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"Hol Chan Marine Park
"Full Day Snorkel to Hol Chan Marine Park Shark Ray Alley and Caye Caulker""This full-day tour departs at 8:30am and finishing at 5:00pm.Tour begins in San Pedro Town at the pier in front of Blue Tang Inn hotel where we will get ready for the sailing tour.It includes the first snorkel stop at Hol Chan Marine Reserve for a snorkel along the reef.The second stop is at the Shark Ray Alley to view friendly nurse sharks and stingrays.After the second you'll stop at Caye Caulker for two hours at leisure for lunch and shopping.On the way back you can enjoy a cool refreshment and a relaxing sail back to the original meeting point on Ambergris Caye in San Pedro Town.Tour includes the park sailing tour snorkel gear rental
From $95.00
Belize Zoo and Baboon Sanctuary Tour from Belize City
"An incredible array of Central America's wildlife can be found just a short scenic drive away from Belize City at the Belize Zoo. The zoo is home to an impressive array of large cats primates reptiles and birds giving you the opportunity to view Belize's prolific wildlife in one location. As an added bonus you'll see the famous sites of Belize City on the way!The Black Howler Monkey sanctuary was created in 1985 (in Belize black howlers are called ""baboons"" even though they have little in common with African Baboons) with funding from the World Wildlife Fund
From $125.00
Belize Zoo Tour from San Ignacio
"You will be picked up from your hotel in San Ignacio and driven to the Belize Zoo for about an hour. Once you arrive you will be introduced to the person who is in charged of the zoo and receive a brief introduction about the place. You will tour the zoo for about 1 and a half  hours and look at the different animals. The guide will provide infor you will sit and have lunch before going back to San Ignacio. """"The Belize Zoo is located an hour away from San Igancio. You will be able to see all the different animals (Belize’s national animals: the Tapir and the Toucan) Birds Mammals Reptiles and Amphibians. After seeing all animals you can sit and have lunch before returning to San Ignacio."
From $75.00

Caye Caulker Tips (17)

Caye Caulker

This sleepy little island with no motorized traffic is a great place to get away from it all. Despite this Caye Caulker has everything you could want for a laid back beach vacation except it really doesn't have many good beaches.

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Oct 20, 2015

Go for snorkeling to Caye Caulker

A real great place for snorkeling and diving and so far not overbuilt, my favorite place in Belice............................................................................................................................

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Jun 23, 2015

Snorkelling tours

I went on a one day snorkelling trip with Raggamuffin tours. The trip made 3 stops at different snorkelling points out on the reef. The snorkelling was truly fantastic. on the first stop we saw Manatees which are exceptionally rare and swimming with them was a once in a lifetime experience. The second stop we made was at a place called Shark Alley - it certainly lived up to its name. We swam with a huge number of nurse and reef sharks, as well as numerous sting rays. At the final stop we saw sea turtles and loads of beautiful fish and coral. Raggamuffin ran a fantastic tour - the guides were friendly, sociable and knowledgable. I would highly recommend it!

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Mar 27, 2014

Snorkling on the local reef

We only wanted to spend half a day snorkling so we took the 8am water taxi from BC to Caye Caulker (pronounced Key Caulker or Corker) arriving in CC at about 10 minutes to 9am....Nice trip with a full boat of locals and tourists and views of a couple of mangrove cayes on the way---we found Liberty Tours on the street leading to the other side of the island and bought a 3 stop snorkling tour---there are many other people selling tours...--we left at about 10:30 and asked to be back in time for the 1:30 water taxi back to BC (the next one is 4:30!) We had 3 stops as advertised, with rays, sharks, coral and lots of pretty bright colored fishies, as well as a 4 foot long barracuda who I tried to get a shot--those pix not ready yet! Had a drink at Una Mas right near the taxi terminal (it was the bartender Yamilla's birthday!) and had a cold Bellikin before catching the taxi back. Nice visit and wouldnt mind staying a night or 2 next trip!

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May 27, 2013
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You should try a YOGA CLASS with Jessy at the Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel Roof Top! You do not have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy a full YOGA LEsson....It is an amazing experience...calming and relaxing with a splended view of the sun setting in the distance right infront of you!


Jessie Wigh

Caye Caulker


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Dec 07, 2010

Fishing around the island of Caye Caulker

While you are in Caye Caulker, one of the best things you can do is bring along your reel and or if you do not own any, then you can ask around for fishing tour guides who will give your trip an extra boost! Go out to explore the waters around the island by going fishing either for snappers, groupers or some specific fish.You will enjoy getting of the island. One of the best tour guides that is also family oriented and is passionate about fishing is a guide by the name of Esley! He has taken out so many different tourists family, couples and individuals who always has the best time and they come back after a long day of fishing with an amazing experience. You can email him @
You can ask to go fishing for half day or a full day! deep sea or reef fishing!

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Dec 07, 2010

snorkeling off shore

The only snorkeling you can do off the beach is at the split. There isn't much to see and the currents are quite strong so you have to be careful. We saw some barracuda and smaller fish hanging around. To make it worth your while you have to take a boat out, but chilling out on Caye Caulker is a lot of fun in itself!

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Feb 04, 2009

Taking My Time In Caye Caulker

Here are photos from Caye Caulker. It is really a beautiful place. I was suggest spending about 3 to 5 days there. Many of the activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are offered as full day trips. There is not much in the way of night life there unless you are the type of person who likes to spend time in bars. If you visit during the high tourist season, the nightlife scene may involve a few more parties.

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Feb 02, 2008
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"Ya Betta Belize It!"
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"Ambergris Caye"
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"Diving and Caving in Belize"
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"Trip to Belize 2002"
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Go Slow!!! And Snorkel or dive.

Caye Caulker's motto is "Go Slow". And why not...there is not much to do. The snorkeling and diving is great. Other than that, you can have a beer at the Sport's Bar or the Lazy Lizard or cool off in the heat of the day at the split. If you hurry through town, the locals (who are all very friendly) will tell you to "go slow!".
Chocolate's Guest House is a great place to stay and Annie's shop (below the guest house) has great merchandise. Also, Chocolate and Annie are opening a nice new, very well built guest house with kitchen.
Pictures below are of the Lazy Lizard at the split and Caye Caulker just as sun is trying to come up.

Oct 25, 2007

Caye Caulker

Take the water taxi to Caye Caulker and spend the day. Go see the seahorse at Seahorse Park (or creek). Someone will scoop one up in a glass jar so you can look at it up close (doesn't hurt them). Walk to the "split" and have a cocktail while your feet dangle in the water off the water wall. Talk to the locals and eat at one of the cafes on middle street. The taxi runs every hour and is nominal to travel by.

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Sep 13, 2007

Don' t pick up the Conch Shells!

My sister and I were combing the beach for some shells in Caye Caulker. While we were there, we saw some conch shells drying in the sun and sand. Being completely ignorant to the practice we picked them up adn held them to our heads just long enough to take a few pictures.
Then we realized the shells were dying conch, and just like all dying things, emit a nasty stench.
If you see this scenario, dont pick these up! The stench sticks and stays to your hands for hours! It is not pleasant.

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Aug 22, 2007

Enjoy Those Tropical Beaches!

Our first stop in Belize was just north of Belize City, on the very small island of Caye Caulker. I say it is worth paying a bit more for accommodations (and US$40 is not bad) if you can get a good beach access like the Trends Beachfront Hotel provided. We spent some time here every day in the hotel lawnchairs, drawn up near the rustling palm trees. It was a perfect spot to catch the breezes, watch the activities on the beach, read our books and take a short stroll up to our refrigerator every now and then to replenish the drinks!

While there, we watched the antics of some of the local school boys in the back of the village's dump truck (one of the few 'official' vehicles on the island) as it was parked beside one of the palm trees not far from us. They each plucked one of the leaf strands off a branch of the tree and then, by pulling some other part of the leaf, were shooting the fronds at each other like arrows! It was just like in Africa, the kids know how to make a toy out of anything!

However, since you have come all the way to little Caye Caulker, you should also make the time to walk it's amazing beach - along the the eastern 'reef-side' of the island. With the numerous small boats bobbing on the water, the waves breaking off-shore on the reef and the many interesting buildings, there is no shortage of things to observe. It also really helps to settle you into the slow pace of life on Caulker, as both locals and tourists go about their business with no great hurry - it will only take a few days before you too can no longer remember what day of the week it is!

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Jun 08, 2006

Things to Do Near Belize

Things to Do


The Coral gardens are one of the top snorkelling spots. their is intricate coral formations here along with abundant tropical fish and an occasional Moray eel. The area is an about 45 minute boat ride...
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Things to Do

Tips that refer to places other than Belize City

There are several unique and fascinating things to do in Belize. One of the most unique is the river cave tubing; if we ever return to Belize, this type of day trip is definitely on my list! If you...
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Things to Do


Xunantunich was one of my favourite Mayan ruins in Belize. Unlike most of the other ruins I was able to investigate this large ruin on my own, so I could climb up and down the large pyramids and tombs...
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Things to Do


We used cavetubing.BZ for cave tubing from our cruise ship. We got the 1st tender off the ship as instructed and followed their instructions to find the guide. The owner's son, Vitalino Jr., was our...
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Things to Do


The Split is a channel between the North and South Cayes ( the north caye is mostly uninhabited). Its the only real swimming/ snorkelling spot on the island and even here currents can be strong....
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Things to Do

Belize Zoo

If you get a chance to check out Belize Zoo outside of Belize City, be sure to leave your mark on the wall here. The cost is about 2.75 USD, 5.00 in Belize Dollars. The money goes to donations for the...
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Getting to Belize


45 min. by boat from Belize City


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