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Perth and Fremantle Bike Tours
"Swan Valley Wine TastingThis relatively short and easy tasting tour isn't just about wine. There are opportunities to taste some delicious cheeses chocolate sauces jams and the totally unbeatable Passion-fruit curd. Get off the busy main road through the valley and ride deserted back roads past the vines often full of grapes (and maybe try a grape or two). Perth City TourAn option that always surprises especially locals who think they know Perth. Perth has so many hidden jewels from amazing street art and quirky statues
From AUD75.00
Small-Group History of Fremantle Walking Tour
"Originally a fishing port Fremantle has reinvented itself over the years to become a vibrant hub for local artisans – from micro breweries to fashion designers to cafes all wrapped up in a lively music scene. Meet your guide at the Fremantle Visitors Centre and step back in time as you start your walking tour at the Town Hall which opened in 1887 and has remained largely unchanged. This magnificent building has not lost any of its grandeur and charm over the years and continues to be a great example of 19th-century architecture. Next wind your way down the narrow streets stopping for photo opportunities and a bit of storytelling from your guide and walk along the Cappuccino Strip
From AUD45.00
"History Culture and Heritage Walking Tour of Perth""Start your tour at the Perth Town Hall a beautiful example of Victorian Free Gothic architecture built by convicts in the 1860s and lovingly restored in 2005. With your guide walk past the Supreme Court and Stirling Gardens as you make your way down to the expansive Swan River and the Bell Tower one of Perth’s iconic waterfront attractions.From the Bell Tower walk back into the Central Business District to see some of Perth’s last remaining historical buildings. Admire the quaint shopping lane of London Court and the distinctive architecture of Trinity Church
From AUD45.00

Wave Rock Tips (13)

On to Wave Rock: Corrigan Dog Cemetery

Day trip to Wave Rock via Feature Tours. Rate was A$115 circa 2001.

The first stop was actually the township of York, where everybody gets off for a toilet break and loaded up with the precious drug called caffeine. Really nothing much to say about York except that it had a very beautiful Town Hall.

And then it was on to on-and-on-and-on stretches-to-the-horizon carpets of wheat field. It really got monotonous after a while and my mate was grumbling where the hell we were heading to.

Just as we thought we will go raving mad looking out at the ocean of gold, the bus stopped at this Dog Cemetery. THUD!! I think we hit the lowest point EVER for a sight to see for a day-tour. Sorry to the dog lovers out there but to see a cemetery that farmers had dedicated to man's best friend (even though the idea was very novel and heart-warming)?? I wouldn't even care to see a cemetery for man ourselves.

Truly, I think this is a spot that would find some resonance among dog lovers only.

I REALLY thought this was a tourist trap.

Apr 04, 2011

On to Wave Rock: Hippo's Yawn

Day trip to Wave Rock via Feature Tours. Rate was A$115 circa 2001.

This cave is about 500m from Wave Rock and was a stop before we actually arrive at Wave Rock. It is so called because it resembles a hippopotamus yawning!

Apr 04, 2011

On to Wave Rock: Wave Rock itself

Day trip to Wave Rock via Feature Tours. Rate was A$115 circa 2001.

Finally, after travelling almost 4 hours and seething with rising frustration, me & my mate made it to the place we had wanted to see.

The natural phenomenon featured a 110 metres long gravity-defying mound of granite rising 15 meters above ground into the air like a wave about to break. Here, we have an Aboriginal guide who explained to us the significance of Wave Rock and the many surrounding features to Aboriginal culture and history.

We also get to climb up onto Wave Rock and take a walk. From atop Wave Rock, one could see the surrounding panaroma.

Apr 04, 2011

On to Wave Rock: Mulka's Cave

Day trip to Wave Rock via Feature Tours. Rate was A$115 circa 2001.

The last major stop of the day tour. Mulka's Cave is prominent because of the discovery of ancient and precious Aboriginal paintings inside the cave thus providing a rare glimpse to history around Hyden. (It is a pity that the cave has been vandalised in recent times, evident by the modern copycats painted on the outside of the caves)

Legend of Mulka's Cave:
The name Mulka comes from an Aboriginal legend associated with the cave. Mulka was the illegal son of a woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden according to their law.

It was believed that as a result of breaking these rules she bore a son with crossed eyes. Even though he grew to be an outstandingly strong man of colossal height, his crossed eyes prevented him from aiming a spear accurately and becoming a successful hunter.

Out of frustration it is said Mulka turned to catching and eating human children, and he became the terror of the district. He lived in Mulka's cave, where the imprints of his hands can still be seen, much larger and higher than that of an ordinary man.

Apparently, his mother became increasingly concerned about him. When she scolded him for his anti-social behaviour he turned on his own mother and killed her. This disgraced him even further and he fled his cave, heading south.

The Aboriginal people of the area, outraged by Mulka's behaviour, then tracked down this man who had flouted all the rules. They caught him near Dumbleyung, 156km south west of Hyden, where they speared him to death. Because he did not deserve a proper ritual burial, they left his body to the ants: a grim warning to those who break the law.

Apr 04, 2011
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Perth to Adelaide tour 21 st December....

we are a Swiss couple and would like to share the car rental cost with 2 more people for an approx. 9 day tour from Perth to Adelaide!
T.:(08) 94332727 from 17th - 21st Dec. ask for Mark

Dec 06, 2008

Hyden Wave Rock

The famous Wave rock is just 2-min walk from the main entrance. We took the standard Waverock photos and follow the path to reach the Hippo's yawn. Dont forget to make a big yawn when you went there! Along the path, there were different types of lichen, foliage and crusty one. We then walked along the salt lakes where there was a mini airport there. We also visited the cave of Mulka where the Aborigines left their handprints there. But the signage to the walk was not clear so we toured our way back.

sevenlulu's Profile Photo
Nov 01, 2007

Wave Rock

Wave Rock is located 340 kilometres and four hours' drive south-east of Perth
It is a natural land formation shaped like a huge collapsing wave, rising 15 metres above the ground and stretching more than 100 metres in length.

Experts believe the rock is around 2700 million years old. It's likely that this remarkable shape was caused by the weathering of the rock when the area was once under the sea. The unusual shape has been highlighted by vertical streaks of algae which grew on the surface of the 'wave', forming dark brown and black stains.

Best thing to do is get an aboriginal guide. It doesn't take long to see but they will tell you the aboriginal legends surrounding the area which is very interesting.

Twenty minutes away from Wave Rock is another historical aretefact - Mulka's Cave, the home of Aboriginal rock engraving.

The cave walls hold inscriptions that are around 30 000 years old. The inscriptions give visitors an insight into how different the landscape was back then. One drawing depicts a sailfish, telling the tale of catching fish around these arid parts.

You can get many day tours from Perth, they also stop at the historic town of York for morning coffee and also at an unusual dog cemetary in the heart of the wheatbelt. Its a 12 hour round trip with up to 8 hours of driving so be prepared and bring drinks, snacks, cushions, entertainment or whatever you feel you need for a long journey. Its worth it tho the place is amazing.

mad4travel's Profile Photo
May 16, 2006

Wave Rock

A beautiful sight not to be missed. It is best taken as a daytrip out into the state.

However, remember to put on walking shoes, cos you'll have to walk some distance. Other than the wave rock, there's really nothing else to see and do in the area!

sunset_gal's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2003
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"Keeweechic's Perth - Western Australia"
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"Nice Beaches Awesome Sunsets Stunning Wildflowers"
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"Here in Western Australia-Perth"
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"Perth...A Home Away From Home"
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When you are traveling to...

When you are traveling to Perth, you should see the swan river, you can find black swan in the river. Don't forget Wave rock, but it takes 4 hours from Perth, you can reach by car or join the local tour.

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Sep 08, 2002

There is many tours and day...

There is many tours and day trips available from Perth to wonderful locations outside Perth. A must see, is Wave Rock, it is a truly stunning rock, that keeps you guessing.
If you are into water sports then Perth is the place for you. Swimming, Skiing, Diving, sailing are all readily available in some beautiful locations.

Skye34's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Wave Rock

For Australians it is not so far to visit Wave Rock nearby (just some hundred kilometers :o))).
Best is to go by car, but think of the driving-left-side! Wave Rock itself gives you an impression, what nature can create. Fantastic!

BlackPearl's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

On your way to or from...

On your way to or from Kalgoorlie, you may want to detour to check out Wave Rock. It has been formed like this over thousands of years of wear and tear, wind and rain.
It is sort of cool, but it is also an awfully long drive just for that and the flies are incredibly annoying.

carstenj's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

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