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  • View from Overlook
    View from Overlook
    by jmpncsu
  • View from our over water bungalow
    View from our over water bungalow
    by Sooze
  • Wedding Chapel
    Wedding Chapel
    by Sooze

Bora-Bora Things to Do

  • Island

    Eglise Evangélique de Polynésie Française: You see such signs quite a lot in French Polynesia and especially on Bora Bora, as here most people are protestant. The name of this nice church in Vaitape “Temple Ebene Ezera de Vaitape”. It is located on the mountain side of the main street, just some steps north of the shops, opposite the tender...

  • Excursion

    We chose to do our deep sea fishing excursion with Moana Adventures and I'm happy to say we did. Our guide, who was an American, but has lived on Bora Bora for more than 40 years was as friendly as he was knowledgeable about the history of Bora Bora. We enjoyed a half day experience that took us outside the reef. They picked us up at our hotel at...

  • Shark/Sting Ray Feeding

    We did the lagoonarium eco-tour, booked through our hotel, Sofitel. We did not actually go to the lagoonarium on this excursion, but it was probably my favorite thing we did in Bora Bora. We were picked up at the dock promptly at 9 AM and headed out around the island. The main tour guide was Steven "Spielberg", who loved to make movies. Steven,...


Bora-Bora Hotels

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Bora-Bora Restaurants

  • Bloody Mary's

    4 out of 5 stars

    I never demand or expect super fluffy bubbly service but a little common courtesy should be at least a minimum for a place like this. We made a special trip to visit this destination since we were not staying on the main island. We wanted to come for drinks during the evening but we first made a stop during an early day trip to main village. We...

  • The Bamboo House

    5 out of 5 stars

    The taste was amazing, the plating of each dish was totally mind blowing (They should attend the "Iron Chef" challenge and kich some butt!!), the recommendation by the host/owner was perfect, the place was nice and romantic, however we were sitting in the patio and it was a tiny bit windy. The desserts were unique, tasty, and beautifully plated....

  • La Bounty

    3 out of 5 stars

    An open air restaurant with 15 or so tables. Inexpensive compared to most of the restaurants in the area, but the meals were good. A friendly service, and casual atmosphere. At other restaurants, you pick 3 course meal, but here, a main dish itself fills you up. Sea food was good, but wasn't impressed by pasta dish.


Bora-Bora Nightlife

  • Honeymooner's Paradise

    To put it succinctly: there is no nightlife on this small is. After sundown some of the restaurants stay open till 9pm. However, beyond this the island shuts down--it was meant for lovers to be together in their room. Most eateries on this island have sand for floors. Formals would be a bit incongruent.

  • Star gazing

    At night, take a short walk on a beach or just go outside the room and look up the sky. You'd be amazed by the millions of beautiful shining stars and milky ways. I always enjoy looking at stars finding the big dipper, orion, Cassiopeia, etc. It's easy to find them in a city since you only see the brightest starts. But here, you see lots more. You...

  • Sunset

    And here it is, my best pic taken on the sunset cruise. That day there were quite some clouds, but nevertheless, we had a wonderful sunset.


Bora-Bora Transportation

  • Ferry

    Because most of the island's hotels are seperated from the actual island itself, the ferry system in Bora Bora needs to be very comprehensive. During our stay on the Bora Bora Nui, which is on a motu (island) off the main island that is home to Vaitape and other villages, we had to take the ferry into town if we wanted to get to an off-resort...

  • Bikes

    I had wanted to rent a scooter for our trip around the island but the company I contacted did not have any for rent, only cars and bicycles. Having seen the rates for cars, I chose the sporty option. There are companies, however, that have scooters for hire – and this BTW is the means of transport most locals use. You could try Fare Piti...

  • Scooter

    To explore the small island renting a scooter will do. We had one for 4 hours, which gave us plenty of time to go around the island. We paid 5000 CFP (42 EUR) per scooter which includes unlimited mileage and insurance. Gas is extra. Wearing a helmet is mandatory, though, and you need to show your driver's license.


Bora-Bora Shopping

  • Pareo

    The main shopping area is the village of Vaitape. However, I did not really buy anything there, and found shops along the main road outside Vaitape(I can't say off the beaten path because on BB there is only one "path"!).I bought great Gauguin pareos (huge!) at the Boutique Gauguin. You can't miss it , the giant cutout of Gauguin screams tourist...

  • Black Pearls

    There was a special phone at our hotel to call BPC for a free visit. They pick you up and bring you back. We had a short guided tour of the pearl farm, showing the various steps of pearl making. The visit, of course, ends up in the shop where you can buy pearls and jewels... But on the whole it was quite interesting, even if their first aim is...

  • Buy a map of Bora Bora

    It is alwaya useful to have a map when tou travel. This of the picture was in the strret and you do not have to buy it. maps free of charge


Bora-Bora Local Customs

  • Cemetary

    Touring the island, I saw a couple of churches but I was wondering where the deceased were, because I never saw a cemetary. Later, I found out that the deceased are buried at home. Very often you can see a little house or concrete block in the front yard of the house. This is a family grave.

  • Heiva

    I must say we were extremely lucky : festivities for the Heiva on Bora began while we were on the island. Every week-end, one village competed against another in terms of dancing and singing. (see my French Polynesia page for more info on the Heiva)We saw the song and dance contest between Faanui and Anau. That was a huge chance, providing the...

  • Mauruuru

    At the all tourist places, things are always in 3 languages, French, English, and Japanese! I had no idea about how popular this place was to Japanese. You hear "Mauruuru" a lot on the island, which means "thank you" in Tahitian language.


Bora-Bora Warnings and Dangers

  • Falling coconuts & sea cucumbers

    I was in Bora Bora with my ex-partner. The island is exquisite and one of the most beautiful places that I've ever seen. However, we were walking along the road, which is extremely narrow -- just a strip of land really -- from the Sofitel Motu to a small marche up the road from there, and he was almost hit in the head by a falling coconut.This...

  • Take double care on Rubbish Day

    We were on Bora on rubbish collection day which was a Monday. You see the orange truck in the background on this photo.Once the truck overtakes you, then you overtake the truck, and in the end the truck must have turned around (or it was a different truck) and came from the opposite direction, and overtook other cyclists and people on scooters –...

  • The Story about the Coconuts

    Some people – including here on VT – tell you about dangers and crime in Polynesia that the biggest danger is to be hit by a falling coconut.The warnings you get on site are different. I have also asked locals if they or their car has ever been hit by a coconut, and at least those said no. We have seen a coconut fall onto the road right in front of...


Bora-Bora Tourist Traps

  • Dive - Only if you like crowds

    If I were to go back to French Polynesia again, I would not go to Bora Bora. I am glad I visited there once, but I was unimpressed. Yes, it was beautiful, but it was overused. The diving was no fun, because there were just too many people in one place. There were at least 5 dive boats and a submarine all in one location when we dove. Little kids,...

  • "Archeological" Sites

    I would be very skeptical of the map when it mentions Archeological Site, and you decide to drive yourself to these sites. There are NO signs from the road telling you where to stop, where to start looking for the site, and what you might find at these sites. In one situation we did pull over, found this under the road pathway, and then came to...

  • Bora-Bora Hotels

    20 Hotels in Bora-Bora

Bora-Bora What to Pack

  • Items to bring or pay arm and leg...

    - Plastic bags to protect your camera or items from water or to store away your wet dirty clothes.- Beach bag. - Extra pair of sandal (my husband lost one of his sandal while wind surfing and it cost $31 for average plastic flip flop) - Cortizone (in case you have allergies)- Advil- Pepto Bismol- BandaidsMedical supplies are expensive. -...

  • sunscreen!!

    Bring water socks for the coral. Bora Bora is caual so unless you are planning a really fancy dinners, jusyt packs shorts, skirts and flip flops. Bring a sun hat a beach cover up because it is easy to get too much sun Bring extra sunscreen! If you are ther for a week, 1 person should empty an entire bottle of sunscreen at the minimum, or you are...

  • Snorkeling gear

    If you like to snorkel, then I highly recommend investing in or renting a "dry" snorkel. This type has a device at the top of it so if a wave comes over you or you dive you don't get a mouthful of water. Also if you wear glasses make sure you have a prescription mask that way you will be able to see clearly. Bora Bora does not have many of these...


Bora-Bora Off The Beaten Path

  • Sun relief pareos

    This unexpected delight is a couple miles down on the left from the dock. The vahine make handmade Pareos which are died and then color relief designs are made by placing cutout designs on the wet fabric and allowing the sun work its magic. They also make jewelry and if you are lucky some delicious food for you to taste.Just keep your eyes open for...

  • Grab a Hammock

    Although I am way too large to enjoy the relaxing sway of the wind while sitting in a hammock, I can definitely see the appeal. Sarah was able to find this one at our resort, and the view was spectacular. Grab your favorite book, put on your sunblock, and just enjoy!

  • The Grocery Store Matira Point

    The grocery store from the Sofitel Motu is just a short boat ride away to the sister hotel, Sofitel Marara, go throug the lobby and to the street, turn left and walk just a bit. Tiare market is just across from the Bora Bora Motel.Hours:Monday through Saturday:6:30am to 1:30pm3:00pm to 6:30pmSunday:6:30am to 1pm3pm to 6pmThe great bread goes...


Bora-Bora Sports & Outdoors

  • Diving

    We had a great experience with Topdive Bathys in Bora Bora. We did a two-tank dive that was only our second and third dives since being certified. The staff picked us up at our hotel and drove us to Vaitape where their main office is located. We got gear from them then got out on the boat and headed out. Our first dive with near Motu Tapu just past...

  • Snorkeling

    With only a mask, fins and a snorkel you can discover the wonderful underwater world of Bora Bora. Most fishes and other marine life are found between 1 and 3 meters deep. Just don't touch the coral reefs.

  • Topdive Bathys

    We had a great experience with Topdive Bathys in Bora Bora. We did a two-tank dive that was only our second and third dives since being certified. The staff picked us up at our hotel and drove us to Vaitape where their main office is located. We got gear from them then got out on the boat and headed out. Our first dive with near Motu Tapu just past...


Bora-Bora General

  • Underwater Life

    So just about everyone goes snorkeling in Bora Bora and enjoys seeing the amazing underwater life. But here's a tip to enhance the experience. While snorkeling near overwater bungalows, have your spouse or significant other go up on the boardwalks and drop bread crumbs in the water. Chumming the water causes a colorful of explosion of fish to come...

  • Flora

    The main citrus tree in the French Polynesian islands is “pamplemousse” – and you see it on this photo in the container in the foreground. Although closely related, grapefruit and pamplemousse – in English: pomelo, shaddock and pummelo – are not the same. In fact, a grapefruit is a cross of pamplemousse and orange. The cross of pamplemousse with a...

  • Beach



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    The most romantic place I have ever seen! The overwater bungalows, clear blue water and breathtaking views make Bora Bora a must for honeymooners, couples who want to get away or anyone looking to rekindle that old flame. This is the place!

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