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Private Full-Day Easter Island Moai Monuments Tour
"Meet your driver/guide at your hotel at 10am and begin your day exploring the amazing sites of the moai monuments on Easter Island. Explore Tahai site where the morning light illuminates a restored village once settled by the ancient islanders an the exceptional part of the island where literally hundreds of the megalithic statues sit in various stages of carving. This quarry of statues is the birthplace of the moai. In Tongariki which was restored between 1992-96 note the most awe inspiring of the various platforms when you encounter 15 of the largest statues set with their stone faces in the direction toward the setting sun. At Te Pito Kura a nearly 33 foot (10 meter) tall morai now lies as a vestige of its former glory face down on the ground. This is one of the tallest ever to be erected. The nearby magnetic circular rock formation abounds with legends that will tickle your imagination. F visit Anakena Beach which belonged to the royal family in ancient times. You will see why this place would have attracted the royals or anyone for that matter. This truly one-of-a-kind place contains golden sand coconut alms and royal moai.Upon completion of your tour
From $200.00
Easter Island Super Saver: Ahu Akivi and Orongo plus Anakena Beach Day Trip
"Mix up your sightseeing on Easter Island with three popular tours that focus on the archaeological wonders of Rapa Nui. Each tour covers a different geographic region of Easter Island and this Super Saver ensures you see all the important sights at a discount. Sign up for each tour on a day of your choosing (see the Important Note section below regarding days of operation).""""Save when you book three popular Easter Island tours to Ahu Akivi Orongo and Anakena Beach. Visit famous ceremonial sites to admire mysterious 'moai' stone giants carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui on half-day and full-day trips available each day of the week. Archaeology lessons aren't the only thing you'll get out of this discounted package: walk the volcanic hills of Rano Raraku
From $200.00
Self-Guided Easter Island E-Bike Tour
"This Easter Island tour offers 3 different self-guided tour options. All routes visit historical monuments with deep Rapa Nui tradition. The daily rentals have a flexible pick-up schedule (between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.) and drop-off schedule (between 5 p.m. helmet handlebar bag hand-pump and insurance.Route 1: Hanga Roa - Rano Kau Volcano - Orongo - Vinapu - Ahu Akivi - Tahai - Hanga RoaRoute 2: Hanga Roa - Anankena Beach - Te Pito Kura - Papa Vaka - Anakena - Hanga RoaRoute 3: Hanga Roa - Hanga Te'e - A""Visit the world’s most remote inhabited island and explore all it has to offer on an electric bicycle. This is a truly unique self-guided experience that takes you through the diverse landscapes of the island and up close and personal with the mysterious title=Highlights&1=Instant+Confirmation&2=All+necessary+equipment+included
From $40.00

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