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Hindley Street venues Tips (11)

Jive and other similar nights: Alternative/Indie Clubs and 60s clubs in Adelaide

Wow some really uninformed reviews here, but as a local and promoter I can give you the real deal on nights out in Adelaide that DON'T involve the usual dance music/hip hop or top40/urban beats you hear at any club around the world. We don't feel the need to advertise on mainstream forums because that's not our market, so many of the best clubs are more a secret known by locals. Here are the main nights out and a brief description of each;
JIVE: Live music venue and after 11.30pm on a Saturday hosts Gosh!, Adelaide's biggest and one of Australia's biggest indie clubs. If 300 people going mental to Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, Foals, Killers etc is your thing this is where you will find it. Modest $5 cover charge. Also hosts DiG on the first Saturday of the month, one of Australia's biggest nights of 60s music.
RHINO ROOM: Hosts comedy but afterwards once a month is Transmission, a similar indie night to Gosh! but on a Friday, and smaller capacity venue, still only $5 though!
THE AUSTRAL: Every Wed from 9.30pm is a night of 50s/60s music, more of a sit and drink then a club but worth a look.
THE KINGS HEAD: Friday nights every few weeks is a night of indie/60s/all things alternative or retro. See the pub site for details.
THE WELLINGTON HOTEL: This is a new one, but every Sunday from 2pm, is a day of 50s/60s/early 70s music for a sit down and eat/drink day out. Lovely setting opposite Wellington Square Nth Adelaide.
JACK RUBY: Soul nights with a live band on Saturdays every few weeks, check the pub site for details.

Dress Code No discrimination here, just don't look like you've crawled out of a dumpster (unless its clean of course) or dress head to toe in sporting attire.

Nov 07, 2013

Hindley Street venues: JOKE

Adelaide night life is a JOKE!! Stay out of hindley ST!! It is a mess. I mean I've lived in adelaide all my life and i can not think of anywhere else that is a ***hole.. It is a mess, disgrace and a total JOKE. And I'm more than happy to bag my own city because of how bad it is. Do yourself a favour and stay out of Adelaide and enjoy everywhere else but Adelaide!!

You will thank me later that is for sure!!

May 19, 2011

mile high night club hindley st: hindley st B E W A R E

I dont like to go to Hindley St unless Im going to the Horse or if im on a bender and want to kick on for a while, in that case I usually go to the Mile High club. Upon entering the Mile High, adjacent to the bar I noticed a door....I opened it and went inside, the door closed and I became aware I was the only non aboriginal person in there. I went to the door to leave and found myself at the very back of a place I didnt know how to get out of. Straight away I was welcomed by an old female friend who was aboriginal. After talking for no longer than a few seconds I WAS KING HIT. It was a night club and of course very dark. The offender cracked me and ran off. Obviously I wanted to find out who this gutless person was, but was quickly talked into leaving before I had them all onto me as it is usually the case

I want to be let it known stay away from this place!!!. Thanks must go the people who would have witnesed this and came to my aid. (none) No wonder these people get a bad name..

I dont understand why Mile High would have this door being able to open, knowing theres nothin but trouble and no way of getting out without having to walk from the back of the place and upstairs to the front.....

Dec 11, 2007

Enigma Bar: Music/gig venues

Enigma, smack bang on Hindley St, city, just west of Morphett St. Bands from all around heard here. Not too big, upstairs, small bar, a low stage, easy to fall on, but pulls good crowds to many metal/rock/hardcore/grunge gigs. Most gigs are on Friday or Saturday nights, and tix can often be purchased at the door or, for bigger bands, at venutix. To see a more well known band could set you back maybe $15-20 or so.. maybe less. it varies. Local bands play there too- some for EP launches and the like- costs about $5-12. Some gigs are 18+, but many are not. Minors have to be out by midnight.

Dress Code Anything really! Most of the folk are somewhat 'alternatively' dressed. So if your friend invites you to a metal gig, try wear some closed in shoes and something dark. A pink mini skirt and heels will get you a lot of stares!! But otherwise, no one cares, they are there for the music, not the fashion.

Bethpegs's Profile Photo
Dec 31, 2006
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Jive: Live Music: Jive

Genre: Indie pop/rock/lowfi/altcountry.

Music venue by night student pub by day.

Large sized stage, great PA has a mezzanine area.

Beer on tap. Small to medium capacity, almost never too crowded.

Friendly staff (even the security!) Relaxed atmosphere
More of a venue than pub.

Almost always cover charge.

Dress Code casual

Helium_Teapot's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2005

Mile High Club: Secret all-night dance club in the West End

Not many people know about this place, but it's a gem because after all the other clubs have closed, this little beauty is usually still kicking on until morning - it opens at 3am. Hidden away in the top floor of a building called Basement, you will have to brave a walk along the the seedier part of Hindley st to get there (it's worth it, be brave) but at 5am you're probably just concentrating on walking straight anyway... :) The seats, complete with traytables, are all taken from an old aeroplane, and every once in a while a stewardess will take your drink order. This place is TINY and if you can get a seat, power to you, but if not just break out on the dance floor to the excellent dance music. Or take a breather on the mini balcony out the back.

Dress Code None.

Dec 27, 2002

Minke Bar: Club Paradise in Adelaide

Minke is about as close to club perfection as you can get in Adelaide. Having said that, it does have its off nights (but doesn't everywhere?). Multi levels of music cater to most people's tastes, with a heavy focus on funk and hip hop on the ground floor and techno, trance and d&b on the top floor (also called Skylab). One door price (usually about $10, more expensive than most clubs) will get you into both levels. Stays open until about 5-6am on Fri/Sat.

Dress Code No particular dress code, but avoid thongs and shorts and touristy clothes.

Dec 27, 2002

Mojo: Go hard, chill out, chat, drink - do anything here

Mojo is gaining popularity in the West end - it's a bit divorced from the other places so it's easy to miss it. You can go nuts on the dancefloor (if you can get on it) to hip hop or fairly hard dance music, you can chill out in the two couch areas, or go outside to the beer garden to cool off. If you're out for a night of clubbing in the West end you have to try Mojo out.

Dress Code Guys: Anything that looks vaguely 'street' will get you in no worries. Avoid shorts and sneakers, and anything touristy looking.
Girls: Anything goes.

Dec 27, 2002

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Supermild: Mellowed-out 70s grooves...

Set underground, Supermild is a very small, very groovy little club. Opening around 9pm and closing very, very late, it's a good place to either start or end your evening. 1970s decor and music, a small dancefloor, dj booth and cosy seating setup, this place is an Adelaide retro favourite (although the mainstream nightclubbers are starting to find it now, so it can get a bit weird at times...). The music is for dancing, but it's always on the more mellow side; definitely no hardcore clubbers to found here. Fantastic cocktails menu, and free water on the bar for all - what great guys! Definitely open Friday and Saturday nights, not sure about mid week.

Dress Code No dress code, but if you really want to look like you 'fit in' then either go for the street/skater look or some understated 70s vintage.

Dec 27, 2002

Worlds End: The best pub in Adelaide

Set in Adelaide's ultra-cool-but-not-showing-it-off West End, this pub is excellent all day long. During the day it's fantastic for a bite to eat or a drink, either out on the street people watching, in the front bar, the pool room or the shady beer garden. At night it's a popular meeting place for almost everyone going out in the West end. Their food is fantastic value (you can get a great meal for about AU$6 - $12), the staff are friendly (they look scary but they're not) and the music is generally hip hop or funk (depending on what night you go). The crowd is always a mix, ranging from dressed-up posers to the multi-pierced, ultra-alternative types.

Dress Code Definitely no dress code. Anything goes in here.

Dec 27, 2002

Cargo: Funky dancing at Cargo

This place is an old Adelaide favourite in the newly-established West End district that still pulls in the crowds after dark. It's open mid week but it's most pumping on Friday and Saturday nights, and you should pick your night depending on what you want. Friday nights are generally a bit less busy than Saturdays, with funky, happy bass-driven dance music. The crowd is cool. Saturday nights the place is packed, the crowd is quite young (18-25) and everyone is wearing the 'latest' fashions. The music is harder techno and trance. Gues which one I like best... :)

This place usually stays open until about 5am.

Dress Code No strict dress code as such, but use your common sense. Don't wear thongs and a dirty old t shirt. Sneakers and jeans are fine. Saturday nights tend to be a bit more 'fashion conscious' so if you want to pick up then you'd better dress up to the nines. :)

Dec 27, 2002

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