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Handcraft Tips (9)

Outdoor craft market: Lots of stuff

Trinidad has a large outdoor craft market that goes on for blocks. Primary items seemed to be wood carvings, jewelry, knitted garments, dolls and toys.

What to buy Some of the vendors are really creative—I was laughing at a camera made from beer cans (flattened metal covered a small block of wood, and the top half of a beer can stuck out from the front of it.) The vendor came over and picked it up, pushed a lever on the back, and a little Jack-in-the-box face popped out of the can lid! Naturally, I had to buy it for my grandson.

I also indulged in several pairs of beautiful mother of pearl earrings.

What to pay Prices were quite reasonable, and vendors were willing to negotiate, especially if you bought more than one. I think the most expensive earrings I bought were 6 CUC. The funny toy camera was 3 CUC.

JessieLang's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2011

Casa del Alfarero (Ceramist's House).: Terracotta in Trinidad.

The ceramists house,belongs to one of the most traditional pottery familys in Trinidad.
It has a factory at the back of the property, which you can watch the process of clay being turned into beautiful shapes, and finally into peices of art.
After the demonstration, tourists are encouraged to come forwards and try out the art for themselves.
The goods are then baked and painted in traditional designs.
These can be purchased for a reasonable price.

What to buy Pottery,all kinds of vases,trinket boxes with lids, plates, candle holders ect..with traditional, contempory and Che designs.

wandabendik's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2007

Handcraft: cigars, paintings, hats...

Several of Trinidad's atmospheric, cobblestone streets are converted into street markets featuring artisanal handicrafts, lace, and clothing items. The street with the most variety tends to be Peña, near the Museo Municipal de Historia tower, while most of the lace and textile merchants, who occasionally have good guayabera shirts, tend to cluster on the small streets just east of the Plaza Mayor.Fantastic place to buy local crafts. For a nice necles I paid only 1 peso

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Jul 20, 2006

Mirador del Valle de los Ingenios: Masks and carvings

There is a viewpoint called Mirador in the Valley with a bar and a gift shop. There is a nice view and some of the crafts are interesting: masks made of natural seeds and various wood carvings .

What to pay Depends on the item, but a mask was less than 10 USD

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Oct 03, 2003
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Pedro Zerquera , Entre Simon Bolivar y Francisco J. Zerquera
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In the street: Embroidery

Nice embroidered clothes are sold in a little street next to Plaza Mayor

What to buy Embroidered tablecloths, probably made by hand (but even if they are not handmade, I liked them and my mum was happy to receive one as a gift)

What to pay I paid 10 USD for a large white tablecloth, the first price was 17 USD

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Oct 01, 2003

Handcraft: Street Vendors

Handicraft markets are not hard to find. There are many streets where you can buy jewelery, musical instruments, beautiful hand embrodered tablecloths etc.

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Feb 15, 2005

Ranchon "SANTANDER": Ceramista

Take a tour of this pottery factory and end up in a lovely little shop where you can buy beautiful pottery for good value.

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Feb 15, 2005

Handcraft: revolutionary beads

you can find these bead shops in lots of locations in trinidad. the big black ones are apparently the same seeds as the revoulutionaries would use to commit suicide if they were captured.

Jan 18, 2004

Top 5 Trinidad Writers

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"Trinidad - witness of slave trading"
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"Trinidad - an image of the past"
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"La ciudad de la siesta"
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"Having a great time in Trinidad"
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In Manaca Iznaga: Tablecloths

These textiles -the same kind as in Trinidad - were sale in Manaca Iznaga.

What to pay Depending on the size and the pattern, but about 10-20 USD

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Oct 02, 2003

Things To Do Near Trinidad

Things to Do

Playa d'Ancon

Book a daytrip to Cayo Blanco, the catamatan is leaving from the marina at Cayo Blanco at 09:00. You can also buy tickets in the marina. It is a 1 hour trip. From the boat near the island Cayo Blanco...
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Things to Do

Valle de los Ingenios

Around the Plaza Mayor you'll find plenty of hustlers trying to get you on their horses for a trip out to the Valle. There is one man (known as the "horse-whisperer of Trinidad) though that has set up...
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Things to Do

Plaza Mayor

The lovely renovated square is the obvious meeting place for the whole town including the tourists. With the church on the east side standing above the other three sides that are only two storey...
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Things to Do

Street Scenes

Whether by day or night there really some great scenes to take pics in Trinidad. Colours abound everywhere, the vintage American cars amongst them. Many are well renovated, but of course since 50/60...
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Things to Do

Iglesia Parroquial

A thatch roofed church first stood here in 1620 and lasted nearly 200 years before a storm blew it away. This new was built and re-built and finally finished in 1892 and occupies the eastern side of...
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Things to Do

Trinidad People

Trinidad is a wonderful place to study spanish. I have made two trips to Trinidad in 2015 to study with an excellent tutor, Margarita Simon Espinosa who is a professional language teacher with over...
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Getting to Trinidad


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