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Wellington Cable Car Tips (21)

Wellington Cable Car

Ride the Cable car from Lambton Quay, downtown Wellington, up the hill. There you will find lovely views back over the city and harbour. Also the Botanical Gardens, Carter Observatory and the Cable Car Museum. And yes, there is a coffee shop for refreshments, as well as an enchanting parfumery, you can read about on my other review.

Living in Wellington is a matter of getting used to the steep hills and pockets of houses between them. The Cable Car has been used for many years to get up just one of these hills, and now has a lovely new modern terminal at the top, to keep you protected from the sometimes rough weather.
It's very cheap and worth the trip up even just for the views.

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm
Sat: 8.30am - 10pm
Sun & holidays: 9am - 9pm

Adults: $4.00 (return $7.50)NZDollars
Child & students: $2 (return $3.50)

kiwi's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2015

Cable Car

Feeling like a tourist? Want to experience Wellington’s most popular tourist attraction? Head to Lambton Quay and book one way ticket ($4.5, $7 for a return) towards Kelburn via Cablecar. Check out the lookout point and visit the Cablecar Museum. You can also take short walk to the Botanic Garden.

heydelin's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2015

Wonderful Wellington Views!

With over 110 years of service to the City of Wellington, the Wellington Cable Car allows easy access for pedestrians between Lambton Quay (downtown Wellington) and the Botanic Garden and Kelburn lookout where great views can be enjoyed over Wellington.

There are three intermediate stops which allow easy access to local residences and business locations. At Salamanca, the cable car stop allows provides access to the Kelburn campus of Victoria University.

The terminus at Kelburn is adjacent to the Cable Car Museum which houses two of the original cable cars. Entrance is free.

Take an easy, two minute walk in Wellington Botanic Gardens (entrance free) and you will reach the Carter Observatory and Planetarium.

A free shuttle operates regularly from outside the cable car museum to Zealandia.

Gillybob's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2014

Wellington Cable Car

This funicular system reminds me of the ones in Quebec and Pittsburgh. It takes visitors from Lambton Quay (Wellington's main street) up Kelburn. From here, one can visit the Cable Car Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the Planetarium.

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Apr 03, 2012
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Ride the Cable Car

The Wellington Cable Car was opened in 1902. Millions of people take this fun red cable car ride each year. In 1933 electricity replaced steam for power. In 1978 the earlier system was replaced by a new Swiss system that is still running today. On top there is an amazing view of Wellington's harbour.

cnango's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2011

an old-fashion experience!

The Wellington cable car experience is maybe the less scaring attraction in New Zealand, a country where bungee jumping is the most popular sport after rugby!
Cable cars are old-fashion amusements, and may seem boring and pointless for our modern society where everything can be quickly reached by car.
So, if you feel like experiencing a "vintage" cable car trip in a modern city to run away from nowaday's stress, just have a go.
You'll get a classic view on Wellington skyline, take a picture while the cable car climbs its lane and the city offers itself as a background and then have a look at the uphill elegant area.
My suggestion is to buy a one way ticket (3NZ$) and to go back downtown by walking through the Bothanical Gardens.

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Aug 11, 2009

The oldest and most picturesque Tourist Attraction

A visit without using the Cable Car is only half a visit. It is Wellington’s oldest and most picturesque tourist attraction, and takes you up to the Botanic Garden from where you have a spectacular view over the city and its wonderful harbour.

From Lambton Quay the Cable Car yourneys up the hill under the motorway, through three tunnels and over three viaducts, past Kelburn Park and Victoria University, to the top entrance of the Botanic Garden. It was built by prisoners within four years and completed in 1902.

The Cable Car system was designed by the Dunedin-born engineer James Fulton. It is 785 metres long and raises over 119 metres. The trip up to the top end and the Cable Car Museum in Upland Road takes about three and a half minutes, with three intermediate stops at Clifton Terrace, Talavera Terrace and Salamanca Road. In the early days the two cables’ winding gear was powered by steam, but this was replaced by electricity in 1933.

Due to safety concerns the old system including the original cable cars were removed in 1978 and in October 1979 replaced by a more modern system, designed by a Swiss firm. But the red trams have retained their picturesque old-day charm.

The Cable Car leaves every 10 minutes, weekdays 7am – 10pm, Sat 8.30am – 10pm, Sun and public holidays 9am – 10pm.

Although it is cheaper to buy a return ticket (NZ$ 4.50) think twice. Most people take the ride up the hill and then walk back down to the city through the Botanic Garden. So a single ticket (2.50) is sufficient, a return ticket would be a waste – or become a sponsor of the Cable Car LOL

More info about the history of the Cable Car here

Shortly after our visit the Cable Car was vandalised the first time in its history and could not operate for several hours. Unfortunately the world is full of idiots :-(

Kakapo2's Profile Photo
Apr 16, 2008

Plunge into the History in the Cable Car Museum

The most interesting thing to me in this museum were not the displays of two old cable cars or the winding machinery (see: photo 3) but a film about the modern use of cable cars.

Many people in this city of steep hills have private cable cars. They get them built on their properties when the going gets tough, or because it is nearly impossible to carry heavy groceries up the steep stairs, or because the pet dog gets old, sick or lazy.

They show fascinating examples of totally different cable cars, the people telling their stories and allowing an insight into their properties and technical wonders, not sparing reports about accidents and mishaps with those outdoor lifts that can make life so much easier.

Of course, also the two old waggons (photos 1 and 2) in the two-storey display areas are great, especially the one with the seats outside the wagon. They are both from the early 1900’s.

This popular museum is located in the historic Winding House at the Kelburn terminus of the Cable Car. As you always get to the top of the hill, have a little tour in the museum before you start your walk in the Botanic Garden.

Open daily (except Christmas Day) 9.30am – 5.30pm (from Labour Weekend until Easter, otherwise only until 5pm).

Admission free.

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Apr 15, 2008

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Cable Car

You just need to get to Lambton Quay where the cable car already waits for you to take you up the hill to Kelburn, overlooking the city. (nice spot for taking pictures)
The service has been providing since 1902, there is a tiny museum on the hill with one of the cable cars on display and many souvenirs to buy.

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Aug 05, 2005

Cable Car for great views

The cable car is a cheap easy way to get to the Botanic gardens (quite a steep walk otherwise). They run frequently and also stop at Victorai University. Stopping at the top at Kelburn, one can wonder to Kelburn shops, where there is a great German bakery.

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Mar 21, 2005

Historic Cable Car & Cable Car Museum

This restored historic cable car is one of Wellington's icons. The original steam tramway was replaced by the current electrical cable car in 1978 & is now one of the few remaining of its type in the world. It is one of the great way to get an overview of the city and harbour (on a fine day).

The cable car travels from downtown Wellington, tunneling under the corporate towers of The Terrace and emerges in the leafy hilltop suburb of Kelburn (known for its galleries, craft shops and restaurants). The final stop is the top of the Botanic Garden, after a 610m climb.

They are located at the end of the Cable Car Lane (beside McDonald's), off Lambton Quay, in the heart of Wellington's Central Business District. Cars run every 10 minutes. See Transportation tip for schedule.

If you have a chance, take a visit to the Cable Car Museum @ the top terminus. The museum houses an original cable car & trailer as well as the old winding equipment is located beside the current Upland Road Station. It provides a look at some of Wellington's early history and shows the role the cable car has had on the development of this part of the city. Museum opens daily (except Christmas Day) & admission is free. Visit the museum webpage @ for more information. Phone: (04) 471 0919.

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Feb 22, 2005

Cable Car

You have to take a ride on the cable car when you are in Wellington. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, and it takes you from Lambton Quay up to the Botanical Gardens, with 3 stops in between. You will get great views of the city and harbour from the top. There is also a Cable Car Museum with free admission, open 9 AM to 5 PM every day, and a restaurant at the top.

A 1-way trip for adults costs NZ$1.80 and $1 for children/students. A return trip costs double. The cable car runs from 7 AM - 10 PM on Monday through Friday, and 8:30 AM to 10 PM on Saturday and Sunday. You can catch a car every 10 minutes during these times.

Feb 09, 2004

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