow air movement but take the air from higher up, hopefully above the water level. Diffs and...

  • Don't swim with crocodiles!

    This sounds very basic right? Then why is it that a constant stream of news stories hit Australian television about the tourists that are taken by crocodiles in the far north of the Northern Territory? There are signposts everywhere warning of the presence of saltwater crocodiles and yet people still swim or stand in the water while fishing!A...

  • Slow down and carry extra fuel (Petrol.)

    Driving speeds are unrestricted on the open road in the Northern territory (60 km's per hour in built up areas unless otherwise sign posted) and tourists often drive at incredible speeds of over 180 km per hour. this is often done without any thought being placed on the safety of the other road users, the wildlife that can wander onto the road or...

  • Flash floods!

    In Central Australia sudden rain and "Flash flooding" can make some roads impassable, even if you driving a 4WD. Anne and I were driving from Alice Springs to visit Glenn Helen Gorge and it decided to rain quite heavily on our return trip. Within 10 minutes this dry riverbed sprang to life and we were lucy to get across. Within another 5 minutes...

  • Neither do donkeys!

    It is quite amazing how many donkeys you will see in the Northern Territory, especially around the Alice Springs and Macdonnell Range area. These animals were often let loose by the early explorers and, with no natural predators, they have bred into large numbers. They also tend to walk in front of vehicles and provide an extra danger with cars...

  • Tell somebody where you are going!

    The Australian climate can be deadly if you are not prepared!If you are traveling in your own vehicle and wish to take that road or track, research what is down there or where you are going by asking the Locals! Once you have chosen a destination, tell the local police where you are heading to, which way you are going and when you should return....

  • Cattle do not give way to cars!

    Want to ruin your holiday?? Just don't pay attention on the open road, hit one of these and you will probably get a visit from the Royal Flying Doctor Service!Most roads in Outback Australia run through working cattle properties and the livestock often walk in front of cars without warning. Cattle can also lay on the road on cool nights to get the...

  • Road trains take longer for you to...

    Huge Road Trains, with up to three trailers are nowadays the means of transport when getting freight to the remote areas of Australia. Cattle is also shipped to the coast for transport overseas. These road trains take longer for you to overtake and they take longer to stop if you stop suddenly in front of them!!! (road trains weigh up to 140 tonne...

  • Beware of Crocodiles

    You may come across warning signs such as this on your travels through the Northern Territory and I suggest you pay heed! We have all heard the horrific stories of people being taken by a crocodile, and I can't think of a worse way to go.

  • Wet season roads

    Even major dirt roads can be very difficult during the wet season, not just rough tracks. On a cambered road, if there is a high clay content in the road base, the vehicle can just slide off the road despite your most valiant attempts to keep it on the straight and narrow. Usually the tyre treads get packed with clay, pick up grass, and 'voila' -...

  • Tropical ills

    Malaria and Dengue Fever aren't considered problems in the Northern Territory. The only people with those problems contracted them elsewhere. However, there are a couple of other potential illnesses, as the sign indicates. It pays to take precautions.

  • Crocodiles

    You could say that more people are killed on roads than by crocodiles. That's actually true. But people take unnecessary risks. After the death last year (2002) of a tourist in Kakadu, another person was killed by a crocodile just the other day south west of Darwin. The signs are explicit enough.

  • The environment will kill you

    In summer, be extra careful. It can get over 45 hot, dry degrees and 60 minutes without water in the desert, can kill you.In winter, it can be 35 degrees daytime and 5 degrees at night.Always be prepared for the worst and don't travel alone or without experience.many tourists have died.

  • Beware on the roads!

    The roads in the Territory are excellent and most major tourist attractions can be accessed by sealed road. However the distances are vast and due to no fencing, wandering stock and wildlife, it can be a big hazard on open roads especially at dawn and dusk. Another item to watch for are Road Trains, (large trucks with trailers) some of these brutes...

  • You can swim with freshies...

    You can swim with freshies (freshwater crocodile), just watch the salt water variety. This is a freshie in Katherine Gorge where we did indeed swim.

  • Be careful on you descent of...

    Be careful on you descent of Ayer's Rock, most injuries occur on the way down when people are relaxed. Use the railing, it' there for a reason.

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Northern Territory Warnings and Dangers

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