Cayman Islands Warnings and Dangers

  • My daughter Rainier at the Stingray Farm
    My daughter Rainier at the Stingray Farm
    by joiwatani
  • My daugter Rainier teased by a stingray
    My daugter Rainier teased by a stingray
    by joiwatani
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by joiwatani

Cayman Islands Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't buy the coconut at Spotts Bay

    Don't buy the coconuts here to eat or to drink it's juice. They are not sweet at all. You are just wasting your money.My daughter bought one and she said it didn't have a taste on it. It's not like those coconuts that you buy in Southeast Asia especially those found in the Philippines (I grew up eating fresh coconut meat and drinking it's fresh...

  • The difficulty of bringing home conch...

    When we went to the Cayman Island's Stingray City, the owner of the boat that we rented was extra special. For free, he took us on a side trip to dive conches.The owner and his partner, an immigrant from Honduras, let my husband and daughter Rainier dove for two live conches. The Honduran guide took a huge hammer and cut the back of the conch...

  • Those CD's of your pictures of...

    The photographers of the guided tours going to the Sting Ray farm are charging too much to tourists! So, make sure to bring your underwater cameras or water-resistant cameras when you go to the Sting Ray farm.The photographers are charing $50 per CD!!! For me, I was not able to take pictures because I was so dizzy on the boat and requested the...

  • Crime

    When I was there a group of us visited a nightclub somewhere along Seven Mile Beach. We were far from being a rowdy crowd of drunken Englishmen abroad but that didn't seem to stop a few of the local guys from taking exception to us. We ended up being chased out of the club with machetes and the hire cars had the scars to prove it. Be warned!

  • DONT end up in HELL!!!!

    Its a nice scary place to visit, but I wouldnt wanna live there...: )of course I mean the real Hell !!! hehehe!

  • ganja weed marajana

    This island is very strict about drugs. Just don't try to fly it in or buy it. You can be stripped searched in the airport without a warrent, you can be stripped searched by the roadside without a warrent. You can be asked for a urine sample and if you refuse that is basicly saying you are guilty in their eyes and LAWS. Not a place to play like...

  • Be Careful!

    Be careful if you go snorkeling not to step on the coral. It is a $5,000 fine! Also if you swim out too far you can get badly hurt.

  • Watch out for the giant crabs...

    Watch out for the giant crabs that wander the road at night. They can pop your tires. Also be aware that you will be driving on the opposite side of the road and the opposite side of the car. Yikes!

  • THey drive on the WRONG side...

    THey drive on the WRONG side of the road there! It's a bit scarey the first time a car comes at you from the right! Actually, it was a bit scarey the whole week! Plus, the turn indicators are on the wrong side of the steering wheel----which resulted in us having the cleanest windshield on the island!

  • While we were there, crabs...

    While we were there, crabs were running all over the place! It made it a little interesting trying not to hit them while driving! Some of them were quite large---makes you wonder how they lived to get so big! There were also a lot of tiny ones, like this one.

  • Don't forget to put sunscreen...

    Don't forget to put sunscreen lotion, and drink plenty of fluids.When diving - don't touch anything. You may encounter sharks, but they usually run away before you get a glimpse at them.During the hurricane season you may need to go to a hurricane shelter.

  • If you're a relatively new...

    If you're a relatively new diver, as we were (actually we were just certified 2 days before our trip), be sure to go with a divemaster. We went out on our own & I got some bad equipment. Actually at 60 feet, my reg stopped working & I had to buddy-breathe to the top. It didn't stop us from diving however - we've dove many, many more times & are...


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Cayman Islands Warnings and Dangers

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