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Paterson Inlet Cruise including Ulva Island from Stewart Island
"Discover Stewart Island from the water on a leisurely cruise of beautiful Paterson Inlet and a guided walk in Ulva Island Wildlife SanctuaryThe cruise will showcase some of Paterson Inlet’s stunning scenery with its hidden coves and unspoiled bea provides informative commentary and is more than happy to answer questions. While on board keep a look out for fur seals and penguins – we see a lot of them around this area.Paterson Inlet is home to renowned wildlife sanctuary Ulva Island and we’ll stop there for a 45 minute guided walk. The island is home to weka (native woodhen) bush robins rare saddlebacks and yellowheads amongst other species. It is also a protected habitat for some of New Zealand’s rarest plant species. A regular highlight is to encounter an inquisitive weka on the beach. For the remainder of the cruise around Pa relax on board our modern catamaran and enjoy the coastal scenery before heading back to base."""
From NZD95.00
Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sound Helicopter Flight from Te Anau
"Departing from Te Anau airport head west over Lake Manapouri for Dusky Sound. Passing over head New Zealand's famous hydroelectric power station at the West Arm.Tracking along a glacier carved valley you will cross from the East coast of New Zealand to the West coast and into Dusky Sound. A remote alpine landing will show you how isolated this part of Fiordland is and also how beautiful and untouched the mountains are. You are welcome to take as many you make your way towards Doubtful Sound and its many arms which meander off the main Fiord. Another landing in Doubtful Sound brings more great photo opportunities.Once again crossing the Southern Alps heading East this time back to Te Anau Airport you will have views of Lake Manapouri and the Kepler Mountains."""
From NZD1,025.00
Doubtful Sound Scenic Helicopter Flight from Te Anau
"Your Doubtful Sound Flight will take off from Te Anau Airport. Transfers can be provided from Te Anau or Manapouri to the airport to ensure peace of mind during your experience. Once airborne you will fly over Lake Manapouri towards the Fiordland Mountains.These dramatic mountains rise vertically in places and create a barrier between the east coast and the west coast of New Zealand. Once across the main divide Doubtful Sound will present itself in magnificent fashion reaching from Deep Cove where a power station on Lake Manapouri pours fresh water through the mountains into Deep Cove to the Tasman sea which separates New Zealand from Australia.A remote alpine landing will be a highlight of the trip
From NZD495.00

More Local Customs in Macquarie Island


Macquarie Island Expeditioners – 40 years on!

I’ve mentioned the importance placed on Midwinter celebrations by former Antarctic expeditioners. That leads on to reunions and, somehow, 40 years have passed since my year with a bunch of other...
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Chasing balloons – new style

Through the kindness of the 2005 Met Office staff, I was able to watch the preparation and launch of the morning balloon. As a comparison with the previous tip, here’s how it’s now done.The first...
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Chippy’s Church

Notice that nice pointed roof on the cream coloured building in the centre of the main photo? That’s “Chippy’s Church”, and the ‘gothic’ roofline may have something to do with the religious overtone....
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Chasing balloons – old style

The meteorological office has released the main balloon flight of the day every morning since the station opened in 1948. Of course, during that time the technology has changed considerably.Back in...
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Somewhere in the mid-1960s, a tradition of performing a pantomime version of ‘Cinderella’ at Midwinter commenced in Australia’s Antarctic stations. We didn’t have it at Mawson in 1966, but I gather it...
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