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Beach Tips (20)

Varadero beach

This is the best beach I've ever seen: the water is crystal clear and warm and just the right depth, the sand is white and soft. While there is no snorkeling on the beach - "unless you find sand interesting" as LP put it -, one can easily go to the reef by boat.

aramat's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2003

Experience Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach was a nice & relaxing way to end our busy stay in Cuba. It has a powdery white beach & clear blue water, but it gets quite tourist"y." Among the things you can do here are: stroll along the beach, lounge around & get a nice tan, have a drink/have something to eat, people watch, and watch the day go by. There are sellers hawking their wares, but just politely say "no" if you are not interested in transacting with them.

Take note that there are wonderful lifeguards (almost akin to the world-famous California ones) available in Varadero if the occasion calls for it (God forbid!). They watch the beach closely and are available at the lifeguard house. It reminds me a lot of the Los Angeles South Bay beach scene except that the beach in Varadero is better & relatively less commercial.

From what I've heard is that the locals tend to show disdain towards male tourists especially if they perceive them as going there to plainly have "fun" with their women. Try to be respectful of the cultural sensitivities especially if you come from a dominant Western culture.

risse73's Profile Photo
Aug 13, 2009

Beach activities

Varadero is a beach destination and, aside from lying on the white sandy beach and swimming in the turquoise clear water, most of the attractions and activities are in the sea.

There is also a golf club, dolphinarium, and ecological park on the peninsula.

Hotels will also offer excursion or daytrips to surrounding areas or Havana.

Helga67's Profile Photo
Mar 10, 2007

Sun Sand and Rum....

The beach at Varadero is wonderful, even in the middle of January, the water is as warm as a bath. Plan to spend at least part of your vacation relaxing on the beach. I recommend liberal amounts of rum and reading material, lol.

Sand fleas are quite bothersome on the Varadero beaches. Hydrocortison cream will help with the itch, but to avoid the bites, there are a few things you can do: Bring insect repellent containing DEET and use it on your legs before you go to the beach and reapply after every dip in the water. Don't lay on the sand - use a beach chair. Lastly, rinse all the sand off of you as soon as you leave the beach.

Camping_Girl's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2011
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The beach

December is a winter month even for Cuba and we had amidst our last days two of them with a red flag sea, flooded beach and some waves...surely it is still very nice - the water is still somewhere at 25C :)

Oana_bic's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2006

Indescribable Paradise

Imagine yourself in summer, in a city with terrible weather. You just have a week to spend in the entire summer. Where would you go? There are many beautiful beaches in almost every country, but the choice I would say is simple. Go to Varadero beach where boring is not a word. Varadero is a resorts town in Matananzas, north of Cuba. It is one of the many few beaches with a still clam sea. Varadero is called Playa which means blue sea in Spanish. Every year there comes around 300,000 people just in that area.
The beach is so big and beautiful because of many reasons, but I would say the most wonderful thing about the town Varadero, is the shape of it. It goes out of Cuba stretching than 20 km with a width of only 1.2km. You do many activates. You can do everything like: swim in the sea or pool, play ball sports, parachute down from a mountain, go fishing and many more. There are also cinemas, art galleries, museums, open air theatres and shopping malls if you are not interested in swimming.
The sea is great with seafood restaurants everywhere; you should try the lobster tail, they are not like any other. Get a sit by the beach and feel the waves eroding the coast, while listening to the birds singing cheerfully by the palm trees. The sand brushing of your cheeks and the smell of fresh fish from the restaurant is what you want to feel. Don’t underestimate Varadero beach. If you think carefully, there wouldn’t be single reason why this shouldn’t be the best beach in the world. It is like I said before, indescribable.
Get a hotel or camp in the pitch and enjoy the great days in Cuba. You have to go there to know how it’s like because what I said is not even half of the experience you will get as soon as you get there.
(Warning, you will love the place so much, you would want to come again next summer.

Jul 25, 2011

This is why people go to Varadero!

This wasn't my first trip down south, but never before had I spent so much time at the beach! The beach in Varadero is absolutely beautiful, and so is the water. It also helps that from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, our resort's animation staff was there to keep us entertained with dance lessons, aqua gym sessions and funny games, which made the time fly by. Of course, most all-inclusive resorts also have a beach bar to keep their guests well "hydrated" - a little tip my friend gave me before leaving was to bring a mug. It was easier to walk around with a mug than with the small plastic cups they give you, the lid kept the sand out of my drinks, and it was much more environmentally-friendly. On two occasions I also booked a massage on the beach, which was a fantastic feeling - and I only paid a fraction of what I would have had to pay back home for a regular massage. Before we left, we ended up buying the CD the animation staff had put together with all the songs they played at the beach, so now anytime I want I can put it on, close my eyes, and pretend I'm in Cuba for a while!

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Sep 23, 2012


Ideal place for beach lovers, Varadero is one of the most important tourism destinations in Cuba, world famous for its all inclusive Hotels. Easy to reach thanks to Varadero International Airport, Varadero is a resort town built on a 20Km thin peninsula.

Beach life, water sports, beach volleyball, swimming. Varadero offers kilometers of white sandy beaches with coco palms, ideal place for relax vacation lovers

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May 08, 2011

Top 5 Varadero Writers

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"Heavenly Beaches"
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"Lovely Varadero"
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"Resort Paradise in Varadero"
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"Varadero, Cuba"
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Sun, sand and fun

The first 4 days we were there we had some rain, lots of clouds and wind. So my pictures of the beach and ocean don't do it justice. It is a beautiful beach. And the waves are LOTS of fun to body surf in!!!

luvthesun's Profile Photo
Nov 25, 2004

Beach party

We met a great bunch of people at the Superclubs Varadero. One thing we did one night was have our own beach party! The only thing missing was the fire. But we went to the bar(they serve drinks24/7), they gave us all the drinks we wanted. We brought them out to the beach and sat around telling jokes, talking. Afterwards we all ended up in the jacuzzi. It was great.
Don't have pictures of the beach party.:(

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Nov 25, 2004

Varadero beach, Varadero.

The most obvious thing to do in Varadero is to spend hours soaking up the sun on the sand in front of the turquoise sea. Certainly the widest and the longest beach I saw in Cuba, plenty of room for everyone except perhaps in front of the "all inclusive" hotels. Along the beach though there are plenty of sunshades and here and there are renters of beach chairs. We had some fun watching the pelicans one day that came along fishing and diving right in front of us.

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May 22, 2015

The most blue water

It is said that the best beaches in Carribean is found in Cuba and I have to agree. You can spend hours just sitting and looking at the blue water and the sunsets in Varadero is beautiful.

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May 16, 2007

Things To Do Near Beach

Things to do

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