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Grand Cayman SCUBA Diving
"With 6 full service dive and watersports facilities island-wide you will dive with highly trained and experienced instructors who come from all over the world to dive the spectacular walls of Grand Cayman. Famous for professionalism and service your diving adventure includes custom-built boats and equipment with highly trained instructors to give you the best diving Grand Cayman has to offer. Choose from: One Tank Dive: buddy teams dive a shallow west side reef or wreck t as they are limited to a 40-foot (12 meter) depth. They are welcome to participate in the one tank dive All certified divers MUST have dove within the last two years and will be required to present their certification card upon check-in Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Beach Suites and Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort (customers staying a different resorts can be picked up from one of these resorts) """
From $80.00
Glass-Bottom Boat Tour to Stingray City
"Your glass-bottom boat tour departs from Rum Point on the northern tip of Grand Cayman. After boarding it’s just a 15-minute cruise out to Stingray City a series of sandbars where wild stingrays gather in the shallow waters of the North Sound. During the ride stay hydrated with provided water and watch for fish and other marine life through the boat’s clear glass viewing area.When your boat stops jump into the warm water which is about waist- to chest-high to interact with the friendly stingrays — you can touch them and swim with them
From $55.00
Grand Cayman Scuba Diving Experience for Beginners
"This course is perfect for the adventurer who would just like to try scuba diving. It's also ideal for those who would like to go diving and do not have the time for a full certification. This class includes an information session and an open-water di highly trained instructors professionalism and service give you the best diving Grand Cayman has to offer.Please Note: You must be a minimum of 10 years old to participate in this activityA confidential medical form must be filled out prior to enrollmen and a physician's release may be requiredHotel pickup and drop-off from the following locations only: Westin Hotel Resort & Spa Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Beach Suites and Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort (customers staying a different resorts can be picked up from one of these resorts)"""
From $165.00

More General in Grand Cayman

Kissing a Stingray

It's seven years good luck to kiss a Stingray, and I could really use that luck. At first the rays seem a bit intimidating, but after being in the water a few minutes around them it's actually pretty...
sargentjeff's Profile Photo
Jul 03, 2005


Going out onto the open waters is fun, glass bottom boats aren't all they are cracked up to be, because if you are moving all you see is a bunch of bubbles under the boat....this picture was taken...
Jan 02, 2005

Looking for some cheap snacks & drinks

Head to a local Foster's Food Fair Supermarket! You can find one on West Bay Road near Hyatt Regency Hotel. We stopped in and picked up plenty of snacks for the beach/pool and to keep in the room. We...
AliasGirl's Profile Photo
Sep 23, 2004

Playing With Clown Fish On The Amazing Reef

My favourite thing about Grand Cayman would have to be renting snorkelling equipment and swimming on the reef. The water is a beautiful blue and feels like heaven and sun warmed skin. My fondest...
Trina_Craggs's Profile Photo
Feb 29, 2004

Clean, modern, stable.

Possibly the best standard of living of the islands in the Caribbean. This might be perhaps due to the numerous foreign banks and investments from elsewhere. Nice medium to high quality shopping and...
Jan 19, 2004


All the beaches on Grand Cayman are public onesThis means that even if you are staying in the worst, cheapest or tattyest place on the island you can go and sit on the beach outside the largest...
BerniShand's Profile Photo
Sep 27, 2003
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Wander on your own

Use the local bus....It's convenient, relatively timely, and very cheap. Why pay $35-$50 (US) for a "3-hour all inclusive tour of the famous sites" of which you may only like one or two, when you can...
Agraichen's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2003

The beach life is a must!

All sorts of water activities especially snorkeling are to be tryed out................I went everyday (several times a day!!!) for a snorkeling swim and found MY SPECIAL SPOT. Unfortunately there was...
LysDor's Profile Photo
Sep 23, 2002


Snorkeling with the fish is always fun.For some reason if you brought a piece of bread into the water they would go nuts and a giant school would surround you.
Dec 22, 2004


It was really quiet around the Westin's beach you can see in the picture, there really isn't anyone around.
Dec 22, 2004

Top Hotels in Grand Cayman

166 Bodden Town Road, Grand Cayman, Caribbean
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389 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Caribbean
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1 Queens Highway, East End, Colliers Bay, Grand Cayman, Caribbean
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PO Box 30620, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Caribbean
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PO Box 32348, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Caribbean
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43 Peninsula Ave, (formerly Wyndham Sunshine Suites), Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Caribbean
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Things to Do Near Grand Cayman

Things to Do

George's Watersports

We enjoyed a day out to Stingray City with the family last month. We went with George's Watersports and we went to stingray city, starfish point, rum point, mangroves and the barrier reef; so it was...
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"They're back in style, and the reefs are fine!"
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"Grand Cayman - Breathtaking!"
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"A Tour of Grand Cayman"
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"Grand Cayman revisited after 26 years"
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"Grand Cayman"
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