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Kings Cross Tips (20)

1st Impression As An American - Day One

We are all checked in and very comfortable at the MacLeay Hotel in Potts Point, AU. Many hotels, such as the MacLeay are configured as studio apartments, which is why our friends Howie and Anne Meyers, from Perth, Au choose this hotel for everyone attending our “BIG SYDNEY VT Australian Meet”. We are staying here for seven nights (for $624.00 US) before our 1st time ever BIG Virtual Tourist, 8-night Cruise to New Caledonia and the outer Islands in the Coral Sea
The location couldn’t more convenient. Locally, it is called an Urban Walkabout. Potts Point is a cultural and ethnic and life style mixture of people of all ages with reasonably priced restaurants, shops, hotels, a few banks, medical facilities, drug stores which are called “Chemists”, entertainment as well as many inexpensive lodgings for “back packers”. I took a few pictures, unique to the area, such as a public “breathalyzer” so it is easy for PARTIERS to check their alcohol level.
Our hotel is directly across from “Woolworth’s”. Yes, you are picturing the same thing as I did; a five and dime store with a soda fountain and lunch counter in back of the store. In Australia, Woolworths (Woolies) is a cross between a TRADER JOES and a WHOLE FOODS MARKET.

Charlie and I walked this multicultural neighborhood where we felt very safe then stopped at a café next to Woolworths for a light dinner and then across the street to our hotel.
We are now watching some news before bedtime. We have two News Station choices at our hotel - ABC and CNN. I like them both. The Australian versions of both stations report NEWS – no opinions or talking heads, just professional, well spoken, News Anchors presenting facts in a dignified, intelligent manner.

When they report American news, however, they just insert the clips from the American ABC and CNN networks. Therefore, the view of America that Australians see is the politically slanted and Hollywood/Advertiser/Big Pharma influenced version of what is happening in our country. If the PC Police continue to hold their power over our media – we’ll soon be living in a vanilla, fabricated version of America ruled by career politicians and the elite wealthy.

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Oct 05, 2016

The El Alamein Fountain

I don’t know why but I have always found it rather disconcerting that a war memorial be placed in a location more renowned for depravity and debauchery than commemoration of battles in distant lands. Placed in the centre of Kings Cross (affectionately referred to simply as The Cross), Sydney’s notorious red light district, it is hardly surprising that this memorial has become known locally as the elephant douche.

Be that as it is and indeed leaving that aside, this memorial to the Australian Imperial Forces 9th Division and commemoration of the Battles of El Alamein in World War II has become an icon of not only Kings Cross but also Sydney. Interestingly, unlike most war memorials this is not a memorial to those who died but rather an exuberant celebration of life, vitality and victory. The two battles of El Alamein helped turn the course of WWII in favour of the Allied forces.

The modernist dandelion shaped fountain with its 211 wands and water cascading to three lower pools was designed by Bob Woodward, himself a World War II veteran. It first burst forth in The Cross in 1961 and the design has been copied across the world many times since. Not many people know this, but the Tupperware vector logo is based on this fountain. Woodward went on to make his name on the world stage as a fountain designer.

The fountain was totally refurbished in 2012 and when I last visited in early 2016 the old flower of The Cross, if I may call it that, was looking fresh and delectable - more than can be said for many of the much younger ‘ladies’ who frequent The Cross later of an evening.

At night the fountain is illuminated and looks especially alluring, though sadly I don’t have any nighttime photos to share.

The fountain is located in Fitzroy Gardens which in itself contains a nice array of trees and shrubs in a ‘brick tiled’ garden – much loved by visitors and itinerant vagabond alike – so,while far from dangerous, do keep an eye on your possessions.

My next May 2016 Sydney Review

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May 02, 2016

Potts Point

Potts Point is the area where my hotel was and I chose it because the price was not as expensive as in CBD. Actually this area was the only good surprise of Sydney as it was supposed to be a red light district, instead it was full of restaurants, pubs and internet cafe. It is well connected with the CBD with bus number 311 you are in Circular Quay in 20 minutes.

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Jan 05, 2016

El Alamein Fountain

The El Alamein Memorial Fountain is in the Kings Cross section of Sydney. The fountain was commissioned as a memorial to soldiers who died in 1942 during the Second World War in two battles at El Alamein, Egypt. Bob Woodward the famous Australian architect designed the fountain. The fountain looks like a large thistle with water spray forming a large dome over the structure. My wife says it looks like a dandelion puff made out of water.

The best time to view the fountain is right before the sun goes down. The almost darkness makes the water of the fountain really pop. In the evening the fountain is illuminated but rather difficult to photograph well.

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Jul 23, 2010
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Visit the "Cross!"

Kings Cross in inner Sydney is a hive of activity, probably more so at night than during the day!! During the day it is a pleasant area to stroll through, abundant with interesting characters and plenty places to eat. During the night ... well ... Im sure I dont have to tell you that this place literally comes alive at night time. It is "Strip Club Central" and probably not too wise to wander in this area by yourself at night, probably not during the day either!!! You must be very wary and careful while visiting Kings Cross, especially at night where muggings are common, but also during the day.

Kings Cross is in Darlinghurst Road, only a very short drive or train ride from central Sydney.

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Dec 07, 2009

An Interesting Part of Sydney

We were told that Kings Cross was the seedy part of Sydney and to be careful. I didn't think it was that bad. Yes there are some undesirables at night and some rowdy people outside of pubs but nothing I hadn't seen in New York. It seemed tame to me even with the strip clubs and sex shops.

Kings Cross has a variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and interesting characters. The main focus of the "Cross" is the large Cocoa Cola sign which is a good landmark when meeting up with people.

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Jul 27, 2009

The heart of nightlife

Kings Cross is Sydney's most vibrant spot especially during the night. However, it is also very lively during the day. Many cafes, restaurants and bars are located here to choose from. Backpackers stay around this area as cheap accomodation is available. The famous Coca-Cola sign is just around the corner. Evening hours are best for people watching.

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May 24, 2009

Kings Cross.

Kings Cross

Once the bohemian center of Sydney, it is now a mixture of prostitution, drug dealing, police corruption, trendy restaurants and nightclubs. Kings Cross remains today as the suburb that never sleeps. With all its sleaziness it still holds many fine restaurants and excellent nightclubs for all ages.

Situated 1.5km east of the city, it is easily reached by public transport, buses and trains run regularly from the city and Circular Quay. Although it's a crime related area mostly it is safe to visit at night. It is now home to the new dance club scene with over forty small sophisticated bars offering seductive cocktails and upbeat music.

Basic rules apply to this suburb as in any red-light district of the world. Don't walk down lonely dark alleys or lanes alone, ignore those whom pester and persist, watch your drink at all times as spiking can occur in this area.

The "Cross" which is locally known refers to the major intersection formed by William Street and Darlinghurst Street which also displays Sydney's famous icon the flashing Coke- a Cola neon sign. You will also find a large supply of backpacker hostels and budget accommodation mostly in this area. It attracts a fascinating diversity of people from budget travelers, colourful characters, tourists, bohemians, businessmen, artists, writers, sailors, and trendy locals. Kings Cross is a fun place if you ignore the sleazy underworld and really is a must do to see, even if its for a quick nightcap at one of Sydney's best nightclubs.

Trains: or call 131500 Buses:


le panic - 20 Bayswater Road The Bourbon - 24 Darlinghurst Road Peppermint lounge - 281 Victoria Road

Soho Bar - 171 Victoria Street Iguana Bar - 15 Kellet Street Jimmy Links - 188 Victoria Road

Moulin Rouge Downunder - 39 Darlinghurst Road Lotus - 22 Challis Ave Hugo's Lounge - 33 Bayswater Road

Baron's Bar - 5 Roslyn Street Tonic - 62-64 Kellet Street.

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Oct 08, 2007
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"What do you do with your weekend?"
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"A Ramble around Sydney"
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"Love Those Sydneysiders"
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"Sydney - For the discerning tourist"
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Kings Cross

King's Cross is Sydney's redlight district with a couple of strip joints lining up on Darlinghurst Road. Apart from that it's also a good place to stay with lots of backpackers (especially on Victoria Street) and nice restaurants.
Some people say it's quite dangerous and indeed you see some shady figures around, but I stayed there every time i visited Sydney and never had any problems.

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Apr 09, 2006

Kings Cross

King's Cross has for a long time been known to most Australians as the drugs and red light capital of Australia.
The strip clubs, topless waitresses, adult bookshops and tacky nightclubs are still there, but small, trendy cafes have sprung up on the fringes of the Cross that are attracting a different type of visitor. The Cross is most sleazy at night, when the bright lights come on and the action hots up. During the day it can look a lot lessYou will see some pretty strange sights around the Cross, an area frequented by people from all walks of life, and although generally it is OK to look, don't stare or make snide remarks as this could land you in trouble.

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Sep 08, 2005

Be Careful !!!!

The red light district in Sydney is a very seedy and somewhat shady area at all times of the day !!! A Hyatt hotel at the very entrance makes it's somewhat misleading !!!! Stay away from the alley's and stick to the main drag and you should be OK......avoid the various characters trying to sell you all types of drugs, don't make eye contact and just ignore them !!!!

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May 26, 2004

Kings Cross

I'm sure there are plenty of cultured, high society aspects to Sydney, but as a group of young tourists half a world away from our parents we naturally matriculated to Kings Cross, the Bourbon Street of Australia. There you can find all kinds of craziness and debauchery.

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Apr 24, 2004

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