Tortuguero Local Customs

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  • Map of Costa Rica for tourists
    Map of Costa Rica for tourists
    by grandmaR
  • Lots of rain in the rainy season makes muddy walks
    Lots of rain in the rainy season makes...
    by grandmaR
  • Building the new park entrance
    Building the new park entrance
    by grandmaR

Most Viewed Local Customs in Tortuguero

  • 1. Children

    One interesting aspect of Costa Rica is the use of gates, bars and barbed wire to keep intruders out of almost every kind of building. almost every home that I saw in Costa Rica had bars across the...

  • 2. Dogs

    What more does a boy need? I never had my own dog as a kid, but I sought out all the neighbor dogs and asked them to play. Where I grew up, most dogs were off leash and free to roam the neighborhood...

  • 3. No Traffic

    There are no cars in Tortuguero at all. The only way to get around is by boat or foot. Some days it is as busy as a freeway & other days like a country road. At night there is a fair bit of "traffic"...

  • 4. Turtle Nesting

    We were unable to see any turtle nesting as first we were there in February, which is about the only time that no nesting takes place, and by the time I was able to get back there, I was not capable...

  • 5. Music

    While we were stopped at the boat departure point, they had a little band there that played music for dancing. I suspect that the band was there specifically for the cruise ship tours and might not...

  • 6. Police Station

    Every police station in Costa Rica is painted shades of blue and they have the shield of crossed guns over the door or on the side of the building. Costa Rica does not have a standing army, but armed...

  • 7. Church

    One of the surprises that I came across in my wonderings around town. I was startled to come upon this brightly colored little chapel, just as pretty as can be under the swaying palms and surrounded...

  • 8. Mural

    I guess Canadians are not the only ones with an affinity for adorning the sides of their buildings with murals (see my Moosejaw page). How many species can you identify? Let's see: there's the...


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