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Artist Bird - San Jose Creative Side Walking Tour
"Meet in Parque Morazan under the dome temple. This park is in front of the Holiday Inn Aurola.We'll wonder under tunnels and past abandoned buildings catching the newest works in graffiti art and then continue to galleries featuring indigenous works urban fashion vibrant paintings sculptures furniture and more. Sometimes we might meet the artists themselves. In between locations we'll catch glimpses of some of San Jose's most historic buildings
From $29.00
San Jose Walking and Bus City Tour
"An unique sightseeing double decker bus will take you to downtown San Jose from your hotel to witness the city's main historical landmarks for an immersive and panoramic cultural experience and a better understanding of Costa Rica's evolution. Art Museum Metropolitan Cathedral the old and authentic Central Market the new and impressive National Stadium an in-depth description of the National Monument and the influential historical episode that took place at the Democracy Plaza. The bus tour will take you comfortably and safely through San Jose's narrow and busy streets driving by beautiful outdoor city attractions. The living city is your museum
From $52.00
Bird's Nest: 2-hour San Jose City Highlights Walking Tour
"Meet at Parque Morazan prior to 10:15 am. Your guide will be waiting for you under the dome temple.Once your walking tour begins your guide wll discuss current issues affecting the daily lives of Costa Ricans and Costa Rica on a global scale. Using a mix of current events historic photography and sites you will get an educated impression of the country not just a tourist one. Along the way you might run into protests concerts public art demonstrations
From $29.00

Blue Marlin Bar Tips (4)

The Blue Marlin Bar: Like Vegas all under one roof.

Right off the bat, I will tell you this-if you have done previous research on the Blue Marlin Bar, you have already heard that it is crawling with over-friendly whores. Well, they weren't lying. On any given night, especially nights like the Saturday and Sunday nights we were there, it is like being in any packed nightclub-only think of 50-70% of the persons inside are whores. No exaggeration.

This took some getting adjusted to, because whores are nowhere near my thing!

At least most of them get the message. When they approach (some will even not show any manners and just interrupt your conversations), all you have to do is hold your hand up to give the "stop" signal, and then they move on. But more girls than what you'll care to put with will be more pushy, try to sit on your lap, etc. Then you are provoked and subsequently forced to have to get somewhat rude and say something like "Beat it, you stinky whore." (Thanks for the tip, Mark.)

But if you are a patient and understanding guy, you'll also run into some "prostitutes" that are more civilized. Who you can say hi to and have a quick civilized chat with.

When you get passed that, you'll realize that the Blue Marlin is a pretty good place! They play great music, and lots of sports games on the TV, and has a pretty decent sized casino. The very pretty bartenders are down to earth, and were nice enough to keep sending us shots.

THE BLUE MARLIN BAR IS OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY. Good luck trying to sleep if you stay at the Del Ray!

Dress Code Dress for the weather. It can get a little cool at night.

happyhourkid's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Blue Marlin Bar: A Typical Scene at the World Famous.....

Here is an edited picture (as to not reveal identities here) to give you an idea of a typical scene at the Blue Marlin Bar. You'll note that you'll be surrounded by many beautiful girls, who will probably do anything you want them to do, but for a price.

My philosophy is, "if you have to pay for it then you don't deserve it."

I stay away. But some of you guys, I'm sure, will be in Heaven on Earth. Bring plenty of prophylactics. Don't buy them in San Jose, Ive heard they are more expensive there. Wonder why.

happyhourkid's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2005

Blue Marlin Bar: Best bar this side of Bangkok

Disneyland for men is how one of the fellow drinkers at the bar described it. Yip, a smorgasbord of mui caliente chicas from all over central/South America -- a geography lesson which soon leads to a biology lesson. Sadly it's only open 24 hours a day!

Best bar east of Bangkok. 'Nuff said.

Dress Code Undress code, more like it!

Tusitala's Profile Photo
May 12, 2009

Blue Marlin Bar: Every thing for gringos

I dont want any one to get the wrong impression of this fantastic place. I have been to the bar/cascino numerous times in my two trips to costa rica. about to be my third. the bar caters to Americans, they have EVERYTHING an american wants. or we would not keep coming back and the place would shut down. the prostitutes are more classy than alot of girls I've met in the U.S. and i am a female. (straight female) almost ANY bar has them in it. beleve me, ive been to them too. they will not bother you if they know that are unavailable or uninterested. I have a friend that lives in San Jose part time and he takes almost every one here at least once. I would not reccomend staying at the Hotel Del Rey if you want any peace, but this bar is a must see for any one passing through San Jose. for any woman stopping in the bar, dont be suprised in the bathroom, Its more like a staging area. dont be offended. they are trying to make a living in a completly legal profession. i must admit that its weird at first, but u will get used to it if you have an open mind. most of them are trying to get through college. And if its a slow night, you will find this out because you dont have to pay for a conversation!!

Jan 15, 2012
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