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Jambel Jerk Resturant Tips (4)

The Jambel Jerk Restaurant: A Good Jamacian Restaurant

I checked out the Jambel Jerk Restaurant after my morning out snorkelling. I was quite hungry and did not want to wander far for a good place to eat. The Jambel did the trick. I am fond of Jamacian food in general and this place was just a short walk from my hotel. To my pleasure the food was good and they serve Red Stripe beer, which is a Jamacian import, instead of that dreadful Bilakin that I had to put up with elsewhere in Belize.
The Jambel is also a guesthouse(quality unknown to me) and functions as an after dark option too. I later came back for a couple beers one night when there was a reggae band playing.

Favorite Dish I had a good and filling Jerk chicken lunch. There is also a buffet on some nights.

Paul2001's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2008

Jambel Jerk Pit: Some Local Flavour!

Our first day on Ambergris Cay took us until past 1 PM by the time we had lugged our backpacks to our hotel, checked-in and strolled back into central San Pedro for a closer look around. By then, we were starting to feel hungry and it so happened that the Jambel Jerk Pit was right at hand, directly across the street from where we had come ashore from the Water Taxi.

The inside was bright and spacious with large windows allowing a good view out onto the street, and they were also playing some great Reggae music by Bob Marley and the Wailers, so we decided this was the place for us!

Favorite Dish I wanted something with a bit of zip to it, so ordered the Jamaican-style Coconut Curry Chicken served with coleslaw and white rice (US$7.50) while Sue kept things more conventional with a simple Grilled Cheese on Whole Wheat (US$5). A couple of Belikin beers (US$2 each) helped to set the mood as we finally began to settle in on this second leg of our Belize trip. The curry had a lot of bones in it and quite a bit of dark meat too, so I rate it as only average. With a tip, the meal came to US$24.

Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo
Mar 21, 2006

Jambel Jerk Resturant: Jamacan Belizian Fusion food

Great food with a real kick. Regge is playing all the ime and the ocen is in sight. While really spicy chicken, lobster and conch make a great meal.

Favorite Dish I loved the curry lobster but I would also suggest the jerked conch. Three meals, two lobster and one conch, Plus drinks were $50 US, $100 BZ A little more expensive than most but a whole lot of food

MrRandMcnally's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2004

Jambel Jerk Resturant: Exellent Jamaican Food!

Very nice Carribean food.The staff are friendly and the food is tasty

Favorite Dish I had the seafood plate.Lobster grilled with that jerk-spice and some good fish .That and a cold red stripe and you've got a meal

Foundryman1's Profile Photo
May 06, 2006
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