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Brisbane Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour
"Hop on your double-decker bus at any of the 15 stops (see the Important Info tab) to begin your tour; your ticket is valid for 24 or 48 hours from first use depending on which option you choose. Enjoy onboard commentary that shares informative det a sandstone building from 1872; the heritage-listed City Hall with its iconic clocktower also home to the Museum of Brisbane; and the Commissariat Store and Old Windmill that are the two remaining buildings of the city's convict era. Along Park Road you can peruse the cafes restaurants and boutiques or hop off at the Cultural Centre to take in art hubs like the Queensland Museum or the Performing Arts Centre. If the sea fascinates you hop off at the Maritime Museum one of the largest of its kind in Australia. Just around the bend you can find the South Bank Parklands which features the sandy Streets Beach
From AUD40.00
Brisbane Kayak Tour
"Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced paddler get out and discover Brisbane’s beautiful river city by kayak either day or night. Riverlife’s guided kayaking adventure sessions lets you see the city from a unique angle while you glide along the meandering Brisbane River!Day KayakingJu spills or chills there’s no better way to discover Brisbane’s river city.While you are out on the water have some fun in or out of your kayak. Try paddling while standing (gondola style) rafting in a line and walking on the kayak backs. pairing up and swapping kayaks kayak soccer surfing and basketball! Just ask your friendly instructors! Night KayakingDiscover Brisbane by night aboard an illuminated kayak. Embark on a unique journey with your friends past the dazzling South Bank promenade or marvel at the Story Bridge
From AUD45.00
Day or Night Brisbane Segway Tour
"Glide spin and twist your way around Brisbane on a Segway. Cruise past the spectacular views of the Story Bridge South Bank The Botanic Gardens and the Brisbane River. With the Segway’s incredible maneuverability intuitive control and precise deceleration you’ll be the most cutting edge thing on two wheels.The Segway tours are guided by qualified and experienced instructors. No experience is necessary as each session includes full instruction a safety briefing and all equipment. Participants must wear and use the safety equipment provided by Riverlife. Safety equipment provided: helmet and high visual jacket."
From AUD59.00

Australia Zoo Tips (12)

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo is located in the Australian state of Queensland on the Sunshine Coast near Beerwah/Glass House Mountains. It was established under the name of Beerwah Reptile Park by Bob and Lyn Irwin in 1970. Bob's son Steve - aka 'The Crocodile Hunter' - made the park a popular tourist attraction and changed the name to Australia Zoo. The zoo is a member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association. Unfortunately Steve died in 2006 but his widow Terri keeps the zoo running. Australia Zoo won the Australian Tourism Awards for 2003-2004 in the category Major Tourist Attraction and in 2004 the first Animal Hospital was opened. The hospital was upgraded in 2008.

The main feature of the park is the Crocoseum featuring Steve's first love - crocodiles. It also hosts bird and snake shows. The main exhibits (apart from the crocodiles) are of course Australian native animals. There is a large kangaroo and wallaby enclosure where the animals love being hand fed. There are South East Asia exhibits including Tigers, Elephants, Small Clawed Otters and Komodo Dragons.

I love Australia Zoo because it is so well kept and clean. The animal enclosures are roomy and clean and the staff are always Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful.

al2401's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2011

Home of the crocodile hunter...

Almost exactly one hour's drive north of Brisbane, Australia Zoo is well worth a visit for locals and tourists alike.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Zoo and its operations due to the untimely passing of its superstar owner, conservationist and croc hunter, Steve Irwin. Fortunately the Zoo doesn't disappoint visitors drawn by Steve's massive appeal with its fantastic furry and reptilian inhabitants.

The Zoo has expanded over the last few years to include tigers and Asian elephants and a state-of-the-art crocoseum to house its daily croc and other wildlife shows. Terri Irwin herself led the croc show on my most recent visit in January 2008. In addition to these new animals, the Zoo still houses its Aussie attractions including a number of the crocs featured in Steve's movies and documentaries. Other Aussie animals include native snakes and lizards, wombats, kookaburras, tasmanian devils and of course koala's and kangaroos.

There is also a food court which is very well run with a wide selection of food and drinks and other small attractions (merry-go round, face painting etc) to keep the kids entertained. Australia Zoo staff also wander round the Zoo throughout the day with animals in tow which allow visitors to have a first hand look and at times, touch, of these beautiful animals.

What really impressed me about this Zoo was how clean all the animal exhibits and park was and how happy and healthy the animals seemed. Admission price when I visited in Jan 2008 was $53 adult, $31 child with some discounted family packages available. All in all - a great day out for the whole family!

Colzy's Profile Photo
Jan 09, 2009

Check out Australia Zoo

Check out Australia Zoo - it's the WILDEST show on Earth!

The Irwins eat, sleep and live for wildlife. "Our love, passion, and devotion is to educate and share with the world our magnificent - often threatened or sometimes threatening - wildlife. Our job in this world is to bring misunderstood and feared animals (as well as the cute and cuddlies) right into your house, so that we can share and learn about the world's wildlife."

Check back with us as our Amazing Animals section continues to grow. We have hundreds of animals here at Australia Zoo and will continue to add them over the coming weeks

We pack in stacks of wildlife action every day and move at a great rate of knots – there are always plenty of exciting wildlife shows to see, friendly zoo keepers to chat with and heaps of drop-dead gorgeous animals that can't wait to get up close and personal with YOU!

happy_journey's Profile Photo
Aug 09, 2008

Home of the Crocodille Hunter

About an hour out of Brisbane in a place called Beerwah, is the late Steve Irwin's (aka: Crocodile Hunter) Australia Zoo. The Zoo has a lot of interesting animals, ranging from crocs (of course) to an albino kangaroo to camels. I recommend this park to anyone, but if you are going further north, I would also recommend the Billabong Sanctuary outside of Townswille, where you will be able to hold Koalas, wombats and even a little croc :)

SailorRoar's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2007
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Australia Zoo

I took a special bus out to the zoo, that's run by a bloke that used to work in the zoo. On the way over and back, you can watch movies from when Steve was young and chasing lizards, when he met Terri and nearly got eaten by a croc and all the bloopers. It's called CC's Croc Connections and I booked it from my hostel, I haven't got any other info.
The Zoo itself is beautiful. All the enclosures are really big and clean. There's a crocoseum with 5000 seats, where you can see croc, tiger and bird shows. I've also fed an elephant there and there's a turte that's been found by Charles Darwin. There are caretakers walking around with dingoes and baby crocs, so you can see them up close and ofcourse you can walk thru a paddock with kangaroos and koala's. It's a great day out!
Unfortunately the owner of this zoo, Steve Irwin, died in a freak accident getting stung by a sting ray. The zoo won't be the same without him.

didgeridorien's Profile Photo
Sep 11, 2006


Steve Irwin's Australian Zoo is top of many peoples list of places to visit. It's not cheap ($43 adult) so make sure you've got plenty of time to wander around the whole zoo and enjoy your time there.
It's a very professionally run place as you realise from the moment you enter the car park. You are directed to the parking area by a person....not just a sign.
Make sure you get a map as you enter, saves you wandering aimlessly. Also enables you to plan your day around the show times.
We were drawn to the crocodile show by the noise. The "CROCOSEUM" is a huge stadium area (would hate to be there if it was full). Unfortunately we didn't see Steve Irwin himself, but those guys handling the crocs were great anyway. Very informative.

Check on the net for discount vouchers...they are there!! Try googling "australia zoo+discounts" . I printed the vouchers out, took them with me and threw the staff into confusion, but I got the discount :)

aussiejen's Profile Photo
Aug 12, 2006

Get there early

There are 4 live shows that kicks off from 11am so make sure you get to Australia Zoo in time. If you're taking the train from Brisbane, then it's best to take either the 8.06am or the 8.42am train. When you get to Beerwah station, there'll be a shuttle bus to take you to the zoo.

UKDaisy's Profile Photo
Feb 18, 2006


Australia Zoo is located on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast near the Glasshouse Mountains. Just 45 minutes North of Brisbane on the Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Drive, is the home of some of Australia's most unique and amazing wildlife, as well as, some interesting animals from overseas. Your visit to the home of "THE CROCODILE HUNTER" will definitely thrill and amaze you!

There are daily (feeding) shows from 10 am daily thru 3:30pm each and every day, and make the day more memorable when you attend these.

My day here at Australia Zoo was something I had been looking forward to for quite a long time and the day exceeded my expectations. Get there early to see the crocodile feeding demonstrations. The zoo grounds are huge, bigger than I expected.

The food court was AMAZING. Great view, good food and quite affordable. The variety of food choices was EXCELLENT. The souvenirs were outrageously high priced though. I just took pix of the souvenirs!

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Apr 14, 2005

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Australia Zoo - Home of the Corcodile Hunter

This is a must see activity for everybody who loves animals and specially for those who travel with children. This famous Zoo have specialized itself on Australian animals. They can offer camels, crocs, turtles, kangaroos, koalabears, snakes, wombats, wallaybys, otters, dingos, lizards, emus and much more!

The best thing about this Zoo is that you get go a little closer to the animals. You can by spesial food and feed the camels, kangaroos, emus and wallabys. There are also an own area where kangaroos and wallabys run free. Here you can pet or feed them as much as you want to! You can also pet the koalabears. Several times a day they have special shows with some of the animals. One thing you can't miss when you visit is the crocodile feeding. It is really exciting!

You can find an overview of the different shows and activities on their webpage. Here you will also find information about prices and how to get there. If you are i the near of Brisbane, Australia Zoo is well worth a visit!

Elibra's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2004

Welcome to the Irwin Home

For those of you who don't know Steve, he is one CRAZY guy!! He wrestles crocodiles with no fear. His nick name is "The Crocodile Hunter" His wife is canadian and has a little girl named Bindi.
He loves animals so much that he lives in the Australia zoo. It's a great experience if he is there one day.. you should go and see him in action.

RedEaredPanda's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2004


If you live under a rock and have never heard of Steve Irwin, look him up on the Internet.

If you've already heard of him, then you know why you've gotta see his Zoo.

Don't be fooled, not all Aussie blokes are like that nutcase haha!

Apr 06, 2004

Aussie mangerie

spend a day at australia zoo and meet all of australia's favourite animals

the kangaroos are good loafers and camera- wise

the only species not sighted was ...

.. steve irwin himself ....?!

SangAji's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2004

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