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Perth and Fremantle Bike Tours
"Swan Valley Wine TastingThis relatively short and easy tasting tour isn't just about wine. There are opportunities to taste some delicious cheeses chocolate sauces jams and the totally unbeatable Passion-fruit curd. Get off the busy main road through the valley and ride deserted back roads past the vines often full of grapes (and maybe try a grape or two). Perth City TourAn option that always surprises especially locals who think they know Perth. Perth has so many hidden jewels from amazing street art and quirky statues
From AUD75.00
Small-Group History of Fremantle Walking Tour
"Originally a fishing port Fremantle has reinvented itself over the years to become a vibrant hub for local artisans – from micro breweries to fashion designers to cafes all wrapped up in a lively music scene. Meet your guide at the Fremantle Visitors Centre and step back in time as you start your walking tour at the Town Hall which opened in 1887 and has remained largely unchanged. This magnificent building has not lost any of its grandeur and charm over the years and continues to be a great example of 19th-century architecture. Next wind your way down the narrow streets stopping for photo opportunities and a bit of storytelling from your guide and walk along the Cappuccino Strip
From AUD45.00
"History Culture and Heritage Walking Tour of Perth""Start your tour at the Perth Town Hall a beautiful example of Victorian Free Gothic architecture built by convicts in the 1860s and lovingly restored in 2005. With your guide walk past the Supreme Court and Stirling Gardens as you make your way down to the expansive Swan River and the Bell Tower one of Perth’s iconic waterfront attractions.From the Bell Tower walk back into the Central Business District to see some of Perth’s last remaining historical buildings. Admire the quaint shopping lane of London Court and the distinctive architecture of Trinity Church
From AUD45.00

Rottnest Island Tips (11)

Cycle & Bus Ride

On Rottnest Island, one can rent a bicycle and with the Bus ride option, return the bicycle at any one of the bus stop on the island and hitch a bus ride for the remainder of the journey. They provide a lockable bicycle chain for securing the bicycles.

Renting the bicycle comes with the helmet for safety reason. Selecting a good bicycle is also very important. Ensure the brakes are working properly and the tires are not worn out. You will be given a coupon for the bus ride, which you can hop on at any of the designated bus stops on the island.

While riding, a small colony of Quokkas came onto the road to greet us and we played with them for awhile until they retreated back to the shade of the bushes. Quokkas can be found almost anywhere on the island.

We rode from the east to the western end of the island and left the bicycles at the bus stop and hopped onto the bus. There a bus arrival schedule at every bus stop. The flies and cold strong wind can be annoying while waiting for the bus. The flies are everywhere and even when you are cycling, they follow you and continues to annoy you.

Boarding the bus was easy enough and we passed the coupon to the bus driver and told him that we left the bicycles at Stop 11. He doesn't seems to know how to react or do and returned the coupon to us.

We make it back to the rental office and passed the coupon to the sales. No problem at all.

walterwu's Profile Photo
Dec 22, 2014

Relax amongst sandflies and quokkas

The ferry to "Rotto" is really worth being taken to spend a couple of days on this tiny, enjoyable island.
It's very family-orientated, no traffic (no cars allowed - only bicycles!) and therefore as peaceful and quiet as you can just imagine.

But: Go and take a nose of flies on your own ! ))

kuere's Profile Photo
Jul 19, 2012

Island Summer...

Everyone at the Agency, where I work took, the day off a while ago and cruised over to our local island in the Indian Ocean called Rottnest.

We spent the morning bike riding to a secluded bay on the other side of the island for a champage breakfast and snokelling in the crystal clear waters of Little Paroket Bay.

After lunch and way too many bottles of champagne, the afternoon was spent playing pool at the hotel bar and relaxing under the date palms until the boat returned way to soon and took us back to Port Fremantle.

Gwynneth's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Diving trip to Rottnest Island

I went out with a local dive centre for a double dive day trip to Rottnest Island. After a 7.30am arrival at the Dive Shop we set out in a minibus towards Fremantle where we were to board a boat for Rottnest Island. The Island is quaint and quite peaceful. Excellent place to walk around or cycle. The diving was pretty good too. Lots of great swim-throughs and I saw several nudibranches. On the island you will see Quokkas (like a mini kangaroo) hopping around happily in the small "town". They are inquisitive buggers...and seem to have no fear of people. There are also peacocks wandering around everywhere. The local pub is an excellent place to spend a few hours and there is pizza shop next door that is worth a visit.

ChristopherBell's Profile Photo
Sep 16, 2006
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Quokka Island

This local inhabitants give their name to Rottnest Island. As the first observation by Dutchmans, Quokka was described as a kind of rat as big as a common cat. So the Island was named the Island 'Rotte nest' in Dutch (meaning 'rat's nest').

The Quokka is a small marsupial and looks like a Wallaby or Kangaroo. It's head is broad but short, with a dark stripe visible on the forehead. They have small, rounded ears covered by fur Its body has long thick shaggy fur normally coloured brown or grey flecked Its hind (Kangaroo like) feet are covered with stiff long hairs. The tail is relatively short and is fairly smooth with little hair on it.

By personal experience, they seem to be greedy, so remember PLEASE DO NOT FEED THEM! see also my warning tips to learn more about.

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Jun 29, 2006

The Quokka

The Quokka was first discovered by a Dutch man in1658 who wrote that it resembled an Asian civet cat, but with brown hair.Later in In 1696 someone else described the quokka as "a kind of rat as big as a common cat" and thus the island was named "Rotte nest" (meaning "rat's nest").

The Quokka is a marsupial about the size of a hare or domestic cat. They are less active during the day and use shrubs for shelter. They give birth after a gestation period of 27 days, in late summer, and the young quokka remains in the pouch until August or September and is then suckled for a further two months. The quokka takes about one and a half to two years to reach maturity.

keeweechic's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2005

Rottnest Island (Rotto).

Rottnest Island (Rotto) is a sandy island (11km long, 5 km wide) about 19 km off the coast of Fremantle. It was discovered by the Dutch and was named 'Rats Nest' because of what appeared to be king size rats on the island. These rats are in fact Quokkas which are native wallabies found only on the island. They are usually tame and quite friendly.

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Jul 26, 2004

Basking Seals

Strolling along the beaches you may also come across a sun baking seal. The little island offers a variety of activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, cycling, trampolining, golf and mini-golf. No cars are allowed on the island except essential vehicles however you can take a bus around the island on a tour.

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Jul 26, 2004
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"Keeweechic's Perth - Western Australia"
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"Nice Beaches Awesome Sunsets Stunning Wildflowers"
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"Here in Western Australia-Perth"
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"Perth...A Home Away From Home"
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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island
Just offshore from Perth, great place to wind down from the pressure of modern city life. The island is a popular place for scuba diving, swimming, sailing, golf and hiking. Rottnest Island is a nature reserve where all fauna and flora are protected. Named after the little quokkas (marsupial) which roam all around the island.
Take a ferry from either Barrack Street jetty in Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys.

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Oct 12, 2002

On The Island

The Tourist Centre is a must to stop at first when arriving to gather information and maps of the island. You can book tours here also.

Up to 500,000 people visit Rottnest Island each year.

keeweechic's Profile Photo
Jul 01, 2003

Rottnest island isnt really...

Rottnest island isnt really off the beaten path but is worth a look if you have time. Great beaches and a leisurely cycle around the island are a reward.Also, see the quokka's, as pictured here.

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Aug 24, 2002

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