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Brisbane Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour
"Hop on your double-decker bus at any of the 15 stops (see the Important Info tab) to begin your tour; your ticket is valid for 24 or 48 hours from first use depending on which option you choose. Enjoy onboard commentary that shares informative det a sandstone building from 1872; the heritage-listed City Hall with its iconic clocktower also home to the Museum of Brisbane; and the Commissariat Store and Old Windmill that are the two remaining buildings of the city's convict era. Along Park Road you can peruse the cafes restaurants and boutiques or hop off at the Cultural Centre to take in art hubs like the Queensland Museum or the Performing Arts Centre. If the sea fascinates you hop off at the Maritime Museum one of the largest of its kind in Australia. Just around the bend you can find the South Bank Parklands which features the sandy Streets Beach
From AUD40.00
Brisbane Kayak Tour
"Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced paddler get out and discover Brisbane’s beautiful river city by kayak either day or night. Riverlife’s guided kayaking adventure sessions lets you see the city from a unique angle while you glide along the meandering Brisbane River!Day KayakingJu spills or chills there’s no better way to discover Brisbane’s river city.While you are out on the water have some fun in or out of your kayak. Try paddling while standing (gondola style) rafting in a line and walking on the kayak backs. pairing up and swapping kayaks kayak soccer surfing and basketball! Just ask your friendly instructors! Night KayakingDiscover Brisbane by night aboard an illuminated kayak. Embark on a unique journey with your friends past the dazzling South Bank promenade or marvel at the Story Bridge
From AUD45.00
Abseiling the Kangaroo Point Cliffs in Brisbane
"Step off the edge of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and into a vertical world! As you wait in anticipation to hear your name being called for your turn – stand back and enjoy the uninterrupted views of Brisbane and watch the city cats boats and kayakers skim across the meandering river!Let your experienced instructor’s help you conquer your fears and guide you safely over the edge while you experience the extreme rush of abseiling. With trust overcoming natural instinct you will be abseiling down the 20 metre high cliffs in no time.Abseiling sessions are guided by qualified and experienced instructors. No experience is necessary as each session includes full instruction a safety briefing and equipment. Participants must be at least 8 years of age and wear and use the safety equipment provided. Safety equipment includes a helmet harness rope and gloves."""
From AUD30.00

The DownUnder bar & grill Tips (5)

The DownUnder bar & grill: Wild bar, for students and backpackers

So after all of the reviews I read on this place, it sounded like a great place to meet singles, and have a wild, fun night out.
Unfortunately, my first night there, wasn't really as wild as people made it out to be...
Most of the people there, were there with a partner (their boyfriend, or girlfriend), and the guy/girl ratio was way out of balance for most of the night (it was a complete saussage fest, until about 12:30-1:30am).

After about 1am, a few more girls came in, and it wasn't so bad, but still, many of them were there with a partner already.

All in all, the place had nicer than average people there, and it was good to mingle with people of different cultures, all in one place.
The seats were nice, but the bar itself, was a bit average.
The dance floor definitely needs to be bigger! waaaay to crowded up there.

With all that said, this was on a Friday night, so there weren't any special events on (male strippers, girls night, wet t-shirt comps etc).

I'd imagine that the male stripper night, would bring allot more girls to the bar, so that might be worth attending.
while I would love to check out the wet t-shirt nights too, I have the feeling the overcrowding of hot stinky men, would probably outweigh the benefit of going that night lol... may as well go to a strip club...

As a last note, for those wondering if you need a student ID, I called them about this.
They said they only enforce the student ID's after about 10pm, so if you arrive before 10pm, you should be fine to get in without student ID.

Dress Code The dress code is casual.
There were very few people there that were really dressed up.
I think this dress code adds to the laid back environment.
I don't think a majority of backpackers really take a whole lot of expensive dress with them anyway, when they travel lol...

May 19, 2012

The DownUnder bar & grill: Backpacker Central!!

Located under Palace Central Backpackers, this is the sort of place I usually do my best to avoid! In fact, the only reason I even bothered to venture in there was 'cause I was skint and had free drinks vouchers! It's very loud, very crowded, very sweaty and overun with backpackers trying to get drunk. It's also a bit of a meat market, and you can guarantee that at some point in the evening one of the bar staff will get on the microphone and run some kind of competition for a lucky backpacker to win free drinks, a free meal or if they're very lucky a free day trip. However, it seems to work, as even though most people profess to hating the place, they still go back night after night during their stay in Brisbane! On a plus side, the drinks here are ludicrously cheap and there's no cover charge, they also serve food, although I never ate here. Music played is very predictable charty stuff, and there's lots of dancing. If you're looking for a very cheap night out, or to meet some foreigners (you certainly won't meet any locals here!) then it's worth a shot, but in my opinion there are plenty of better places to go out in Brisbane.

Dress Code no special dress requirements

sunshinejo's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

The DownUnder bar & grill: Exclusively for students and backpackers...

Just a review for my own file...

The Australian Down Under Bar is where students and backpackers converge with most nights leading to raucous partying into the early hours.

With the bar situated under the heritage-listed Palace Backpackers building, locals have been known to suddenly disappear during the night only to be found the next day in one of the 350 hostel beds. They are usually suffering a hangover but have happily done their bit for improving Australian-international relations.

The venue doesn't go for fancy decor. Instead, it focuses on creating revelry through free kegs, weekly movie nights, games, and spontaneous cheap alcohol specials announced over booming loudspeakers.

Unfortunately, not every one is allowed into the venue - you must be card-carrying students or legitimate backpackers.

HOURS: Mon-Sun 12:00am-3:00am

Dress Code Dressed at the beginning of the night... naked at the end ;-)

Tripack's Profile Photo
Aug 15, 2005

The DownUnder bar & grill: DownUnder Bar

If youre backpacking, you'll have heard of the DownUnder Bar way before getting to Brissy!
Its in the centre of town at the Palace backpackers. Its a big bar with a DJ, pool tables, a dance floor and food is served cheap. It closes around 3/4am and has a real good party atmosphere! You may need your passport to get in(or some form of ID).

littlebush's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2003
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The city has mostly cheesy...

The city has mostly cheesy teeny nightclubs, although one bar, the Down Under Bar, has quite a bit of atmosphere. It also has a backpacker's next to it, and only backpackers and students are allowed in....but maybe this has changed. The Valley is definately worth a try...the Beat, the press club (which can be a bit choosy about who they let in) and the a few others in the area are a good start. Rick's is a bar with nice alternative music and is always popular. You can pop next door for food at any time of day.
The Beat is a gay bar, and has a dance troupe at 11pm or so and another at 2am I think...they are great fun to watch (downstairs bar). Upstairs tends to be a bit more ABBA.

Dress Code Dress shiny and to dance!! No suits and ties, no RM Williams, don't button up your shirt too high. No sandshoes either! They want hip!

Aug 26, 2002

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