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Ambrym Things to Do

  • Volcano trekking ( 7)

    The smaller vents or fumarole that Dick said “the son of Marum” This kind of vents are often in the neighborhood of volcanoes, which emits steam and gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide. The steam is created when superheated water turns to steam as its pressure drops when it emerges from the ground....

  • Volcano trekking (6)

    Ambrym is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and actually there is only one volcano on Ambrym but activity after the caldera formation was mostly around two vents that have become large complex craters called ‘Marum’ (1,270 m) and ‘Benbow’ (1,159 m) but there are also some other smaller crater that contain lava lake.Ambrym is a large...

  • Volcano trekking (5)

    Trek 3. West-Port vatu to Marum ..This is what I did.Sam organized everything.The day we arrived we discussed how the trek will be ,how to get tent, mask, water, guide and transportation.Sam is a smart man ,he listen carefully what I need and manage everything accordingly. I need trekking to Marum and spend one night at the camp instead of return...

  • Volcano trekking (4)

    Trek 2. From Southeast-Endu to Marum.To get to the eastern part of Ambrym,there’s flight to Ulei from Port Vila on Saturday and from Santo on Tuesday.The access to the ash plain is via Endu.So from Ulei take truck to Endu or walk 12 km. along the truck road and take about 3-4 hours. From Endu trekking to Marum is about 4 hours.They said the trek...

  • Volcano trekking (3)

    There are many trekking routes to Vocano but I think mainly only 3 routes which are 1.Northern route from Ranvetlam(or Ranon) to Marum (about 12 km. one way) 2.Southeast-Endu to Marum about 18 km. one way ,but some may cross over to Ranvetlam or down to Port vatu.3.West-Port vatu to Marum ,about 16 km. one way.Trek 1.From North-Ranvetlam,I didn't...

  • Volcano trekking (2)

    There are about 8,000 people living in Ambrym.Most of them living at the edge of the island near by the shore which is lush while in the middle part is slope with rough terrain and volcano .Ambrym is known as the “dark island” in 2 meanings ..the island with the black volcanic soil ..and the island which is full of magic or the center of sorcery...


Ambrym Transportation

  • From Malekula to Ambrym

    I flew from Norsup airport ,Malekula to Craig cove airport ,Ambrym by Air Vanuatu.There's some story to tell.Before travelling I tried to book airplane ticket from Norsup to Craig cove but I couldn't ,because in their website at the moment there's no flight between the two.Anyway I already booked the other flights between other islands and it's one...

  • From airport Craig cove to Sam's...

    After plane landed at Craig cove airport ,we expected to meet Sam,the owner of the guesthouse and also works for Air Vanuatu.The previous day we called to book one of his room,when we stepped out of the airplane he immediately notice us.We waited for a while to let him finish his last flight of the day .He helped me carry my backpack to the...

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Ambrym Shopping

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    Tchimae co-cp.: Grocery shop.

    by rosequartzlover1 Written Apr 19, 2015

    1 ,2 There are few grocery shops near Sam's place.If you don't know it's a bit hard to get into it but one place that there's the sign indicate clearly that it is the shop.. it's called " Tchimae co -op Craig cove".It's about half way between airport and Sam's guesthouse.From Sam's place ..walked out to the main road (the only road) notice a fork in front of you ,take the north one then walk to the left toward the airport.Walk about 5 minutes then you'll see this sign ,turn left into the village which sometimes villagers hanging around there.After turn left the shop is just on your left .You'll see openning and closed time attached on the door.Monday to Saturday open from 06.00 -12.30 ,close for lunch and open again at 13.30 -19.30 .The shop seemed to be closed all the time but just ask around that you want to buy things in co-op.They'll tell the owner to open the shop for you.The co-op also sells bezine for 300 vt/litre.
    I bought food and drinks for the trekking .There are fresh baguette and some bread ,even it didn't look good but when it's up there on the mountain's so delicious cuz we are hungry.Canned tuna was also became food from heaven at that moment.
    There's another shop in that village apart from this co-op.One day after waiting for the co-op owner to appear for long time and we ask around if there are any other shops..and yes.. a guy brought us to a very small shop deeper into the village,the owner was so glad that he could sell something.It's a pity that I didn't take any picture of his shop.
    3-5 There's another shop closer to airport near football field .This one Helena brought us during the day our flight has been cancelled because of technical problem.It's good to spend more time with them ,it made me love them even more.When we arrived this shop ,it looked like nobody there.We had to called for a while then a man came to open the shop for us.He has the fridge but electricity start only in the evening around 18.00 until 22.00 .

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Ambrym Local Customs

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    House construction.

    by rosequartzlover1 Updated Mar 16, 2015

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    I'll write something else about Sam 's guesthouse in the "local custom",cuz staying with Sam was some kind of attraction for me.There's something to see , to learn , to know about their life.
    Now we'll see how they construct the house...They still construct their house from bush materials like palm leaves,bamboo and tree trunk.They also use cement brick in lower part of the house( like my bungalow). Houses have one or two rooms for sleeping and storage. Cooking is done in fireplaces or lean-to kitchens outdoors but Sam has both outdoor and indoor kitchen.(pic 5)

    In the first picture ,it's a new open-sided meeting hall that Sam was making for his son's wedding party that should be held in January 2015.
    Pic.2 You can see Sam's family area and sun dried palm leaves for the wedding house.His son was working in Port Vila but will come back for the wedding in his parents house.
    Pic.3 You can see some of the complete house and the constructing one Sam was doing (in the right corner)
    pic. 4 Sam ,preparing the room for the new guest ..Max - young guy from France ,living in Australia who later became our good friend . .This room is next to my room,you can see some bamboo using as part of the wall.
    During the time of writing about Vanuatu,there's strong cyclone struck Vanuatu during friday 13, march 2015.According to the way they construct the house which I don't think can withstand category five storm, with winds of up to 300 km ,I'm so worried about their safety now.Sam 's place is not so far from the shore and such a strong wind that news reporter mentioned that "much bigger than expected" and the situation in Port Vila they said " unbelievable destruction" I'm really worried about people in Ambrym who mostly live very near by the shore and also our friends in malekula as well.So far ,there's no news from them..I wish they are safe..

    Children practice  singing for the church.

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