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Lamanai and Scenic Boat Ride Along the New River Lagoon
"Lamanai Mayan site is one of Belize’s largest ceremonial centers. It is located on the banks of the 30 mile long New River Lagoon in the Orange Walk District north of Belize City. With one of the longest occupation spans in the Mayan World Lamanai was occupied continuously for over 3000 years from 1500 B.C. to A.D. 1675.The site of Lamanai includes eight major plazas a ball court with the largest known ball court marker
From $138.00
Altun Ha and Cave Tubing Tour from Belize City
"This tour will take you to visit a Mayan ruin where you can learn about a great civilization that inhabited Belize over 3000 years ago. Journey through the Mayan underworld tubing through underground caves over 175000 years old as your headlights reveal many untouched crystal formations below the surface of the earth.Altun Ha was first settled somewhere around 250 BC with construction of the buildings beginning in 100 AD and continuing throughout the Classic Period that ended in the 10th century. Some 10000 Mayans lived in and around Altun Ha which was a significant trading center as evidenced by the large amounts of jade and obsidian excavated here in the early sixties and seventies.Altun Ha Tour: spanning a 25 square mile area roughly an hour from Belize City
From $125.00
Altun Ha and Zipline Tour from Belize City
"Spanning a 25 square mile area roughly an hour from Belize City Altun Ha is made up of two central plazas surrounded by towering temples that enclose the palm strewn land. The larger of the two plazas Plaza A is the site of a mysterious tomb discovered beneath one of the temples called Temple of the Green Tomb. Jade jewelry flints and skins are among the three hundred remnants that were unearthed here.ZiplineThis amazingly popular and unique tour is a fast growing sector of the Belize Tourism Industry and pivots around one important factor: safety. Set withi this amazing tour starts with a safety session from our professional zip line crew.Following your safety session
From $125.00

Most Viewed Nightlife in Belize City


Calypso Bar at Princess Hotel

About Belize - it will do for one trip. If it were cheap for what it has to offer, but it is not.... Tickets from the any place (Dallas, Houston, Miami) are over 1K. Hotels in Belize and islands are...
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Radisson Happy Hour

The poolside bar at the Radison Fort George could be anywhere, though the thached roof for the bar is a nice touch. None theless there is live music on friday and happy hour deals on drinks and snacks...
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Iguanas Ranas

This is either a franchise or another owned location that is the same name as the one in Tijuana. I did not expect a Mexican border style place here in Belize. While fun, it is alien to the Belize...
american_tourister's Profile Photo
Jul 16, 2007

Princess Hotel Nightlife Spot

I think it is the only movie theater in town with a big screen.Besides the lobby is open 24 hours if you need to hang out after the movie :)Also there is a bowling center in the backroom where the...
Prinsalsita's Profile Photo
May 08, 2006

fidos bar in san pedro

this place is the only place to go in belize. In the day it fun to just sit back and have a drink and people watch and at night it a happening spot!! Live music, dancing and friendly staff....
sbgrl77's Profile Photo
Apr 29, 2005

That would be my spacious room...

That would be my spacious room in the Downtown Guesthouse.It's safe and had this sweet little fan that provided me with a nice breeze while I was writing on my stories. Shorts nothing else.
Oct 04, 2002
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6 Marine Parade, Belize City, Belize
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Top Things to Do in Belize City

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Tips that refer to places other than Belize City

The Cays are a must see if you can afford to spend a night or two. Brodies off of Albert Street - It has everything and then some that you can imagine. Water Taxi - That's always a great things to do...
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Things to Do

Belize Zoo

If you get a chance to check out Belize Zoo outside of Belize City, be sure to leave your mark on the wall here. The cost is about 2.75 USD, 5.00 in Belize Dollars. The money goes to donations for the...
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"Belize ~ Dedicated to Wildlife Preservation"
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"Belize City - I've Seen Better!"
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"Seedy Old Colonial Capital"
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"Belize City and Countryside - Dec. 2004"
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"Belize City"
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