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Port Vila Self-Guided Audio Tour
"Relax in the beautiful and culturally vibrant city of Port Vila located in the Republic of Vanuatu. This incredible audio tour will take you to Vanuatu Cultural Centre where you can learn about its traditions you'll also take an easy stroll through the stunning Waterfront that will provide you with great photo opportunities. You'll also see the Cenotaph the amazing Lookout Point a Cathedral Port Vila Markets and the famous Port Vila Post Office. This tour offers a great insight into the magic of Vanuatu and is the perfect way to make your stay unforgettable. Take a trip to paradise. As a self-guided audio tour you have the power to control your experience. Set the pace and take in the atmosphere. Your tour your way."
From $20.00
3-Hour Ash Me Tender Volcanic Spa and Massage from Port Vila
"Volcanic Ash is nature’s natural healer for dry and damaged skin. This treatment celebrates the many benefits of the rich mineral content of natural volcanic ash and clays. Because of these benefits volcanic therapies have long been used to treat skin di even skin. It’s also an anti-ageing remedy as it restores skin radiance and elasticity.Enjoy this wonderfully relaxing treatment with full body deep tissue massage using lava stones as the natural heat released from the lava stones eases muscle tension followed by a Volcanic Ash Scrub and Mud wrap Mineral Explosion Tub Bath and to finish a Magnesium Foot Soak and Foot Massage. Fresh tropical fruits and tea is served during the treatments."""
From $165.00
3-Hour Volcanic Signature Spa Package including Massage in Port Vila
"This indulgent Vanuatu spa package is one of our most popular spa treatments. It starts with a volcanic ash scrub and mud wrap to detoxify revitalize and refresh the body (includes a mini facial). The exfoliating qualities of volcanic ash will gently polish and rejuvenate your skin while being nourished by natural oils and butters. The full body massage that follows is a 1-hour rhythmic movements of our experienced Ni Vanuatu therapists induce deep relaxation and a feeling of total bliss. This is topped off with a 30-minute Coconut Cream Bath. Coconut is renowned for its restorative and skin enlivening qualities - simply&# hydrate and cleanse your body. The green tea and fresh tropical fruit platter that is served during these spa treatments is complimentary.""""Relax and enjoy a 3-hour volcanic signature spa package at a Port Vila Day Spa. This unique ""signature"" package includes a detox volcanic ash scrub and mud wrap. It also includes a deep tissue remedial full body massage and a relaxing coconut cream tub bath. Fresh tropical fruits and tea/water are served during this treatment and are complimentary."
From $140.00

More Things to Do in Hienghène


The Brooding Hen

Facing the Sphinx at the eastern side of the bay, the Hen is a far more interesting and readily recognizable rock. It has a very inviting sliver of beach on its left, if you could get hold of a boat...
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Goa Ma Bwarhat Cultural Centre

Just across the bay from the town centre, this place is well worth visiting.On its grounds stand traditional Kanak houses, carved posts, a carvers' workshop and most interestingly an excellent, small...
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Lindéralique Cliffs

This line of fantastic limestone formations stretches a few kilometres east along the coast from the Brooding Hen. You will see plenty of them either from the same viewpoint, or, even closer up, from...
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The town

The actual township of Hienghéne itself is tiny - pretty much all you can see on this photo.It is basically a government and commercial centre, with very few inhabitants, two or three grocery stores,...
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The Sphinx

The Sphinx is one of the two named rock formations guarding the entrance to the bay on its western side. It is covered in dense vegetation and takes a bit of imagination to recognize.
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