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  • The art gallery grounds are on the right
    The art gallery grounds are on the right
    by iandsmith
  • Looking north
    Looking north
    by iandsmith
  • Looking south
    Looking south
    by iandsmith

Lake Macquarie Things to Do

  • Caves Beach

    This is a top spot to go if you want to put your feet and body in the surf. It's a lovely beach and, a few decades ago, it underwent a building boom. Since there was no more land it settled down to what it is today.Its name derives from the caves at the southern end of the beach but there's also another historic fact that is just as interesting as...

  • Glenrock

    Or, more precisely, Glenrock State Recreation Area. This woodland lies with 5 kms of Newcastle's CBD and has forever been a popular area but, with the advent of the nearby Track, it seems to be even more popular.One reason is that mountain bikers have trails in this area in addition to the walkers. The walks are mostly well marked but, in certain...

  • Shopping

    I was amazed while reading another site that they had listed three significant towns in the Lake Macquarie area. Amazed because one of them is barely a village and another certainly not one of the main commercial areas.If you want to do your shopping in a reasonably sized commercial area then you should try the following - Swansea, Belmont, Warners...

  • Basic facts

    The City of Lake Macquarie has an estimated population of 195,559 (Australian Bureau of Statistics 23 April 2009) and is the fourth largest Local Government Area in NSW by population (the two largest, Blacktown and Sutherland, are within metropolitan Sydney while the third largest is Wollongong). Its population is much larger than that of the City...

  • Getting out there

    Amazingly, for a lake so large, there's hardly anywhere you can hire a boat. In fact, if you want to fish, there's only one. It was all so different when I was young, there were two places less than 5 kms from me. Now, due to occupational health and safety requirements, all are discouraged bar one and it's located on the eastern side of the...

  • Weather watch

    Lake Macquarie is a great place to watch the weather. Sunrise, sunset, approaching storm; they're all wonderful things to watch, especially when reflected in the lake's surface.Here are five examples, I particularly like the third one.


Lake Macquarie Restaurants

  • Food by the lake

    I really like this place, The panoramic view over the bay that Wangi Wangi is located on is very relaxing and a really nice place to eat regardless of the food.The bonus is that the food is good quality and there's a nice variety.Also, during the week they have specials which you can check out on their website:

  • Pub food

    I always live in hope that one day an Aussie pub will spruce up and serve some food that sets them apart. I'm sure one has done it somewhere, but I've yet to eat there.This hotel has been architecturally well designed. It takes advantage of the afternoon sea breezes and is spacious and well appointed.I came with high hopes that it would rise above...

  • Welcome to club land

    In Australia, a club means basically a hotel style place with a gaming licence. This has allowed the larger turnover clubs to look nothing like a hotel but support their restaurants and food outlets with poker machine money.This club gets its name from a type of sailing craft, i.e., a 16 foot length boat but, what makes them amazing is the...


Lake Macquarie Off The Beaten Path

  • The fernery

    Eventually, I met Craig. As I waited for some birds to come a couple of dogs came happily running along the path, eventually followed by their owner. It transpires that Craig and his wife are the main ones responsible for all the tracks (probably 4-5 kms of them) that criss-cross the area.He tipped me off about the creek. It's hardly fit to be...

  • The quarry

    I used to look across the northern end of the lake to the big hill, wherein lay the gravel quarry. I had a small yearning to go and have a look but, I was young and growing up and other things took priority. In the fullness of time I moved away but, nearly 40 years later I moved back to the lake, right beneath the quarry.So it was that I decided to...

  • Awaba Bay walk

    Chances are, you ask anyone around Lake Macquarie where Awaba Bay is and less than 1% would know. I say that perhaps to justify my ignorance as well because for over 20 years I lived within 5 kilometres of the place and never knew the name.What I did know was Marmong Point, because there used to be swimming baths and a VJ sailing club. These days...


Lake Macquarie General

  • Green Point walks

    The Green Point you can walk today is a result of a protracted battle over nearly 70 years that commenced when 400 hectares was at stake. In the end, 152 hectares were set aside as Green Point Foreshore Reserve after protracted negotiations with a developer who wanted to set up a major tourist complex and marina but ultimately was conceded 66...

  • Green Point background

    The Green Point that exists today is a mixture of good luck, good fortune and a determined populace.Situated between Belmont and Valentine on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie, this natural waterside strip of vegetation is today a popular natural walking spot with a wonderful mix of flora and fauna.However, back in the 19th century it was a...

  • Lake Macquarie Art Gallery

    Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery is a quality cultural and tourist destination. Located on prime land on the shores of the lake, the gallery precinct features of an award winning purpose-built gallery, sculpture park, mosaic pathway, expansive leafy grounds (ideal for picnics), and historic Awaba House Restaurant Cafe. The latter was once resided in...


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