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Sydney and Bondi Hop-on Hop-off Tour
"With a warm and mild climate year-round the open-air double-decker coach tour is a perfect way to sightsee in Sydney and Bondi. Hop aboard the open-top double-decker bus at any of the 34 stops around the city. Enjoy live commentary from your onboard guide as you sit back and relax on the full ride which takes about 90 minutes or hop off to sightsee and explore at your own pace.Discover Sydney's highlights including the Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge the historic Rocks district and Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District). Hop off the coach to browse the stores in modern shopping areas or grab a bite to eat at the bustling Sydney Fish Market. Stretch your legs as you stroll around the Royal Botanic G
From AUD45.00
Sydney Shore Excursion: Sydney and Bondi Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
"For great views of Sydney and Bondi while you’re in port in Sydney travel around the city in an open-top double-decker bus. The Sydney and Bondi routes take you around the world's most beautiful harbor past towering skyscrapers iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House the iron-lace terrace houses of Paddington Double Bay’s millionaires’ mansions and legendary Bondi Beach. Sydney’s year-round climate of blue skies and sunshine makes it the ideal location for an open-top bus ride while in port.You can hop on and off as many times as you like aboard both each tour takes approximately 90 minutes and includes interesting on-board commentary. The bus departs every 15 to 20 minutes from each stop and tickets are valid for 24 hours from first use. The tours connect at 100 William Street or Central Station sto
From AUD45.00
Australian Museum General Entry Ticket
"Arrive at the Australian Museum at a time that suits you — your ticket is valid anytime the museum is open and includes entrance to the permanent exhibits. Three floors house some of the more than 18 million items in the museum’s collection including priceless fossils and unusual artifacts. The minerals collection alone holds more than 53000 specimens from Australia and abroad.In the Surviving Australia exhibition marvel at massive animals that once roamed Australia including giant wombats and echidnas. See live animals such as a baby freshwater crocodile a python and lizards; then find out how the most dangerous creatures hunt their prey. The Indigenous Australians and Garrigarrang Sea Country exhibits provides an in-depth look at the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
From AUD15.00

Australian Arts and Products Tips (12)

Australian Museum Store: Australian Arts and Products

My granddaughter had a list of things she wanted to get or that people had asked her to bring them and usually a museum shop is a pretty good place to buy things that are reasonable in price and not just tourist junk.

What to buy So she shopped around and got a couple of boomerangs for her dad and a few other little souvenirs. They have books, T-shirts, aprons, mugs, umbrellas, snowdomes, key rings and kits.

According to the website, you can now order things from this store on line.

grandmaR's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2012

Ken Duncan Galleries: Incredible Photography

I love this Gallery and have been coming here since my first visit to Sydney. Ken Duncan is an incredible Australian photographer that specializes in landscapes; in particular panoramic landscapes.

Ken Duncan's work is incredible. I love the beauty in his pictures. He manages to capture the true essence of his subject; the light, the testure, the flow...everything seems to be so real you could reach in and touch it. I love stopping in every trip to see the new pieces and purchase one for our home.

Not to worry; there is something for every budget from the original number artwork, posters, postcards, puzzles and some beautiful books showcasing his work. Original pieces can be purchsed with or without framing. Over the years my husband and I have purchased several of his original pices as well as some books. The books come in small and large sizes; perfect for gifts. I have given several of the larger books and gifts to friends and they have fell in love with Ken Duncan as I have.

So stop in a be amazed by his work; trust me you will love it.

What to buy There are several items for sale in the gallery: postcards, puzzles, prints, posters and books.

What to pay Prices vary on original pieces depending on size and landscape: from the thousands to the $250 range is common.

LadyRVG's Profile Photo
Aug 01, 2012

Ken Duncan Galleries: Beautiful Art for the Home

When my wife and I are in Sydney we love stoping into this gallery. Ken Duncan is a photographer who takes amazing landscape pictures. I have recently delved into the hobby of photography in a more serious level and can appreciate the beautiful pictures and their amazing uses of light.

The gallery has various works available for sale from postcards all the way to large prints. Prices also range from inexpensive postcards to expensive pictures in the thousands.

Our last visit in November 2010 my wife bought me a Ken Duncan framed picture for my office at home. It is a Sydney Harbor scene at sunset with the Opera House and Harbor Bridge in view and reflected in the waters.

What to buy Anything from a post card, puzzle or framed picture.

What to pay Inexpensive to very expensive.

cjg1's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2010

Australian Arts and Products: Australian Products.

Here is a list of some of our famous Australian Products.

Aussie Products

Tim Tam biscuits


Tea tree oil

Emu Oil

Bunya Bunya Nuts

Cherry Ripe Bar

Caramello Koalas chocolates

Mint slice biscuits

Musk lifesavers


Violet crumble bar

Freddo Frogs

Burger Rings

Redback BBQ Blitz



Sheepskin slippers

Ugg boots


Stuffed Koala bears

Ken Done t/shirts

Bondi Speedos

Manly Speedos

VB Beer - not fosters

Long beach cigarettes for smokers

Book: Don’t die in the bush

RM Williams clothes and boots

Drizabone oilskin coats

Akubra Hats

What to buy Any of the food items can be found at any supermarket.

For clothes mentioned they can be located in the CBD. (city)

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Dec 17, 2007
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Australian Arts and Products: Viva "Made in China"

Tipical Chinatown strip outlet

What to buy Chinatown strip offers the opportunity to buy a didgeridoo at the fraction of the price. It is true that the sizes are much smaller but this is an advantage when time for packing comes – fits perfectly in any backpack. There is the lingering suspicion that anything that comes from Chinatown might be produced in China and thus lower the quality of the product and tarnish the attraction of authenticity. Even if this is the case it is still worth buying it because it reflects the current state of affairs in Australia where the aboriginals are underrepresented. A careful look at the didgeridoo market may imply that the majority of the Australian inhabitants are aboriginals (way up from the official 1%) otherwise, judging by the number of handicraft, every single aboriginal including the toddlers must make at least a couple of didgeridoos a day!?!

What to pay 30$

Assenczo's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2007

Australian Arts and Products: Music from the source

You have the chance to defy the vicious system of exploitation of aboriginals by buying their products directly from them. One example is the street musicians who promote their music by playing their didgeridoos on street corners. In my case this was at the ferryboat terminal, where the musician was displaying a number of instruments laid on a colourful carpet. His assistant was managing the money-CD exchange while excerpts from the CD were being played and explained in detail by the virtuoso.
In the end everybody was happy – the buyer for the expense of 10$ as opposed to 30$, the performer for the non-taxed direct income and the community for the free concert.

What to buy Didgeridoo music

What to pay 10$

Assenczo's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2007

Gavala Aboriginal Art Centre: Aboriginal Owned

Most people going to Australia will want to buy a boomerang or some sort of aboriginal item. Of course these things are all over the place (even at the airport!) but when buying something at this store, the money goes back to the tribe who made it. It is owned by an aborigini - a big bloke who will be happy to answer any questions you might have. They have a great selection of boomerangs, digeridoos, prints, books, bullroarers, etc.

What to buy I bought two very nice returning boomerangs for 35.00 each and my husband bought a digeridoo for $145.00 (which he can actually play I might add!)

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Jun 21, 2007

Australian Arts and Products: Boomerangs




What to pay Depends completely on the quality and function!! I bought one for AUS$8 and its for show. My brother payed double that and its meant to fly!!

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Jul 02, 2005
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"What do you do with your weekend?"
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"A Ramble around Sydney"
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"Love Those Sydneysiders"
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"Sydney - For the discerning tourist"
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Australian Arts and Products: Aboriginal Art

What to buy Aboriginal Art is extremely different, and each picture tells a story, which may be hard to see at first but use your imagination!!

I got a wall hanging, which looks great. You can't go home without some sort of art. I also got a notebook, because I absolutely loved it!

What to pay As there are many different types of products, there is a wide range!! But shop around before you commit!

arv1's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2005

Aboriginal Art Shop: b1bob's Sydney shopping tip nº 1

Conveniently located off the stage door of the Sydney Opera House, the Aboriginal Art Shop has a nice selection of paintings and artefacts as well as masks and sculpture from Papua New Guinea. Instead of going into the opera house, I went into a shop that sold only things made by the aborigines. I didn't buy anything because, in my opinion, everything was too ugly and in bad taste. Besides, it cost too much.

What to buy This shop's specialty is in gift items such as scarves, jewelry, books and t-shirts. While I didn't care for anything sold here, Mama bought some earrings and a necklace.

b1bob's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2004

Aboriginal Art Centres: Aboriginal Art

The Aboriginal Art Shop on the Upper Concourse of the Sydney Opera House, sits quietly beside one entrance to the Opera House quietly sharing its wares.

I arrived out of the hot sun and sat on a stool outside the shop............ahhhhh just to be in the shade. A station wagon pulled up and out hopped a man who entered the shop ........ then he was seen in the shop window helping the assistant remove an amazing painting. He put it in the back of his wagon and left. A visiting conductor, Monica said.

Monica works as the caretaker and sales person of the art within this shop. We had a chat...........I bought some coasters and Monica said that it would be OK to take a photograph inside the I did.

What to buy Many things but I could spend a fortune on Aboriginal art.

What to pay Some of the art is very expensive.

unravelau's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2003

RM Williams: Akubra Hats and Aussie country gear

RM Williams is an Australian institution. They have been selling Aussie-style country wear for years. There are branches all over Sydney and most big malls would have a branch of this shop.

What to buy Akubra hats, moleskin clothes, boots

Ramonq's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2003

Things to Do Near Sydney

Things to Do

Sydney Cricket Ground

During our visit to Sydney in Feb/March 2012; we we fortunate to watch a cricket game here(my first live crisket match). It was Australia vs. India; Australia kicked butt and won. The thing that...
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Australian Museum

It had been a number of years since I had visited the Australian Museum but I was recently drawn back, attracted by the fact that it was hosting a special exhibition, Trailblazers, honouring...
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Capitol Theatre

Watching Guys and Dolls, a musical at the Capitol Theatre is an enriching experience. The theatre has a very impressive architectural design, both inside and out. The ushers and usherettes are helpful...
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Paddington and Paddington Market

Paddington Paddington is well-known for its residential area of leafy tree lined streets, with large three storey Victorian terraces overhanging the tiny narrow lanes, it is an impressive, stylish...
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Through a combination of cloud murals/etchings and thirty hanging silver spirit figures artist Jason Wing, of Aboriginal and Chinese descent, made a stunning transformation of the 200 metres long...
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Sydney Entertainment Centre

Georgia was excited and honoured to participate in her second Schools Spectacular at the Sydney Entertainment Centre at the end of November 2010. She did this for the first time last year and...
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