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San Salvador Full Day: City and Volcano Group Tour
"Visit the main avenues and monuments of San Salvador the primary residential zones of the Capital City the Historical Center including the majestic Metropolitan Cathedral The National Palace and The National Theater declared a national monument in 1979 El Rosario Church Plaza Libertad San Salvador handcraft market and the municipal market of Antiguo Cuscatlán. In the afternoon
From $80.00
Jiquilisco Bay Biosphere Reserve and Mangrove Tour
"During this tour you will visit one of the most important mangroves in El Salvador get to know its accompanying flora and fauna learn about local species and support a real fair and responsible local tourism initiative. You will get inside the most important forest in El Salvador and also one of the most important in Central America; the Biosphere Reserve.Along the way there will be 5 stops where you will learn about the region and about the local community that lives around the area. As you make your way through the mangrove you will be able to identify 6 different mangrove species and you will also see native and migrating birds.The tour lasts 8 hours and you will be dropped off at your hotel at the end."
From $165.00
Copán Archaeological Site Day Trip from San Salvador
"Your day trip to Copán begins in the early morning as you start the journey across El Salvador and into the neighboring country of Honduras. The archaeological ruins of Copán located near the Guatemala border were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980 and shed light on the lives of the ancient Maya people. The park is known as a more artistic Maya site and is sometimes considered the 'Paris' of the Maya world in Central America. Take a walking tour of who tells you about the history of the structures and the connection between the Mesoamerican temples.""""Visit the archaeological ruins of Copán
From $148.00

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