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Gabba Cricket Grounds Tips (5)

Cricket at the 'Gabba

First of all, to those of you who may not be cricket lovers and know nothing about the game, come along to an international match in a ground like this one and it will change your mind forever!!

The Brisbane Cricket Ground is situated in the suburb of Woolloongabba and from this Aboriginal place name it received its nickname... The 'Gabba. It is situated just south of the Brisbane CBD and not far from Southbank Parklands. It is a 37,600 seat venue and also hosts the AFL football during the winter months. Seeing the Aussie Rules footy live gives the game an awesome perspective that the TV doesn't do justice.

There is not really a bad seat in the house and if you are in Australia during the summer months I urge you to try and grab a ticket (usually around AUD$35) and witness an Aussie institution. There is no other feeling like the one as you sip your beer on the grandstand in the Aussie sun as the teams bat it out cheered on by the crowd doing Mexican Waves.

For all of you who are not educated about the game I'll give you a quick low down on the Aussie team who are currently regarded as the dominant team in world today. They have been World Champions in 1987, 1999, 2003 and 2007 and are considered to be almost unbeatable today. Best not to mention the Ashes a few years ago though :-)

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Aug 09, 2007

A day at the cricket

The Gabba, located in Woolloongabba, is a 37,600 seat oval sports venue, used predominantly for hosting Australian Football League (Aussie Rules) matches, national and international cricket events.

The venue is home to the Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club, Queensland Cricket Association, Queensland Cricketers' Club and the Queensland Bulls National Cricket team.

The Brisbane Cricket Ground is better known as "The Gabba" and comes from the suburb of Woolloongabba in which the ground is situated.

There are two theories about the meaning of the aboriginal words from which "Woolloongabba" is derived - "whirling water" or "fight talk place".

"The Gabba" dates back to 1895, when the land was designated as the site for a cricket ground.

The first event conducted at The Gabba was a cricket match between Parliament and the Press on 19 December 1896. The result was a tie (61 runs each).

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Jun 20, 2004

Go watch a Cricket match

The Brisbane Cricket Ground, given the nickname 'The Gabba' because of its location in the Brisbane suburb of Woolloongabba, is a mjor sports stadium in Brisbane. It is home ground to the Queensland Bulls state cricket team and the Brisbane Lions (Australian Football League). The new modern day/night stadium seats 42,000 all with unrestricted views of the playing area

The land has been used for cricket matches since 1895 but no interstate or international matches were played until 1931. Over the years, The Gabba has hosted athletics, Australian rules football, baseball, concerts, cricket, cycling, rugby league, rugby union, soccer and pony and greyhound races. Redevelopment of the grounds started in 1993 and the sixth and final stage was completed in 2005 at a cost of A$128,000,000.

I recently saw a day/night One Day International cricket match between Australia and England - and we won!

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Apr 15, 2011

Watch a live game of AFL (Football)

Aussie Rules football (AFL) is a totally different experience to Rugby League. It is a 360 degree game played on an oval field, with two main goal posts and another two posts at either side of the main posts. Goals between the two main posts score 6 points, and if the ball goes between a main post and a side post, it scores 1 point.

Brisbane's home team is the Brisbane Lions, who have won the 2001, 2002 and 2003 seasons. Brisbane's home ground is the Brisbane Cricket Ground, known as 'the Gabba'.

AFL is fast and fascinating game to watch, and the Gabba is a great venue. AFL has become extremely popular in Queensland, and the atmosphere is almost electric in the staduim, with huge crowds most of the season. Be prepared for vocal fans, lots of flags and other merchandise, and the occasional arguments between opposing team suporters. You've gotta love passion!

AFL goes for 4 quarters, each lasting between 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of the game the anthem of the winning team is played. When the players have left the field, an additional siren means you can run onto the field. There's always a race to see who can make it to the centre first. If you'd like to kick a football around the grounds and see how you'd go getting a goal from 50 metres, bring a ball and join the thousands of other people having a go.

Ticket prices for the AFL can be a bit steep, starting at $20 for General admission, and around $40 for terrace seats. Public transport runs overtime on game days, so check out the times in the local train or bus station you'll be coming from.

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Nov 29, 2003
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Gabba Cricket Ground

Gabba Cricket Ground is well known and just a short bus ride from the city. Not only cricket is played here but Aussie Rules football where the local team is the Brisbane Lions.

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Aug 03, 2003

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